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Time to say goodbye 

There is just a little sand left in the timer on my time in Bhutan. I only have two more nights here in Bhutan and I plan to make the most of them. 667 more words

To the People I Have to Leave

I can feel now the time I have left slipping away bit by bit. It feels like I got off the plane a few weeks ago, but now I have only six weeks left in this beautiful place. 984 more words

Early Morning Thoughts

When I first started this blog it was very early in the morning. I couldn’t sleep. My mind was busy making itself dizzing. I was thinking circles around myself. 618 more words

Weekend in Punakha 

This other weekend my Wheaton family packed up our belongings to head off to Punakha. We got into the tour van, and set off driving down the road. 1,567 more words

Leaving Rain and Thunder

It’s been a little while since I typed some thoughts down, almost two months. A lot has happened. I’ve met a new assortment of international students, many of whom I’ve found tremendously fun and interesting. 733 more words


Being sick away from home 

Before now, even in my year at Wheaton, I haven’t been truly sick away from home. I have had a basic cold, or allergies, but nothing really substantial. 430 more words

Reaching a stride 

Finally I can feel my feet reaching solid ground once again. The past week or two were a crazy blur of professional and personal freak out moments. 645 more words