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im back.....

On Jan 13, 2017 we were in an accident. We were hit from behind and in the process my back got messed up. So for over a year now I have been dealing with trying to figure out what the problem is. 488 more words

There is just so much going on, I am not sure I can catch my breath. Nor, do I know where to begin, so I guess I will begin with me. 789 more words

Disease Modifying Therapies

We all know that there is no cure for MS. Treatment focuses on two things: Symptom management and slowing the progression of the disease with what’s referred to as Disease Modifying Therapies. 336 more words

Multiple Sclerosis

The 4 types of MS

Did you know that there are 4 types (or “disease courses”) of Multiple Sclerosis?

Clinically Isolated Syndrome, while not technically MS, falls within these four disease courses. 233 more words

Multiple Sclerosis

It must just be the stress of it all

I’ve noticed recently that whenever I shower or brush my hair an excessive amount falls out. I mean excessive – well what seems excessive to me anyway. 588 more words



Who doesn’t love a warm biscuit?

So I posted my end of week one on You Tube video here and in it I mentioned that I cheated and ate a biscuit yesterday. 174 more words

Give me your best pirate face

Sorry I’ve been off the grid guys and probably will remain to be for a wee bit longer but this is my current situation…

After 2 days of feeling like I’ve had vertigo and throwing up every time anything touches my stomach, I finally have an answer. 133 more words

Multiple Sclerosis