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A year later...

I can’t keep apologizing for not staying up to date on this site. Ha, I am sooo busy! I have been back in school for the past year and work full time, not a ton of free time. 58 more words

mesclun vs. mescaline

I’m excited about this mesclun salad mix I found recently – what a thrilling life, right?

Except everytime I eat it I’m reminded of a scene from The Royal Tenebaums with Eli and Ritchie: 22 more words


Gabriel: The Accidental Poet

Yesterday evening, mournfully picking at the dinner he manifestly did not want to eat, Gabriel channeled his inner
Margot Tenebaum and gave voice to this melancholy musing. 59 more words


Failure defeats losers, failure inspires winners.

Scene from the movie The Royal Tenebaums. Richie Tenenbaum (Luke Wilson) sitting on a Tennis Court with no shoes and one sock


Out of Texas

“Nothing good ever comes out of Texas,” a relative told me when I said I was going to Dallas.

I’m coming out of Texas right now on… 432 more words

Holden Caulfield Wouldn't Tweet

I’ll admit it, I tweet.  I tweet as a regular part of my civilian job.  Hell, I tweet about this blog.  I also post, share and status update.   1,182 more words


secret passages

i have always been inspired by the idea of old houses with hidden things, growing up we had this attic space that my brother and i would play int. 104 more words