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A Proposition Deferred

Tuesday, 10 Jan 2519
Mala Pua, Hera
Georgia (Huang Long) system

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Paul walked down the ramp of the shuttle that had just landed in the dusky, pink light of Mala Pua. 1,699 more words


A New Season Starts

The storm season finally ends, so with all of the Clans’ Sandcrawlers filled up with their respective scraps, droids, and tools there is only one thing left. 1,120 more words


Legal Combat

In the Plane of Magic, there’s two main types of crime; unprovoked damage to private property, and unprovoked damage to public property. Most crimes, including murder, fall under one of these categories. 1,279 more words



Mr. C. Cow and I learned a valuable lesson today. Actually it’s probably more then one lesson but we’ll just lump them all together as one giant lesson. 239 more words

Second Life

Closing Doors

Half collapsed the house sat surrounded by the yellowed meadow like an other-worldly animal that didn’t belong anymore but couldn’t move either. Alin stood very still, observing the scenery. 843 more words

Original Character