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In my first presentation I tried to come up with initial routes to work with. To analyse the problem I was facing. As I have not done anything similar it was rather enriching yet frightening experience. 75 more words



Waste Research

looking at different waste eliminating projects I realised that there are more ways to work with products. I realised that I will not be able to create a product that would work as a different one (wobo Bottles), therefore I focused on the process of recycling and product preservation. 393 more words


RSA_02_Intial Research

Product Research

As I was really confused how to start with the project I figured it would be best to start with the examples of competition showed in the brief. 335 more words


Getting an american visa- part 1.5.2

Ingredients for an American visa

1. Interweby forms: Non-of-yr’damn-business / INSULTING and/or almost-completely ridiculously stupid kind of questions. (For example here are some gems: how much money do you make? 1,050 more words


Getting an american visa- part 1.5

Now, where was I?

Ah, right.

the visa!

-First, I must warn you.
This isn’t the right way to spend your college funds.
it really isn’t… 191 more words


Getting an american visa- part 1

It all started when Craig Ferguson announced he’s leaving TLLS,
I (as many others) was crushed, I felt abandoned.
I went through all stages of Robo-Skelie grief: 97 more words