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Multiple MMO'ing is Okay

I play multiple MMO's not because they all fail at something, but because I choose to live unique lives and explore multiple worlds.

— Chris Hughes (@wolfyseyes) …

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MMO Things

My Childhood Habits Made Me A Better Writer

It’s no secret that the things you do when you’re a kid will influence you later on, but really we should be thinking about the things that we used to do as kids. ¬† 317 more words


Dark Contemplation

Days have gone by in hyperspace, days that have dragged on, and not for any lack of activities to keep busy with. Days that I could have been helping around the Destroyer but a hidden feeling of hate that has gnawed at me kept me in my room and in endless meditation. 353 more words

Galactic Empire

Counter Punch

Monday, 26 Dec 2518
Mala Pua, Hera
Georgia (Huang Long) system
00:25 hrs, local time

Kat scannned the crowd, looking for Lianna. The lovely redhead had been Queen of the dance floor a short half hour earlier, but now … 2,199 more words

Fan Fiction

REP REP REP + Post RP/Parody Base

Hai kawan-kawan semua. Doh lama ga ngepost yak gue. Kangen ga? (KAGA /plak) maaf yak lama ga post. Kenapa lama ga post karna emang bahan buat dibahas belom ada. 515 more words


Hello World !!!

Hi guys,

I think the best way to start would be to introduce myself, so well I’m Adi, not long ago I turned 21, I live in England and more specifically in the East Midlands, and since I started to get older I wanted to make some sort of a change in my daily life,so I started this blog. 173 more words

Retinitis Pigmentosa