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And I finally landed in the UK…

Last November I got very exciting news. I was awarded a Newton International Fellowship from the Royal Society and the British Academy. And all the new fellows became… 278 more words

How I Became A Scientist

Researchers Discover Newest Strongest Material In Nature... Limpets Teeth

Mashable: Limpets’ teeth have just taken the top spot on the leaderboard of nature’s strongest materials, leaving spiders’ silks in the dust.

The humble limpet, usually seen stuck to a rock or a boat’s hull, have “extreme strength” according to a new study by researchers at the University of Portsmouth, which was published Tuesday in the Royal Society’s journal Interface…



Latest Funding Opportunities from the Royal Society

Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award (closes 12 March 2015)
This scheme is for outstanding scientists who would benefit from a five year salary enhancement to help recruit them to or retain them in the UK.  152 more words

Funding Opportunities

The real decline of UK research funding..

I saw a news item the other day about a report produced by the Royal Society, the British Academy, the Royal Academy of Engineering and the Academy of Sciences calling for a big uplift in research spending. 269 more words

Science Politics

Brian Cox, the messiah of science communication?

The Royal Society was established on November 28th, 1660 and is the longest standing society in history, maintaining a vibrant population of scientists and great minds since its inception. 213 more words

An aside on the Royal Society's life with Brian and Coxing science through the election

So the Royal Society has appointed Professor Brian Cox as its new Professor for Public Engagement in Science at the University of Manchester.

The physicist who is becoming increasingly eponymous with science on TV in the same way that the broadcaster and naturalist, David Attenbrough, has with wildlife programmes, or Janett Street-Porter became associated with youth programming in the eighties, is to be the figurehead for the Royal Society’s public engagement work. 387 more words

Public Engagement

Cox Given Dream Role As Science Posterboy

Professor Brian Cox kicked off his new role as the rock star posterboy for the British science community by criticising the low level of UK investment in this important field. 375 more words