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Me - An introduction

I tend to be a fairly private person, in person or over the Internet. My blog/internet presence is called ‘Dreamer’ but I never explained what I’m dreaming about. 400 more words


#42 - Living in a Materia World (Final Fantasy VII)

In this episode we cover one of the most beloved classics of modern video gaming. We tackle this episode from the perspective of what it was like to play this game when it was first released and what it is like to play it in 2020, highlighting the aspects that truly stand out and aspects that may be dated. 84 more words


My Favorite PCs: The Thorns of Veluna

It’s been a long time since I’ve waxed poetic about the various brilliant and talented players who have participated in my RPG campaigns and the downright awesome characters they’ve created, so I figured it was high time for a post. 1,130 more words


City of Mist: Dead of Night

Fresh Start

New month, new year, new decade: I finally launched the City of Mist game I had been prepping since late November, running online via Roll20 and Discord. 1,511 more words


My coworkers can't spell

In the back storage room where I work, there’s a bunch of stuff that probably hasn’t been touched in years: paper files dating back almost a decade, microfilm copies of records that are older still, outdated equipment, etc.  385 more words

Math RPG

Three weeks ago I wrote about turning my math class into a game. By then the game had already begun, and now the game’s about to wrap up–our final boss battle is on Monday. 3,116 more words


Adventure Hooks: #10-14, Frozen Fantasies

It’s been real cold in Vermont this week and we’re looking at some winter weather this weekend so I decided to write this post about frosty themed adventure hooks. 1,443 more words