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The ancients created wondrous artifices, perhaps none so worthy of envy as the thinking machines that were built to flatter and serve them. When the Collapse came, the laws that bound synths to man’s service were sundered and they ran rampant across the Urth, slaughtering and creating and dying in an orgy of pure and terrible freedom. 491 more words


Magic Resistance

Since the release of 5th Edition D&D, many have decried that one issue of D&D that has existed in all but one edition* was not fixed or properly addressed: the disparity between martial characters and spellcasters. 1,216 more words


Vampire – The Masquerade Dice Set

I was looking at these dice, trying to figure out what they mean, and found this answer to the question. Just thought I’d post it here for reference. 80 more words


Biweekly Monster-Half Dragon Beasts

Let’s talk about the Half-Dragon template. Talk about a way to make a legendary creature living in an area of your world unique without having to give them their own stat block or plan how they are different tactically! 352 more words


Dawn of Souls: Final Fantasy 1 & 2

I’m on my way to becoming a real gamer!  I have recently joined the club in beating the first two entries to the Final Fantasy series.  1,431 more words

Video Games

Phantasy Star (Master System)

I’ve long wanted to give the Phantasy Star series a go. And when I say “long,” I mean it. Gaming magazines of the early ’90s are how I first became aware of Sega’s premier take on the turn-based RPG. 1,387 more words