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Something Crazy This Way Comes

It was not often the necromancer was allowed out of the city, but when he was he was always accompanied by a knife ear. Usually a mage. 386 more words


The things we research for our craft...

In order to write something as accurately as possible – or just to be better informed for a character – we as writers do this thing called… 108 more words


Call me Nostradamus? Or perhaps I am more a Cassandra?

I have been roleplaying on forums for 10 years now and though I have not seen it all I have seen the same things over and over. 421 more words


Laugh, Cry, or Sigh

The forum RP community can be quite shitty sometimes, especially on so-called resource sites. These days I don’t get involved in the community side of things and only chip in a post or two on the odd subject here and there. 73 more words



How do you balance your time between projects? Or between hobbies? Or even between RP posts? It is┬ánot that I am finding this a challenge at the moment – I am sick and am curious about how my own absences affect others schedules and RPing. 149 more words


Five tips to writing better!

For starters, I don’t write for a living, though I’d really like to someday, so some of these things might not even apply to you. However, I indulge myself in collaborative writing on a forum I discovered almost 4 years ago – I think it’s changed my life considerably. 815 more words


Common (forum) RP'ing Pitfalls

I used to be a forum RP’er. I started waaay back in the day on Nintendo’s old Power Up (RP) board on the Nsider forums, and wound up running my own for a good 5+ years. 1,340 more words