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Sympathy... I Don't Need It.

Whenever someone finds out I have MS, they act like I’m dying. Like it’s the worst news I’ve ever been given. Of course, I automatically want to punch said person(s) in the throat. 159 more words

What is MS?

To anyone that is a constant presence in my life, it’s no secret that James has MS. For anyone new in our lives, my husband, James has Multiple Sclerosis. 640 more words


Copaxone: Day 1

Yesterday was my first day on Copaxone.

I know most of you are reading this and are thinking “Been there.”

Well, I haven’t, because I was taking another drug. 265 more words


Red Wine Cures...

Not a damn thing.

I went into a few glasses of red wine thinking it could cure at least some of the thoughts  I have weighing on my mind right now. 82 more words

Practicing Patience is a Process

It’s frustrating, isn’t it? There seem to be deadlines for everyone except those making them.

I finally got my side of the paperwork mountain taken care of, I just need to wait on their responses. 243 more words

Looking Back

I know almost every one of my posts are about Multiple Sclerosis and how it’s changed my life. A year ago, I would’ve never told anyone I knew or associated with I had this disease.I didn’t want anyone to treat me differently and I sure didn’t want anyone to notice that I was different. 516 more words