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WEKfest: Parking Area Glory

After leaving the WEKfest show, I thought it would be a good time to have a look at the main parking area before heading back to the trusty Silvia. 717 more words


Let the paint and bodywork begin... Oh and LS in the future...

So lets dig into it. I have really been working on getting the body ready for paint, I bought a pressure washer (and oh my god I love this little thing), coupled with the multitude of sandpapers and scotch brites I have, this has turned into a dusty affair. 699 more words


Engine bay prep and rain...

So the car has been slow going. Spring time is in the air and temperatures are up in the 70’s most days, making me feel like I really want to work on the car and that’s where it stops…. 604 more words


VG33ET update and RUST!!!

So I found a bit if information today on the swap. There are a few things I need and a few things I need to do but this should be a relatively painless swap. 401 more words



So I have been going back and forth on the engine to put in this car. I went from an SR (my son likes the way it looks) to an RB25, to a SOHC KA-T to a DOHC KA-T to a 2JZGE (N/A to T eventually) to the VG30ET (SOHC turbo). 382 more words


In the beginning...

Have you guys ever seen an S13 that started as a perfectly stock looking car and transformed over time into a work of art? . Well this is a completely different type of story. 1,150 more words