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MS Tremors

This morning I was browsing ¬†my Twitter Account “TheMSLife” and saw a tweet discussing hand & leg tremors, which ultimately led to me clicking a link attached. 266 more words

Days Off

I enjoy working while having the diagnosis I have.

I do not take advantage of the opportunity¬†I have because I’m aware that there are others who suffer from RRMS who are not able to remain employed. 66 more words

Relentless paperwork continues

By now, one may wonder why I’m giving so much of the “more” than anything else listed in my blog name.

The primary reason for this due to my being compelled to always remember how blessed we are in all things, yes, even the not so good. 337 more words

Simplistic Beauty

One of my very dear friends stopped down the other morning to take me out for a few hours. It was pleasantly unexpected and was a really… 368 more words

Feeling .....Down.

I’ve been fighting with my insurance company for over a month to receive the medication that I need. OF COURSE- it’s an MS medication. Why am I still fighting this? 175 more words

It's a Good Day

My name is Jennifer. It may seem like just an ordinary name, but I’d like to believe I’m a fairly extraordinary person. I was created to be uniquely me and to experience so many unique-to-me things there can never be another person exactly like me. 353 more words

Living a "Normal" Life

Before I came down with symptoms in 2006-

I was 22.

I loved playing with my toddler nephews, playing soccer, going on crazy activities with my family. 186 more words