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New name, new look!

Welcome to my renamed blog, MSing around! This is still going to be about my life and navigating the world while living with Multiple Sclerosis, so this title seems more fitting then the previous “travelling MSer”. 48 more words

Multiple Sclerosis


I really haven’t posted in a looong time. I’ve said this before, and then give up again! I think I felt like I didn’t have anything important to say or was just complaining a lot. 568 more words

Multiple Sclerosis

A Shower Chair...Again!

Let me preface by saying that this is not the first time I’ve needed to adapt to physical disability. In 2007 the MS had progressed to the point where I had to stop working. 485 more words

Multiple Sclerosis

First Semester in the Books

Well, that was intense!

James just finished up his first semester back at school, and what do you know, he pulled off straight As! I knew he would, honestly. 234 more words



I have Multiple Sclerosis.

Not surprising. I’m writing a blog partially dedicated to the topic.

The one thing we know for sure about MS is that no one knows… 452 more words


I'm back!

I must be honest with myself! The new year started and I was off and running. Then life took over and I quit, like I do with so many things! 876 more words

Days that become years.

It would seem that just not too long ago, I was every perception of healthy.  Vibrant, maybe.  Lifelike.  Slowly, things just started to shut off.  Lower tolerance to stress.   1,117 more words

Blooming In Idaho