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Duel Gear is Tactical Turn Based Mech Action

It’s been a while since a decent game featuring mechs has graced our shelves (and digital libraries). There looks to be significantly more than a glimmer of hope in a new game from Thai developer Orbital Speed Studio that consists of five industry veterans from various backgrounds. 317 more words


Dragon Quest Builders Demo, Japanese RPGs, And Free-Form Gameplay

I am one of those people who still hasn’t played Minecraft. When I realized Dragon Quest Builders was getting a demo for PS4 I saw this as a chance to see what one of these survival crafting games was all about. 833 more words


Let's Play Chrono Trigger (53)

Chris takes Michaela through time as she experiences Chrono Trigger for the first time. It’s Chris’ pick for the best game ever made, and we’re playing the SNES version to be as true to the original as possible. 30 more words

Video Games

The Attack of the Pat. Hilariously still trying to stay relevant.

Here we go again, Pat Robertson is serving it up talking crazy about D&D. But yet again no one is buying what he has to sell. 140 more words

Tabletop Role-playing Game

Tent Of Horrors - The Millennial Fair

The best place to spend the silver points you have earned so far, is the RENOWNED “Tent Of Horrors” in the southeast portion of the fair. 278 more words

Chrono Trigger

Dummokk laid shivering and vomiting under a dark alien sky...

Dummokk laid shivering and vomiting under a dark alien sky. He made a mental check of his extremities; twisting limbs and flexing muscles, he looked for breaks and tears before finally deciding to move. 1,358 more words