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Short days

Yesterday it was 6:10PM Central time…and it was getting dark. It had gotten light out at about 7-8AM that day. We now officially have less than twelve hours of light. 115 more words

Personal Junk

Site Runner No More

Perhaps some time in the coming months I’ll edit in a scan picture of my wrists. My right has joint problems that will 95% need surgery and my left has inflamed tendons (the worst of it on my wrist but the damage goes up my forearm too). 342 more words


[Blog] A Tip of the Hat

When I was a kid, my family lived about twenty minutes out of town. We drove in for school and church, of course, but the distance limited most other trips to few and far between. 306 more words


The Arc

The Story Arc. The Plot Arc. Whatever you want to call it, it’s pretty damned awesome when your collaborative writing team completes one of your arcs. 81 more words


7 Rules of Roleplaying Etiquette

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is by no means a perfect list. This is a basic list of things that should be considered when roleplaying (RPing) with other people. 319 more words