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Dar'Raksadarg 04: Liars and Wolves

Good old nightshade. Poisonous, of course, but it has its uses. You don’t need to sneak up on it either, another benefit of this flower. I’ll just help myself to some of these, then mix them into a drink for J’zargo. 1,211 more words

Elder Scrolls

Battle 2 & 3: Chester's Redemption

Battle 2 Results:

  1. Bowie (Lvl 3) – 2 Kills
  2. Sarah (Lvl 4) – 3 Kills
  3. Chester (Lvl 1) – 0 Kills – Died
  4. Jaha (Lvl 2) – 1 Kill
  5. 506 more words

[Map] Crimson Tide Tower

Lo, my first ever submission to the One Page Dungeon contest! No disclaimers about lack of time or artistic practice, just the adventure for ya. Please let me know what you think! 51 more words


Earthbound - Day 5

I finished up the events in Twoson, but even after getting Paula in the party the game’s just not coming together for me. All the quests that occurred in and after Happy Happy Village just felt mechanical, almost tedious, and and really failed to make a connection. 28 more words


Character Analysis: Jaha

Sometimes the best presents come in the smallest packages. 460 more words


Battle 1: A New Start

Battle 1 Results:

  1. Bowie (Lvl 1) – 2 Kills
  2. Sarah (Lvl 2) – 2 Kills
  3. Chester (Lvl 1) – 2 Kills
  4. 236 more words