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Photo Tour Royal Yacht Britannia

Royal Yacht Britannia.

A few weeks ago I shared photos of some of the doors to be found on the Royal Yacht Britannia. If you missed that post on the Britannia, you can find it… 684 more words

Her Majesty's Yacht Britannia

Judi and I returned to the St Andrews area at the end of August, spending another 2 weeks with my dad, before heading down to London for our Baltic Cruise. 1,695 more words


Doors of the Royal Yacht Britannia

Royal Yacht Britannia.

When I shared some photographs from my time at Holyrood Abbey in Edinburgh in this post, I also mentioned that we had purchased the… 560 more words

Feeling Posh in Edinburgh

I love Edinburgh. If you know me personally, you have heard this a million times. (Sorry, not sorry.) Why do I love it so much? That’s an entire other post, but the short version is that the first time I went there, I felt so at home. 1,588 more words


Round 3

I keep having little moments of incredulity. “Bloody hell… I’m a third year?”

Hello one and all, it’s nice to be back on the blog. I’ve hit an enormous milestone: third year marks the beginning of the clinical courses, the point where you leave behind what’s normal and what’s healthy and dive into the vast world of disease and drugs. 1,509 more words

WHERE WIND AND TIDE...Adelaide's 4th Story- From Worzel

My late summer visit to Sonsie Farm, in Wales. Even with Beatrice annoyed with me, were busy times for all on the farm, and working late into the nights together on our book, “The Collected wisdom Of Godfrey”. 908 more words

Brushes with the rich and famous:Diana

With the arrival of TIFF, Lady Gaga and Jessica Chastain, Andre Leon Talley in the city, I think about some of “the stars” , one in particular whose memory was conjured by her passing twenty years ago last week. 725 more words