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Money talks: I am Bitcoin

CRAIG WRIGHT claims to have founded the cryptocurrency. Our technology and business affairs editors debate whether his 'proofs' add up. Plus China's looming debt crisis – and the economics of Game of Thrones… 15 more words

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How To Find A Roof Valley Leak In Fairfax, VA

Hi, this is Steve from Roofer 911.

I'm on a roof in Fairfax, Virginia. This homeowner has a leak inside the valley and the leak is right down in this area here. 462 more words

The Economist explains: Why central banks are talking about throwing money from helicopters

CENTRAL banks have gone to extraordinary lengths to get their slumping economies moving again: cutting interest rates to zero (and beyond) and buying vast amounts of government debt. 206 more words

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Fairfax VA - Why Is My Roof Vent Pipe Leaking?

Hi, this is Steve from Roofer 911.

I wanted to show you something that I run into quite often. The homeowner has a leak right below this vent pipe here. 534 more words

The labour market: The force awakens

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How to measure prosperity

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The labour market


Labour-force participation is rising again, at last

ACCORDING to Donald Trump, America’s “real” unemployment rate is higher than 40%. 135 more words

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