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Daimons Are Forever - Sky Warriors, Flamingoes and Dog People

Gianni Vacca made a request at Google+ forums for d100 version of Altinae daimon that was missing. So I promised to create one in the Encounter Generator… 120 more words


Pregenerated Characters for Mythras - Nomad Herders and Warriors in Prax and Elsewhere

Games Master will sometimes need quickly a set of player characters. Perhaps it is for a one off at convention or otherwise. Perhaps there was a TPK or you had one new player on baord without a character. 192 more words


Nasty - Check. Chaotic - Check. Dorastor - Check. TPK - Check.

Looking for a one shot or TPK – here are few nasty encounters for Encounter Generator for Mythras and RQ6 from every GM’s dream and every player’s nightmare – lovely home of the shrine of Dorasta – Dorastor. 210 more words


2500 Encounter Templates - Demons, Nightgaunts, Undead,Foxwomen and Sea Wolves

Mythras Encounter Generator reached a boundary of 2500 Encounter Templates today. It is quite a ride since August 2013 when I first learned of the RQ Encounter Generator and started to contribute to it. 119 more words


Form of a question

O’Neill espouse generativity and flourishing in a musical environment, but the environment is created by other factors.  Belongingness (Baumgardner) plays a role fostering a setting that allows older children to experiment with new musical ideas and skills. 103 more words

2 - Riscos químicos

Os riscos químicos são aqueles ocasionados por agentes químicos, ou seja, substâncias, compostos ou produtos químicos que possam penetrar no organismo pela via respiratória nas formas de poeira, fumos, névoas, neblinas, gases ou vapores, ou que, pela natureza da actividade e exposição, possam ter contacto ou ser absorvidos pelo organismo através da pele ou ingestão.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           21 more words