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The Main Problem With RPP

I’ve finally worked out why RPP is making no sense to me. Aside from the way that lectures appear contextless, with speeches on topics unrelated to the outlined coursework. 79 more words


IRCC Departmental Plan 2017-18 - Citizenship section ignores the main issue of declining naturalization

I have been holding off these comments on the IRCC Departmental Plan until the final 2016 citizenship statistics were released. The above chart now includes these showing a steady decline in applications:  198,000 in 2014 (about the historical norm), 130,000 in 2015 and 92,000 in 2016. 640 more words


RPP Objek IPA dan Pengamatannya




Satuan Pendidikan            : SMP Kartika III – 1 Semarang

Mata Pelajaran                  : Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam

Kelas/Semester                  : VII / I

Materi Pokok                    : Objek IPA dan Pengamatannya… 2,119 more words


Canadian Heritage Departmental Plan 2017-18 - Multiculturalism

Multiculturalism-related excerpts from the latest PCH departmental plan, starting with where it fits in the overall departmental strategy and then progressing to the “sub-program” level. 634 more words


Perencanaan Pembelajaran

Postingan ini adalah hasil kerja kelompok , berhubung saya sedang ikut diklat Program Sertifikasi Keahlian Ganda IN-1 di SMK Ngambon Bojonegoro yang WOW istimewa sekali aksesnya. 842 more words