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Common (forum) RP'ing Pitfalls

I used to be a forum RP’er. I started waaay back in the day on Nintendo’s old Power Up (RP) board on the Nsider forums, and wound up running my own for a good 5+ years. 1,340 more words


Clicking With Your Characters

There’s something important for me about having a ‘click’ or a ‘story’ about my characters. I can’t just have ‘my Ranger,’ for example, without a connection. 587 more words

Guild Wars 2

Writing With Mary Sue Characters

How often do you, as a roleplayer, find yourself writing with or playing with a Mary Sue/Gary Stew character? In my years on play by post forums I have come across a fair few and I try and avoid RPing with them where possible. 507 more words


Country Life: Harvest Day Pros and Cons

Okay, so I realized I made a crap starting tutorial, I’m revamping it and making it more concise and clearer.

First let me point out this is Country Life: Harvest Day, not normal Country Life. 1,268 more words

Role Play

Country Life: Harvest Day Tutorial, Basic, Title Screen

Okay, so I’ve been missing Harvest Moon a lot, and went to check Google Apps for a game like it, the first one that came up was Country Life: Harvest Day. 1,134 more words

Role Play

Planning stages, Part 3

It’s surprising how much research I’ve done already, and I’ve only¬†been planning this properly for just less than three weeks. In this time I’ve already come up with some ideas that I’m personally quite proud of. 637 more words


Planning stages, Part 2

If left to my own devices when planning projects, I tend to start coming up with lots of ideas for elements I don’t quite need yet. 291 more words