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Been tinkering with this piece for a while now. Started it two years ago.

Equinoctial Breeze

Happy Equinox everyone. This is the day when Summer turns to Autumn. Yes I know, in this neck of the woods we appear to already have skipped Autumn, and gone straight into winter, or at least the monsoon season. 255 more words


XWA Fever Ep. 2 Seg. 6 Rip Remmington vs Gangland...Prelude The Cage.

XWA Video Wall:

Is On The Screen and says: *After the commercial break ends and before our main event a promotional video airs with the Finnish National Anthem playing with highlights of Finlands greatest atheletes competing in all sports. 3,182 more words

Wake Up


Traitor is a word an Imperial Intelligence operative knows well. It is our mission to root out and destroy traitors to the Sith Empire. Anonymity and deception are our tools; we learn to be nameless, yet knowing every name. 1,467 more words


Insiders at RealPage (RP) Make Significant Stock Sales Extends the Trend of Last Quarter

Thursday, September 14, 2017 10:15 PM ET

Insiders at RealPage (RP) Make Significant Stock Sales Extends the Trend of Last Quarter

Two insiders — Seren Capital Ltd, 10% Owner, and Stephen T Winn, 10% Owner, Director and Officer — today, disposed of 496,657 shares of RealPage having a market value of approximately $19,963,465, as revealed in form 4 documents filed with the SEC. 246 more words


[Film Review] David Gilmour - Live in Pompeii

Screened in some two thousand cinemas worldwide on September 13th, David Gilmour’s Live at Pompeii is an impressive concert film in every aspect. We had a ticket for one of those screenings, and here’s what we thought. 1,080 more words


RP Talk (Episode 2) Powered by the Fishpocalypse

Graham Gentz and Andrew Mullen discuss Fishtown, Andrew’s setting of cosmic choruses, underwater politics, and merfolk resonances. How does such a thing work? Is there Land? 14 more words