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RSpec : Matcher : Difference between 'eq' and 'equal' matchers

a.equal?(b) # object identity – a and b refer to the same object
a.eql?(b) # object equivalence – a and b have the same value… 39 more words

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RSpec : Ruby On Rails : Different behavior of symbol/string in describe : TDD

Lets see the following example and understand how writing a ruby symbol instead a string make difference in describe block of RSpec.

RSpec.describe Applicant, type: :model do
  describe 'Validation' do
    it { is_expected.to validate_presence_of(:first_name) }
    it { is_expected.to validate_presence_of(:last_name) }
    it { is_expected.to validate_presence_of(:email) }

 should require first_name to be set
 should require last_name to be set
 should require email to be set

… 101 more words
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Add Additional Library to Faker :: RSpec :: TDD

Suppose you are working on a project in which you want to test a Applicant Model. Applicant may have any value among options in a drop-down. 87 more words

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What is the difference between TDD and BDD?

The short answer is: none.

All variants of Driven Development (henceforth the ‘xDDs’) strive to attain focused, minimalistic coding. The premise of lean development is that we should write the minimal amount of code to satisfy our goals. 2,215 more words