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A day in Edinburgh

September 1 – The crew threw together a quick breakfast then caught a double decker bus to the dock hosting the Royal Yacht Britannia. This was one of those sites I probably would have overlooked completely were it not for my travel companions. 369 more words


A Light Lunch Aboard the Royal Yacht Britannia

Who knew that the Royal Yacht Britannia is parked up next to an enormous shopping centre in Leith?

It seems like a slightly strange resting place for a vessel, which has notched up over one million nautical miles, the equivalent of over 40 circumnavigations of the globe. 361 more words


Belated Big Birthday Pictures from Edinburgh

Way back at the beginning of November I blogged about the fact that I had recently passed a major milestone birthday.

The birthday itself was a month before that. 242 more words

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Well that was one helluva year!

I can’t believe 12 months have passed since I tentatively dipped my toes into the World of blogging.  A World at the time that was completely alien to me. 1,210 more words

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Finding Suitable Clothes

Iris Appel in her oversized glasses and bold boas has been in the fashion news later. And although I’m never impressed by too loud or. Overly extravagant clothing , at age 95, she is worth a second look. 1,279 more words

Wombat tennis and wee dugs galore! 

In the early 1980s if you’d told a Leither that one day the Royal Yacht Britannia would be permanently berthed in Leith they’d have split their sides laughing at such a ludicrous suggestion. 1,686 more words

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Single beds and a baby grand

Despite the hours I’ve whiled away watching docos about the royals, I’ve never seen Princess Anne with her hair down before. If I ever have reason to imagine The Princess Royal (a rare occurrence), I picture her on horseback: posture straight, bouffant impenetrable, expression dour. 587 more words