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The Sea, The Sea - Gloranthan Ships for RQ6

Glorantha has inspired a largish variety of ships and maritime vessels over time. Most of the sources are out of print, out of date or incomplete. 188 more words


Contoh Hubungan Research Problem (RP) dengan Research Question (RQ)

Dalam melakukan penelitian, peneliti mesti men-state Masalah Penelitian (Research Problem, RP) dan Pertanyaan Penelitian (Research Question, RQ) dengan valid, clear dan kontributif. Keduanya harus ada hubungan yang jelas. 159 more words

Metodologi Riset

Glorantha Is Dead & The New Chaosium Sucks

Glorantha was a fantasy world created by Greg Stafford in 1966. Just before its 50th anniversary, the world seized to exits. This text is my very personal, subjective attempt to find out what killed it. 1,064 more words


Questing for ultimate GM Screen for RQ6: Ranged Combat Situational Modifiers

In my search for ultimate GM screen for RQ6 I gathered together the ranged combat modifiers into one pager. The pdf exists here

Other charts that might be useful for… 8 more words


Close Combat Situational Modifiers For RQ6

In my quest towards perfect GM Screen for RQ6 I gathered all the close combat situational modifiers into one table. 

It now contains the usual ones (fighting in pitch black darkness, partial darkness, blinded, while prone and so on). 109 more words


RQ6 Chart Setup Example

Here is an example how to setup the charts that I have created to a folder for easy reference. The order has been created on a likely reference order that people usually would need the charts. 81 more words


RQ6 GM Screen Update: Offensive and Defensive Special Effects

Here is a quick update on my path towards a RQ6 GM Screen. Herein are portrait versions of Offensive and Defensive Special Effects.

For laziness sake created also… 20 more words