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Though it’s not exactly a festival, it might as well be. RPM Dance Music Marketing present Big Week NYC. From December 26 – December 31st, the company will have several shows at Pier 36 and Pier 94. 177 more words

APACHE2.4 설치기록 및 RPM 목록 (AIX 7.1)

AIX 7.1 환경에서 apache2.4.12 버전을 rpm 설치 성공한 버전을 정리하여 올립니다. 많은 삽질이 있었지만 아래 순서대로 설치성공 했습니다.

사용한 RPM 버전들이 7.1 이전버전들것을 쓰기때문에 다른 AIX 버전에서도 잘 될 것으로 예상됩니다 (해보진 않았어요. 586 more words

My Top 5 Power Ranger Season Picks.

Seriously, who doesn’t love the Power Rangers and all of it’s wacky, cheesy, friendship-building goodness? I you don’t like them then we simply cannot be acquainted. 623 more words

How to remove multiple rpm packages with the same name?

  • When removing rpm packages, errors may occur when multiple packages with the same name are installed. This can happen when the two packages are different versions or if the two packages have different architecture.
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Get yourself acquainted with mock to build rpm

Package management is one the key areas in the world of GNU/Linux system administration. Not only for system administrators but also for normal linux users it is an inevitable part that they need to be aware of in their day to day job. 1,081 more words


Engaging - 11:20

I’ve been at home recovering from a bout of bronchitis for the last couple of days. In between handling work stuff on the couch with juice, soup and tissues in tow, I was home to get some fun mail to support my two “side hustles”. 215 more words

rpm - new video

Last weekend I rode to Cocoyoc to go swimming with Pete and Allan. I wasn’t planning on filming anything, just a weekend ride to get out of the city and have a few beers. 248 more words