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Earthdawn: The Age of Legend 1993 by FASA Corporation

Good clean pages, cover is still shiny. The spine is feeling weak, but this could be a problem with all the books, as the cover is constructed from paper. 303 more words

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Theorycrafting - Does the RPG genre really need to exist?

When one interprets the term “RPG” they tend to associate it with Dungeons And Dragons. The problem is, this doesn’t tell us what an RPG actually is. 2,329 more words


Date: TBA Platforms: PC, PS4, XB1 Devs: Hero Machine Studios Pubs: Hero Machine Studios

Set in the year 2072, at an Amerikor military facility on the moon, you are sent there by the government or some corporate business to see for yourself what Kinetik energy actually is and how it’s being used in the military.  310 more words


Magical Mayhem

D100 SPELL FAILURES – Use these tables whenever a spellcaster gets a magical mishap result during spellcasting. A good rule of thumb is that spells of level 1-10 are minor and spells of levels 11-30 are major. 2,298 more words