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I'm back!

I must be honest with myself! The new year started and I was off and running. Then life took over and I quit, like I do with so many things! 876 more words


Days that become years.

It would seem that just not too long ago, I was every perception of healthy.  Vibrant, maybe.  Lifelike.  Slowly, things just started to shut off.  Lower tolerance to stress.   1,117 more words

Blooming In Idaho

Winds of change!

Last night I got to do something I thought I may never do again! I put fuel in my car and drove my girlfriend to the shops!! 168 more words

JC Positive 

Today I was told I am JC positive and need to find a different treatment due to the risk of PML involved with my current one. 250 more words


I have this problem which I’ve been fighting for years. I have this bad habit of putting on a mask with a smile, not so much to prevent others from seeing my emotions, how I’m feeling, protecting myself, or any of the other more common reasons. 516 more words

How I treat multiple sclerosis

Fourteen. That’s the number of FDA-approved disease-modifying therapies, or DMTs, that are used to treat relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis. At least that’s how many there are at the time of this blog entry. 591 more words