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Why I am not excited for Fallout 4.

Now, before you burn me at the stake for being a heretic, hear me out. Fallout 4 sounds absolutely amazing. Taking what made made Fallout 3 amazing and expanding upon it, base/settlement building, dynamic voice acting so that the players name can be said by NPCs, exploring a post apocalyptic Boston, custom weapon building, plus Dogmeat? 670 more words


City of Dredd - planned relaunch 2016

City of Dredd is an unofficial Encyclopedia of locations in Mega-City One.

The first edition was written by John Caliber, who had previously worked on the Judge Dredd RPG published by Mongoose Games. 313 more words

Judge Dredd

Top 3 Captain Kills

Yes I know its not technically a Top 5 but Shadow of Mordor can be a difficult game to get 5 kills that look significantly different. 9 more words

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Witcher 3 LP 37 "Family Matters"

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Let’s Play LP 37 “Family Matters”

The Bloody Baron asks me to go on a quest.

Witcher 3 Playlist! Stay up to date! 370 more words

Let's Plays

Session Zero: The Second Group

This adventuring group started at the same time as The Five. It begins with three characters and will be The Three. It is also designed for some drop-in session and semi-permanent from the core. 588 more words


Let's Play Persona 4 Golden (Part 10)

Chris tries to become the biggest baller in Yasogami High School as he finally gets the chance to play Persona 4 Golden! We’re going to be tackling the important social links and crushing every boss we find as we try to save people from the horrors of the TV world. 26 more words

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Blaugust Day 2: I am vampire

I don’t normally become a vampire (or werewolf) in Elder Scrolls games, much like I also don’t join the Dark Brotherhood.   However, in ESO the regen bonus and the stealth movement speed are too good for me to pass up.  325 more words