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With the discarding of the felt tip pens – black and orange – she moved @BlueEyedFraud to the back of her mind. A drawer, neatly labelled, filled and eventually closed. 305 more words

Original Character

The Defooding Vampire

PC Patel slams the door shut and leans against it with a groan. Adriana rubs her side where Slutty Cat had a go at her ribs. 802 more words

Original Character

OTDW: Thri-Kreen

The deserts are a land of intense temperature fluctuations and sparse resources. As we already saw with the tlincalli, deserts birth races willing to forgo what many would consider basic morals in return for an increased chance at survival. 1,169 more words


Casein Cookies

The casein before bedtime is probably my least favorite time of the day during this RP journey.

I’ve been working on varying options of getting the stuff down besides the boring shake. 125 more words

Renaissance Periodization

Lyric Warm-Up Writing Day 2 - Dream if you can...

Thanks to my Mum for today’s lyric prompt. Always a favourite song of mine. And today it inspired me for a character I have missed writing a lot! 745 more words


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Justine's wonderful words for Becky's (Zena's) "Lost Years".

Winning big at the Yellow Ribbon Video Competition 2015

By Roshini Marshall

Two teams of four Diploma in Mass Communication (DMC) students won the Yellow Ribbon Video Competition 2015 under the tertiary category. This is the second consecutive year that DMC students have triumphed the top two prizes in this competition. 428 more words

January 3rd

Well, day three of 2017 and things are moving along, the sky hasn’t fallen yet and we are still here. This was also the second day of my Whole30 and first day at work after a week off. 642 more words