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Fresh faced, bushy tailed. Try and stop me!

I have woken up today feeling fresh faced and bushy tailed. For the first time in months. Even before I was off sick from my job I would wake up feeling in pain, shattered and ready to go straight back to bed – the thought of work sending me near enough to tears. 275 more words

Multiple Sclerosis

Is it ok to rest, a lot?

Another day, another week over. Onto the weekend and more time with the fam, food shopping and cleaning no doubt.

Yesterday’s appointment seemed to send me round in circles to be honest. 322 more words

Multiple Sclerosis

Dizzycast Ep. 2 A Diagnostic Dizzy

Episode 2 of Dizzycast is here! :) A Diagnostic Dizzy.

In this months episode we have a chat with Christian Rolfe about his journey from RRMS to SPMS, and a recent trial that he has been on for this. 98 more words


If it is on Google it must be right, right?

I have fell into the deep and dark trap of Googling absolutely everything. “If I have a sore toe when I hop 5 times, is it because I have MS?!” With answers following like “oh my goodness I had this too but it was because of something really awful, go to the doctor ASAP”. 323 more words

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Something I’ve always struggled with is putting words to exactly how I’m feeling. It’s hard to explain something that only I can feel, and try and get my point across to others. 379 more words

Multiple Sclerosis

No point crying over spilt Orange Juice

Having only been diagnosed with MS a few months ago, and having an absolute minimal knowledge of what MS does to ones body, I must say it has all been a bit of a shock. 532 more words

Multiple Sclerosis


Living with chronic illness and disability can make staying positive difficult at times. Something I always tell newly diagnosed MSers when I speak with them in my volunteer role as “welcomer” on shift.ms, is to just let yourself feel however you do in that moment. 475 more words

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