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MANOR OF FACT – Supernatural Roleplaying with “Betrayal at House on the Hill.”

In a previous blog, I looked a GM can take the Kill Doctor Lucky board game and adapt it for an RPG game map. This week, we’re looking at one of my favorite new games, “Betrayal at House on the Hill.” 1,187 more words


D&D 5E: The Guys, Session 1

Last night Perrin – a halfling monk – and Søren – a half-elf warlock – found themselves caught up the affairs of the town Greenest. They first encountered the screams of a girl off in the forest bush.   878 more words


Torment: Tides of Numenera RPG will feature crises encounters

Torment: Tides of Numenera is a game set in the world of Monte Cook’s new tabletop RPG setting, Numenera. Torment continues the thematic legacy of… 126 more words

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Dungeons 2 expansion 'A Game of Winter' coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC

The sniveling, wretched dwellers of the sickly-sweet surface world may think they have already had it tough with the #horrors inflicted upon them by the Dungeon Lord so far. 317 more words

Linux Game News

Where Pid GM's a Pathfinder RPG using a Virtual Tabletop

Things have been dark here at the old REB. Oddly, the website still gets a hit or two a day. Kind of surprising really. Who knew there were so many accidental clicks on the 15th page of a google search. 685 more words


Indie Game Radar: CrossCode, Indie Demos, And RPGMaker

With the back-to-back massive time-sucks of The Witcher 3 and Metal Gear Solid V finally behind me, I found the time to do a few things I’d been putting off… with one stone in fact. 530 more words