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Free RPG: Lunch Hour Dungeon

Lunch Hour Dungeon is a simple tabletop roleplaying game I designed to run during lunchtime at work, where my players might include both experienced gamers and people totally unfamiliar with RPGs. 41 more words

Roleplaying Games

What Does it Mean to Do Math?

The GURPS Basic Set which contains rules for the paper and pencil roleplaying game designed by Steve Jackson describes an ability that you can bestow on a character you are creating. 70 more words


RPG Reviews - Fallout Wasteland Warfare RPG Expansion

Fallout: Wasteland Warfare RPG Expansion – Modiphius

War. War never changes. Neither does the Wasteland. Factions rise and fall, two-headed cows abound, and Vault Dwellers venture forth with the assistance of the all-knowing Pip Boy to guide them in their journey. 1,599 more words


Rumor, Lore, and Secret Cards


Originally I was making these for my Patreon, but I enjoyed the end result so much that I wanted to share them in some way with everyone. 591 more words


(Roleplaying) Gaming as an Adult

With kids in the house again, I’m reminded of how precious little time I often have for some of my favorite pursuits–reading, writing and games of all types. 2,103 more words


"Amazing Tales" - Review of a pencil & paper RPG for kids

I don’t really make it a secret: I’m a huge nerd. So is my wife. So when we found out we were having a child some years ago, one of the things that came to mind was how to pass on my love of tabletop RPGs to my kids. 758 more words


tetsubo57: The d20 Profession Skill and Covenant's Traits

tetsubo57 – RPG Pondering: Redeeming the Profession skill.

A lot of people contributed to Covenant. Not all of them know it, though.

The game’s rules, design, and even feel have been influenced by the ponderings of a lot of RPG nerds. 282 more words