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The state of the Oppo parties

It’s a good, short and sharp analysis by a TRE reader, who is definitely not a cybernut.

“Firstly, not all opposition parties have the same status”, … 850 more words

Political Governance

ZALIA Applique Lace Cascade Drape Dress

RP 549.000

Pancarkan sisi elegan dengan koleksi dress dari ZALIA. Applique Lace Cascade Drape Dress menampilkan keanggunan dengan aplikasi bunga berwarna metalik dengan aksen lipit yang membentuk siluet tubuh dengan sempurna. 19 more words


Wednesday, 21 Dec 2518
One of Wei Jun’s Private Estates
Yīnghuā Prefecture, Sihnon
White Sun (Bai Hu) system
0430 hrs, local time

Wei Jun exited the shower, wrapped in a white silk robe. 2,520 more words

Fan Fiction

My house, my rules

There are some rules I have decided to follow on this new account.
– I will not follow back OC accounts. Plotting and RPing with canon characters is enough hard work as it is. 237 more words

Dicas de como conhecemos um Relações Públicas

Comunicação é a arte de interagir com o público. Para saber bem quando temos um profissional de Relações Públicas trabalhando é só ver alguns fatores como: presença forte em estilo e personalidade, um #rp ama falar por ele e por você, #rp nunca foge de crise, #rp ama ser curioso, #rp mais do que nunca sabe atender muito bem qualquer solicitação e ou problema. 21 more words



Tuesday, 20 Dec 2518
Durance class Trinity
En Route to Hera
0015 hrs, ship’s time

Kat sent a copy of her file to the printer on the bridge, printed it out, then thoroughly deleted the file from the buffer. 2,190 more words

Fan Fiction

Opposition parties whine over changes, say they were expected.

Oh no, now that number of SMCs have gone up and the size of the GRCs have gone down, what will the oppies have to accuse the PAP of now? 183 more words

Beyond Home