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Words, words, words.

Hello, IWC. My name is Lindsay Morrison, although quite a few of you might know me by my in ring name of Shadowcat. For those of you who are not interested in the goings on of Pain and Pleasure, or in old, non IWC history, I suggest that you fast forward until the one and only Chris appears on the screen. 1,958 more words


Alice Winterfall

Basic Description

Birth Name: Alassë Lèralondë

Travel Name: Alice Winterfall

Age: 28 (Hobbit years)

Species: Half-Elf, Half-Hobbit

Hair: White

Eye colour: Blue

Weapon: Bow

Background: 218 more words


Night Watch, Part 3

Paul bit into his last pear as he listened to Kat explain the problem. He let the Russian engineer’s words flow past him a moment as he savored that pear. 804 more words

Fan Fiction

What I've learned about writing from MMO-Roleplay

Because it’s been on my mind, and an, admitted, source of drama of late, I thought it’d be a good idea to share my thoughts about RP in an MMO type of venue. 587 more words


Landroval fun times

Logged into Lotro tonight and went to Landroval just because I hadn’t logged into those toons in a long time. Randomly stumbled upon a RP concert in Micheal Delving and ended up hanging out for about an hour. 89 more words


Buying Trinity, Part 3

Thursday, 01 Dec 2518
Durance class, Trinity
Barriman’s Flat, Hera
Georgia (Huang Long) system
2003 hrs, local time

It was starting to get dark as the two strode up to their new ship. 2,578 more words

Fan Fiction


Second Sight Medical Products Inc. designs, makes and sells the Argus II Retinal Prosthesis System, which gives sight to the blind. And sales of the “bionic eye” are on the rise. 551 more words