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GIT SSH/RSA Key Management

Generate RSA and PPK Keys

  1. Using the Git Bash, use ssh-keygen to generate a pair of RSA public/private keys. More information on how to do this can be found on the official 
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git setup with multiple keys(accounts)

I had 2 accounts in gitlab.com and I couldn’t use one rsa key to access both accounts. It seems like gitlab’s restriction.

So, I needed to create another key for the 2nd account. 141 more words


Как правительство развязывает криптовойну 2.0

2 декабря 2015 года Сайед Ризван Фарук и Ташфин Малик вошли в центр для людей с ограниченными возможностями в Сан-Бернардино (Калифорния) и открыли стрельбу по находившимся там людям. 95 more words


In my previous post I talked about how to Encrypt an App.config file and export the machine keys needed to deploy the application to different machines and import them, all using our old friend… 291 more words


impOS 34: Continuing to lead the industry

Electric Imp just announced the latest version of our device-side software, impOS(TM) release 34.

impOS is a highly secure, advanced, and efficient software platform for IoT devices… 71 more words


Chapitre 3. Les domaines de l'intervention sociale de l'État

Thème 8. Quelle est l’efficacité de l’intervention de l’État ?

I. Pourquoi l’État est-il amené à intervenir au niveau social ?

A. La logique économique créé des inégalités… 1,448 more words
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Shark Boy

Sharks can’t speak for themselves. Who better to speak out for them than a shark attack victim?

Ten years ago, South African Achmat Hassiem was participating in a lifesaving exercise off Muizenberg beach in Cape Town together with his brother.

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Rio 2016