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Getting Ready for Dragon Con? Dice Tips from Terance

With several of my friend’s making their way to Dragon Con, I thought this would be a fun thing to throw up today. Terance is not only a funny damn guy, he is also the artist that drew my homebrew world map. 60 more words

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#RPGaDay2016 Day:26 What Hobbies go well with RPG's?

For I have a whole list of hobbies that you can get into and


Miniature painting, This can be a good time to relax and reflect on past games or paint figures for the upcoming game sessions. 276 more words

Tabletop Role-playing Game

Neverwinter Nights 2: Fun Adventure with Technical Frustrations

Genre: Fantasy RPG

Synopsis: The player character has grown up in a small village, raised by his/her foster father after some terrible event long ago killed his/her mother. 935 more words


#swtor: maybe this time?

I’m sort of blaming Arin for this one (this is only fair as I dragged her into GW2 ;) ) but anyway, I copied her and started playing SWToR again.  192 more words


Four Eyes Full Version News (also, Jubilee Royale Still Exists)

Hi again! I hope you lovely people reading this are doing well.

As it stands, the Four Eyes demo is sitting at over 240 downloads. Many people have contacted me to leave their feedback, and there are even a couple more Let’s Plays floating around. 686 more words

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Star Wars "Rebel Thorns" - Session 5 opening crawl

Not much to say about that one – it’s how tomorrow’s game will begin!


Heroes Name Goes Here!

Ever since the old days of having to go on a quest to find my holy avenger as a Paladin, I have had a fond memory of the types of magic items and weapons that can’t just be found lying around. 915 more words