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Fabric of Illusions: The Count

The party quickly determined that the man with two swords had fled into a nearby bath house, along with the hooded figure.  After badgering their way past the clerk, they discovered a series of tunnels hidden beneath the bath house. 516 more words


The Intentional Optimism of 'Trails in the Sky'

Optimism is not easy. This is something that most people don’t really think about. Most would consider optimism to be the default state of a person who has not seen enough of the world to know any different. 2,676 more words



The alley was gloomy but the red sky prevented it from being truly dark. It was never really dark in Las Vegas, the sleepless city where saner people journeyed in pursuit of their dreams. 2,950 more words


LATEST: What do Pokémon X & Y do better than any other Pokémon Game?

With Pokémon Sun and Moon finally released its time to look back on their immediate predecessors; Pokémon X & Pokémon Y were the first pair of games released on the Nintendo 3DS and more importantly, the first main Pokémon titles to be presented entirely in 3D. 852 more words

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My #DreamCrate

A couple of weeks ago I got a surprise in my Inbox. A representative from LootCrate contacted me about the possibility of writing a blog post on what my #DreamCrate would be. 1,388 more words

The Gold Turtle Inn


  • just off of Daylily Way
  • near the field
  • the street outside is where burglars ply their trade



The Real Texas

I really love The Real Texas, and I’m amazed that it was all made by one guy (apart from the soundtrack). It’s not a genre where that sort of project seems all that likely to pan out, as the scope and interdisciplinary talent needed are some kinda immense challenges. 941 more words

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