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Which Clause Is More Important: Santa or Henry VIII? A Brexit Appeal Breakdown

After a week of waning public interest, intermittent media coverage and terrifying threats to incite violence against the petitioners, The Supreme Court managed to hear the arguments in support of and against the so-called Brexit Appeal. 379 more words


Robert Craig: Miller: The Statutory Basis Argument – A Primer

This is a brief (1200 words brief) summary of the ‘statutory basis’ argument. This post responds directly to the fact that, in the Supreme Court case being heard today, Lord Mance directly asked Mr Eadie QC whether Article 50 had been incorporated. 1,201 more words

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Royal prerogative - a lesson from the swinging 60s

Back in 1964 the BBC ended up in the Court of Appeal over a spat with the Inland Revenue, in which Auntie decided that it qualified to be treated in pretty much the same way as the rest of the establishment by using the Royal Prerogative (RP) to trump a tax claim. 186 more words

We must address the House of Lords’ size, for the good of parliament

Tomorrow the House of Lords will debate its size, which is widely criticised for having grown by almost 200 since the removal of most hereditary peers in 1999. 1,353 more words



According to the Mail, then,  the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom, the one to which they, the Mail,  have been fighting to bring back power from Europe (decent British judges, applying decent British law, enacted by decent British elected parliament…. 488 more words

Sir Jeffrey Jowell QC and Naina Patel: Miller Is Right

Even those of us who question the notion of absolute parliamentary sovereignty (eg. whether it should trump the rule of law in extreme situations such as the abolition of judicial review) wholly subscribe to the view that parliament, not the executive, should make or unmake our domestic laws. 2,794 more words

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Kieron Beal QC: The Taxing Issues arising in Miller

There have been a number of critical blogs on this website questioning the legal reasoning deployed by the Divisional Court in R (Miller and others) v. 3,555 more words

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