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The Dragon Fisters Episode 161: Actual Play - Time Marches On

This Episode: The group returns to Newhold, and negotiations a few new deals with their new found wealth. Following that, the group takes some time to take care of some personal business. 12 more words

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The Impassioned Cynic Gushes At Stuff: The Bound By Flame Episode

As if this blog wasn’t self indulgent enough, i’m going to do my first “The Impassioned Cynic Gushes At Stuff” feature. These entries won’t be reviews nor will I be using the games to talk about a topic or something. 1,415 more words


Game design and player agency

Player agency, the ability to execute will, is key to game experiences. When a game forces something upon you, particularly something you can reasonably expect to be easily rid of, then it lessens the experience. 244 more words


The Legend of Everon - second edition incoming!

So that’s it guys! Just started to work on the second edition of The Legend of Everon!

Hiro starts his journey to discover Hart’s whereabouts! His destination? 72 more words


Don't touch the beard you dirty Elf.

I will be the first to say that Racism is bad. However, there is something about the humor created from the hatred between the Dwarves and the Elves. 899 more words

Too Many Games: Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes

What a pleasant little surprise! My immediate reaction to the announcement of this game was that it was a ridiculously blatant cash-grab. Might and Magic proper has two modes: extremely old-school first-person-party dungeon crawl and big weird strategy-tactics game with huge stacks of units. 410 more words

Too Many Games

The Prequel to: "Yes, I'm a Dungeon Master. Yes, I'm a Woman."

Two weeks ago I began a blog post series entitled “Yes, I’m a Dungeon Master. Yes I’m a Woman”, and so far I’ve covered the very basics of Dungeon Master (DM) craft. 760 more words