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The Afghan Connection

Call of Cthulhu time again. This scenario was based on one from Delta Green, originally written by Shane Ivey.

The various survivors of the incidents involving the cannibal sorcerer Raymond Webb and the strange events at Yeltham Parkway assembled at the Grosvenor Park Hotel to receiving a briefing from their new patron, Mr Truelove. 703 more words

RPG Recap

Journey to the Machine City

RPG round-up time. We were quorate for Numenera.

It transpired the group had been captured by former residents of Badlands communities driven from their homes by the rise of the Sarrak’s dominion. 501 more words

RPG Recap

The Train Now Standing At Platform Three

RPG round-up time. This week, Call of Cthulhu, with a healthy dollop of PJ Hammond mixed in with the HP Lovecraft.

An ordinary late night at Yeltham Parkway, a small-ish railway station on the northern outskirts of London. 639 more words

RPG Recap

A Short Journey of Five Years

RPG round-up time. We were quorate for Numenera this week.

The group decided to take the Hermit Machine they had met in Trash Valley up on its offer, and forge a route across the Badlands to the Weal of Baz in return for access to its numenera materials. 533 more words

RPG Recap

Demons of the Bone

Still not quorate for Numenera, the group expressed a preference for something a little more old-school RPG-like than Microscope, and we decided to test-drive the current rules… 663 more words

RPG Recap

Apocalypse Europa

We were not quite quorate for our latest RPG session and so rather than press on with Numenera, we had a go at Microscope, from Lame Mage Productions. 984 more words

RPG Recap

The Kings of Trash Valley

RPG round-up time.

Determined to finally locate the bits and pieces they needed to construct Gallen’s ocular graft, Gred, Gallen and Athen set out for a longer visit to Trash Valley, the local numenera wasteland site (Serrick was obliged to stay in town when some complications arose in his train-the-locals plan). 403 more words

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