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Dramatis Personae

In this, the next installment of The Five Kingdoms, we follow our heroes as they overcome seemingly impossible odds while facing nigh implacable enemies for a truly improbable goal. 856 more words


Assorted Articles (Jan 2016)


RPG Rant/Observation–
When designing or running an RPG, I think four basic questions are probably more important than any others:
1) Does X (what’s about to happen/not happen, or in the case of design – what might happen/not happen) benefit from uncertainty and/or from being a choice? 602 more words

Assorted Articles

Assorted Articles (Feb-Apr 2016)


Oops this ended up being a gaming blog post about inclusiveness and having fun. Oh well. TL;DR – your game is more fun when your players feel like their contributions are valued, and that doesn’t have to compromise anyone else’s ability to have fun. 1,375 more words

Assorted Articles

Updated Murky Cellar Map

After my first play test of the Murky Cellar, I discovered that I had to make a few changes to better accommodate the combat and encounter I wanted. 120 more words


The Ranger's Revenge Tavern


  • by Mount Zankñammtree Bridge
  • the street outside is where men of rank or privilege who require discretion look for companions


  • The inn is a three-storey, rectangular carved stone building,
  • 297 more words

Organised Retail Industry in India

In India, the retail industry is broadly divided into the organised and unorganised sectors. Organised retailing in India started picking up in South India in cities like Chennai and Hyderabad, where real estate at prime location was available at cheaper rates than in cities like Mumbai and Delhi. 531 more words


RPG subota u Goblinu

Klub Društvenih Igara “Goblin” iz Niša (Davidova 3a) vas poziva:

Još jedna RPG subota u Goblinu.

Ukoliko ste spremni, imate naoštrena čula, očišćene mačeve, nauljene štitove i popravljene oklope, možete da se oprobate u našim RPG igrama. 26 more words