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[VXA] Destiny Engine - Menu System Lenneth

Script for RPG Maker VXAce – Menu System Lenneth

Authors: Soulpour777, Yanfly, Blackmorning

Status: Supported. Current Version:  1.7

Note: If you are looking for a highly customizable and easy editing menu system, then this is not for you. 36 more words


The Book of Metal - WWE Triple Triad

The Book of Metal is Pete’s first real attempt at creating a video game through RPG Maker VX Ace, and the idea behind The Book of Metal is that metal itself has been stolen in the form of a book and it’s up to our heroes to claim it back. 59 more words


RM Project: Iteration of Itemization

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen!

Over the holiday break, I did some quick number crunching for my RM Project. I wanted to know precisely how many armor items I would need to create to fully realize the itemization system I had intended to use. 2,582 more words


WH Storyline...

Here’s dialogue between Jacob and Holbert in Chapter I of Jacob’s Story…

Holbert: “My homeland, far to the east, miles from where i stand…

Jacob: “Holbert…” 200 more words

Wielding Honor


Jacob is a hermit living up in the mountain of Eagle Pass.  He and his band protect it from Darkness.  Jacob writes poetry and enjoys philosophy.

Wielding Honor

Wielding Honor

RPG Game

Hi guys, I’m currently developing an RPG for Windows PC.  If you want to check out the site and see what it’s about, chick here

RPG Maker VX Ace

January 2nd Tears of the King Progress!

Wow have I been busy with Tears of the King!  Last that I posted about it, I had just finished the Witch House Grove.  Since that time, here are the changes I made to it (which I mentioned in a comment on that last post): 311 more words