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How to RP!

If you don’t know what RPing is or have never done it, you’re missing out. It’s not for everyone, so I’m not making promises, but I personally love it. 527 more words


The Balancing Act

  • Work
  • University/Collage
  • Family
  • Other Hobbies
  • Friends
  • BEST Friends
  • Partner

How do we balance this stuff with our RP hobby? I am not saying I know the answer, I took TWO YEARS out between 2009-2011 while I finished my 2nd and 3rd years of my psychology degree. 188 more words



I have no idea how anything works!!

is there some kind of chat system?? I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO!!

The ~*Darkverse*~

You know how sometimes you work on a project and it sort of takes over your life (or at least your brain)? This happened to me this week with an RP I am writing with my friend we’ll call Moma. 1,395 more words


Revelations, and The World of Fridjgard

It’s been a while since I posted last, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about games. I’ve switched focus from the cyberpunk game onto building my own RPG system for a much more family friendly game which I can use for teaching people how to RP. 379 more words


Write what your write for the right reasons

This, I think, is a warning to hobby writers about whom you write with, where you publish, and why you write what you write.

Do be outraged about certain subjects being written in an insensitive and titillating way, but do not act out because you felt censored and judged when you did a worse crime. 78 more words


Moderating Negativity, a futile endeavour

I was once at a site where the admin banned any negativity in their out of character sections and chatbox. Admittedly there had been some oversharing but this admin, in response to others voicing some negative things that had happened in their “real life” demanded that all members show nothing but happiness when in ooc areas. 178 more words