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Konami & Kojima Working Together

Kojima is working on a new game Death Stranding with his own company. That we knew but it seems that former and current employees of Konami are also working on the game. 179 more words


D&D Unearthed Arcana Ranger & Rogue playtest

This week we get double the fun with playtest archetypes for not one but two classes, the Ranger and the Rogue.

The Ranger gets two archetypes which can be tested using either the PHB or the earlier UA Ranger versions. 117 more words


Monday Musing: Graceful Recovery.

Today’s musing is about gracefully recovering and moving on. We are all human, and we are not perfect. We invariably all at one time or another have moments where we screw things up. 881 more words


Let's Play Tales of Xillia (11)

Chris and Michaela team up to tackle Jude’s side of the story in Tales of Xillia! This is Chris’ pick for the best game in the Tales series top to bottom, while Michaela has only played the sequel. 44 more words

Video Games

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3 is in many respects the best game in an incredible series, but it’s funny to think that The Witcher 2 was more to my liking in some respects, because I thought the same thing about W1 when I played W2. 3,445 more words

Zack Review

A Fantasy Never Final

I’ve been playing a lot of Final Fantasy XV since its release.  More than I ever expected to.  In the months or perhaps even years leading up to this game I was only feeling disappointment in the clips and details that Square-Enix was revealing.   1,427 more words


The Walking Wyvern Tavern


  • just off of Purveyor’s Crossroads
  • the street outside is lined with street vendors hawking horn corals
  • just outside, A funeral procession for a beloved, local mage or cleric.
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