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Building Brothers: A Seminar With Royler Gracie

I am fortunate. I found jiu-jitsu at the perfect time for my own personal development. I will never be a competitive athlete in the sport, but I do feel that I can contribute to the art either through my photography, my participation in the grind or through my writing about my own experiences and struggles. 487 more words

Tools of the Gracie hunter...

This week Professor introduced us to another arm-lock, famous in history to it being successfully used against hi-profile Brazilian Jiu-jitsu practitioners that just happen to be part of the Gracie family. 412 more words

Carlos Gracie

New Timetable for Academy

From Monday 13th June 2016 the Eddie Kone Academy of jiu-jitsu launches its new class timetable.

please make note of this timetable and update your schedules acordingly.

The power of hips!

Moving on with the fine work Professor has taught us this week on defending the castle from the cross body positions, Professor picked up from where he left off in the week. 398 more words

Carlos Gracie

From one master to another...

Post the Royler Seminar at the academy, things have been busy. The academy will be expanding and a new curriculum will be launched where the Professor will be having more sessions through out the week. 333 more words

Carlos Gracie

Learning from the Master

Today was a day to cherish as I came face to face with Master Royler Gracie within the walls of the EKBJJ Academy for Jiu-Jitsu. 235 more words

Carlos Gracie

Defending the castle...

We continued our journey from the realms of guard passing into pulling guard and defending the guard pass attempts this week. Tonight Professor had a few announcements with reference to up and coming events and also expansion plans. 665 more words

Carlos Gracie