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My World of Warcraft Characters' Lore: Volume 1

Firstly, I’d like to apologise for the lack of blog posts from me lately! I’ve been concentrating my creative energies elsewhere. I can’t promise that this is going to change anytime soon, but in the meantime I do have quite a hefty creative post for you part one of many, and whether you enjoy World of Warcraft or not, I’m hoping it’ll be interesting to you. 3,103 more words


When your world comes crashing down.

Today my biggest fears came to life. As my husband and I sat there listening to the doctor, its like the world fazed out. I could hear my heart racing. 169 more words

Love and Light



Crescent’s ears perked up, starting slightly when his name broke through the reverie he’d been lost in. He’d been staring out the great windows in Seibel Abolan’s quarters, momentarily lost in the field of stars that lay in the void just beyond. 2,584 more words


[Everything Changes] Early Morning Riser

Hades stretched before groaning the position been sat while laid back had taken its toll as he shifted awkwardly. He shuddered feeling the cool air creep around him as she slowly stood feeling bones crack and pop in response to the awkward position. 2,603 more words


Episode 39 - Time Dilation


The flow of time in RP changes game to game and even group to group.  Somethings you can pass by more quickly, while others, you really just end up cheating yourself out of character development.  38 more words


The adventures of a D&D 5e GM and her players, part 1

I figured I’d try something new. Something regular. Something that I can write about each week. But what could I write about every week? Well, I run a 5e D&D game in a 100% custom setting, so let’s give that a try. 1,482 more words

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RP Hot Spots: Divinity's Reach Part II.

Hi all!

Here is the continuation from Part I. for great RP spots in Divinity’s Reach! Please enjoy! :)

The Noble Flat, Ossan District 

This tiny flat located right next to the tavern in Ossan District is a great place to bring a more intimate setting to RP. 747 more words