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How to Become a Popular Player

The other day I asked a friend when he might be available for some RP. He named a day, and I said, “Great! I’ll write that in my day planner.” 2,427 more words

Roleplaying Posts

Coming back to RP.

Salutations one an’ all!

Finally being back at what, after a while I learned I liked to do most in World of Warcraft, which would be – as you might have guessed “role-playing”. 251 more words


Zenina Redblade - Day 1.


Finally arrived in Ogrimmar, got there completely exhausted. First thing I noticed was that the place was completely overrun with Elves, the pesky little brats were everywhere.. 138 more words


Recipe: Crockpot Taco Chicken

I got this recipe from Renaissance Periodization’s Cookbook. If you are looking for some great recipes definitely check it out. And if you aren’t familiar with Renaissance Periodization definitely look them up… I’ll have some great posts coming about them soon ;) 140 more words

Good Eatin

Let People Have Their Gay Ships

Note: All art embedded post is, to my knowledge, linked from the original author or derived from official art. If you are an artist and wish to have your art removed from this post or if I linked a repost, feel free to @ me on @CountlessTypos on twitter and I’ll remove/credit you as soon as possible. 1,746 more words


Guild Meeting - Sunday 16, 2017

This Sunday(16/07/2017) at 20h00 GMT+1 (London Time), we’re organizing our first guild meeting since we’ve reached the number of 50+ members.

We’ll discuss of the futur of the guild including a possible guild trader to sell stuff to players and our RP! 25 more words


CZ-198: Day of the tentacles - le jour des tentacules.

“Sylphatima, Praetorian of the Justice Praesidium, was investigating reports about the hidden project led by Czerka corporation on CZ-198, a desert moon in the unknown territories. 504 more words

Heroes And Officers