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Royal Prerogative

by Rainer von Holst, LL.M

As there is no single accepted definition of the ‘Royal prerogative’ various other ones are offered for conflict with each other. 1,045 more words

Rainer Von Holst

Introduction to Public Law and the UK Constitution

What is Public Law?

Strictly speaking, Public law is defined as the relationships between the state and the individual. However, it may be easier to think of everything that is not private is be public. 1,057 more words

Public Law

The Queen And Government Appointments

I thought I’d mark Theresa May’s Cabinet reshuffle by sharing this document which I recently obtained through Britain’s Freedom of Information Act:

This is Theresa May’s formal submission to the Queen recommending the appointment of her new government after she became Prime Minister in July 2016. 494 more words

British Monarchy

What does the Prime Minister do aside from dance around Downing to Girls Aloud?

Answer: Nothing half as fun as Hugh Grant as Prime Minister Hugh Grant, I’ll tell you that.

Did you know that the actual job of t… 294 more words

Public Affairs

The Royal Prerogative explained

With special powers, rights, immunities and privileges which historically was used by the monarch to exercise powers alone, this power is nowadays exercised by the Government. 602 more words

DMU Legal I

Are "Consumers" Really "Defying" President By Signing Up For ACA Coverage? Think Again, NYT

Today’s NY Times includes a story by Robert Pear, “Pace of Sign-Ups Under Affordable Care Act Blows Past Prior Years.”  So far so good.  But the first paragraph imputes motives that may not exist: “More than 600,000 people signed up last week for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act, significantly beating the pace of prior years as consumers defied President Trump’s assertion that the marketplace was collapsing.” 186 more words