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How Can Theresa May Create New Departments So Quickly?

A reader was surprised to learn that Theresa May has made David Davis ‘Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union.’ They thought it was odd that she could create a new department out of thin air.  157 more words

British Constitution

Article 50, the Articles of Union and using the Royal Prerogative to end the union between Scotland and England

This blog post is by Scott Styles.

The use of the prerogative power to invoke Article 50 of the TEU has been much discussed since the Brexit vote on 23 June 2016 (including this… 1,212 more words

European Union

The EU Referendum. Do the Parliaments decide?

The process of leaving the EU will begin with notification of withdrawal under article 50 of the TFEU. Until this is done the UK remains a member of the EU and is under no obligation to give such notice within any time frame, or, indeed, at all. 372 more words

EU Law

Politicians lie. Is there something we can do about that?

We should get a law passed to minimise the breaking of government manifesto promises. Here’s how it would work:

The bill would prevent parliament from considering any action that directly contradicts the manifesto on which the government of the day has been elected. 590 more words


A Third Concept of Liberty? Quentin Skinner on Isaiah Berlin and Republican Freedom

“A Third Concept of Liberty” is Quentin Skinner’s Isaiah Berlin Lecture (Published 2002, Proceedings of the British Academy 117, pp. 237-68). In the lecture (available… 1,272 more words

18th March 2003.

The last time Britain officially declared war was in January 1942 against Siam (Thailand).(1)

Ever since when British forces have operated under the Royal Prerogative mainly after ostensibly securing a UN Security Council Resolution, 357 more words