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Mark Knopfler – Tracker

The voice and guitar of Dire Straits, the label on the record proudly states, and you have to wonder if Mark Knopfler will ever truly get out from under that gargantuan shadow he himself cast all those years ago. 534 more words


Roleplaying Stigmas

There have been far too many times when I (and my guild) have watched a roleplayer walk by with us judging them. Whether because of their spelling, or their character, or what they have done before. 286 more words


Realistic Transmog

As a roleplayer, none (well, almost none) of my characters’ transmogs are those over the top glowing hunks of metal – or even the inverse not-enough-clothing ( 94 more words



Ayame’s brows knitted, was his cousin truly this conscious, or was he being humorous?

“It doesn’t matter, it could be the entire world and I would always choose you.” He promised, pressing a kiss to his hand. 

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“You need to learn how to have some discretion, Shigure. If I wanted the entire world to know about our games, I’d tell them.

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I am a survivor

As I sit in front of my computer, staring at the blank screen. I wonder what should be my next subject. I have compressed in 16 entries my Brain Turmor experience, from pre-operation, passing through surgery and ending with the recuperation process (which I am still in, and which I find really boring). 1,049 more words