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Form of a question

O’Neill espouse generativity and flourishing in a musical environment, but the environment is created by other factors. ¬†Belongingness (Baumgardner) plays a role fostering a setting that allows older children to experiment with new musical ideas and skills. 103 more words

TME research question

TME helps to examine how learners are situated in an environment where many threads or facets of their lives intertwine to produce a complex and multi layered learning environment. 142 more words

Day One

This will serve as my Blog away from Boston until class starts up again.

I am writing to try to determine my dissertation topic via research questions and perspectives. 348 more words

Recording. Fin.

We have now done all the stuff. Tomorrow I sleep.

A snippet.

Celebratory martinis.


The Recordening 4: Racoon Fury

More recording today, which you may have guessed. We have five days in the studio (and two of mixing and mastering) – if you break down the parts, our progress looks a little something like this (don’t mention the racoon): 126 more words


Recording Day 3

In which we sing some songs, play some guitar and practice some J J Abrams lens flare action.

It’s all very tiring.


Recording, Day 1

Oof, long day. Of not really doing very much. So, the first thing you do when putting a record together is record a guide track and then do lots of individual takes and editing of the drums. 69 more words