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Rails : RSpec : Examples of routing specs

Newbie developers might wonder how they can test if their routes are in good conditions. They might not find good examples so I have pasted some examples from my code. 593 more words

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RSpec : spec filename should end with _spec

It is important to end filename of every spec files for RSpec with prefix ‘_spec.rb’. You can try it out. The RSpec only executes the specs if filename ends with ‘_spec.rb’ else it ignores the file even if it is a ruby file. 95 more words

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ROR : TDD / BDD with RSpec : Initial Setup ( Copied )

RSpec Setup in Rails 4

An up-to-date testing environment setup for Rails 4, including RSpec, Capybara, and FactoryGirl.


Gems gonna used are: 457 more words

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Ruby : Rspec : Keep Specs Fresh With Anonymous Classes

Keep Specs Fresh With Anonymous Classes (Copied)

Sometimes it can be difficult to test a module since you don’t want to test it tied to a specific implementation. 143 more words


Arduino programming using Ruby, Cucumber & rSpec

The project

This project serves as a sanity check that all is in order with the hardware, without the need to write on-board code using the IDE nor use the avr toolchain. 921 more words


RSpec : Shared example group (it_behaves_like , include_examples , shared_examples )

You probably know how to use describe, context, it and specify to clearly communicate one aspect of your code. The nested context provides by… 176 more words


Ruby On Rails : RSpec : DDT vs TDD ( Development Driven Test vs Test Driven Development)

The term DDT ( Development Driven Test) might sound like a new term to test practitioners in ruby community

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