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RPGs on the Sega Master System - Miracle Warriors: Seal of the Dark Lord

It was 1988 in North America where Sega’s Master System was already embroiled in a battle with the Nintendo Entertainment System.

One a technical level, the SMS had a few advantages. 2,249 more words

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RPGaDay: Favourite non-rpg thing to come out of rpging

On August 31st and last day of RPGaDay, the topic is my favourite non-rpg thing to come out of rpging. I had to think a bit about this one. 462 more words


Transistor (Part 17)

If you haven’t yet been able to play Transistor, I would highly recommend that you get off of your ass and make that happen! Sorry, lol I have just been pumped about this game ever since the opening song completely enveloped me and made me emotionally attached to this world. 110 more words

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Raise your chalices high

I love it when video games provide new storytelling methods. People might scoff, but it has happened quite a bit in recent years. Two recent examples are the continual story re-framing in… 1,335 more words


Player Professions Sneak Preview

Content, whether good or bad, is easy to create, but creating content that will keep players engaged for the long haul is a difficult task. Often, I see games create awesome story lines, great content, and an awesome campaign for the long term, but don’t consider the largest variable which is that of the player experience. 1,128 more words


Mini Quest (Android) Review

Mini Quest is an RPG for Android created by Spaceport.io Inc where you play as one of 3 classes doing quests on a journey to become a ‘mini’. 253 more words