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Another year older

Yesterday was my 27th birthday. It feels strange to say, not because I think 27 is particularly old, but it just sounds more grown up than I feel. 211 more words

Multiple Sclerosis

The return of the travelling MSer..À Montréal!

Bonjour blogosphere!

I’ve just returned home from a few nights away with the boyfriend in Montreal, and it was a great little getaway! It definitely helped scratch that travel itch a little bit. 688 more words

Multiple Sclerosis

MS in the press

Something that must be said before I ramble on, is that Bella is not being kind to me as of recent (what a bitch!). I have had a few busy weekends in a row which has led to my fatigue being pretty unbearable, along with some random body spasms, rubbish vision and generally feeling off balance and spaced out. 580 more words

The joy of neurologists.

Fair warning, this is going to be a real ranty post. It’s just been one of those days!

I had an appointment today with my neurologist, and I’m just more frustrated than I can even explain right now. 580 more words


The singing MSer?

Now I wouldn’t say that having MS in itself feels very positive most of the time, but there are definitely some positives that have come out of my diagnosis. 465 more words

Multiple Sclerosis

The morning after the night before!

Me again 😃

So this morning Wayne, my husband, came and got me at 5am because I fell asleep in the living room in the end! 276 more words



So hi!

MS warrior since 2005. This is my blog, my escape. My place to rant!

Another sleepless night is coming to an end – hello sunrise 👋🌞 576 more words