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Gravity Falls OC of mine

My evolved idea form of my previous idea (“Betty” < original idea, I’m scrapping, kinda)

Gravity Falls

I want to talk to you about Roleplay.

Roleplaying is something that I have done for over half of my life. Once upon a time it actually meant more to me than my real life did. 602 more words


A Walk in the Garden, Part 1

Thursday, 08 Dec 2518
Landing strip, Mala Pua
Argos Penninsula, Hera
Georgia (Huang Long) system
0900 hrs, local time

Lianna watched, her adrenaline and her spirits high with anticipation, as… 2,681 more words

Fan Fiction

FTGU: Classes in RP

From the Ground Up: Classes in RP

So by now you may have an idea in mind for your character concept, you may even have a decently fleshed out character at hand, perhaps you have rolled up an avatar perhaps you haven’t yet, but in this installment I’m going to briefly touch the surface of how avatar ‘class’ can reflect into your role-play. 1,484 more words