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Let's Play Trails of Cold Steel (64)

Chris and Michaela join Class VII in a playthrough of Trails of Cold Steel! The Legend of Heroes is a criminally underrated RPG series that deserves more attention, so why not embark on a 100% AP playthrough? 26 more words

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Play-By-Email RPG

So I’ve joined a play-by-email RPG group and we’re trying to decide on the best game system for that style of play. I figured I’d ask the Internet! 18 more words


Sea Monsters

Some sea creatures are very interesting. I happened upon some youtube clips on sea animals and they are really quite crazy, so I looked up their wikipedia pages. 241 more words


NewbieDM Review: Tomb of Annihilation dice

Wizards of the Coast was kind enough to send over a box of Tomb of Annihilation goodies to review. I’m still digesting the adventure, including the D&D Beyond version I purchased, so that review is forthcoming (spoiler: the adventure is really good), but I thought I’d at least give you a look at the dice. 407 more words


Casus part I: planning the game

Before jumping into writing a program, I like to have at least a general idea of where I’m going. The amount of detail depends on the particulars of a project, but I generally don’t start without at least some sort of goal. 1,160 more words

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Brutus: I thought he was the one, okay? Like, deep down I knew he didn’t want anything serious, but I guess I thought it would be different with me, you know? 681 more words


Quentin 2017: Salem

Przygoda Tymoteusza Czyża: link.

Purytańska Ameryka, XVII wiek. Bohaterowie są wysłannikami gubernatora, przybywającymi do Salem poszukać zaginionego. A że właśnie trwają niesławne procesy czarownic, mają zdać raport i uspokoić nastroje. 571 more words