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Connect to Ubuntu Server from Mac without password

I recently wiped my home server after running OpenMediaVault for about 6 months. OMV is a turn key Debian based linux distro that functions like a NAS but has easy to install plugins for tons of open-source software. 501 more words



Speed. It’s the biggest contributing factor to road deaths in Ireland.
Speeding is one of the easiest road accident issue to do, eating you penalty points and possibly deaths. 58 more words

Crana College

Review: The Ramshackle Army - "Whitewashed Graves" (EP)

In his debut contribution, Jay Stevens of Jay Wars and the Howard Youth has had an early listen to the ‘Whitewashed Graves E.P. slated for release in December by Melbourne celtpunks… 579 more words


News: ReddiTrust, New Browser Addon to Combat Reddit Identity Theft

Featured Image: A demonstration of the ReddiTrust application using an intentionally malformed message

As soon as I saw the news that /u/spez, administrator of Reddit, had silently edited comments against user’s intent, I came up with the relatively simple idea of an application which allows you to sign your messages, allowing others to know they really came from you. 221 more words


RSA 07

I picked the “Beyond Borders” brief for my RSA project. Is a brief that I feel very relevant at the moment specially with the late developments in the world. 1,082 more words

Developing Practice

Political Graphics

So for both my project in the RSA and my own personal one I decided to take a look into the work of designers, agencies, etc that have dealt with some sort of political/social cause. 611 more words

Developing Practice

Concepts - Beyond Borders

The idea here is to explore the power of words. I like the idea of working just with type, without photos, making the attention focus on what we say. 352 more words

Developing Practice