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Markets lose faith: This isn't 2008, but it isn't great either

SO FAR, 2016 has been something of a disaster around global markets. Equity and commodity prices have been hammered. Yields on safe government bonds are plumbing extraordinarily low levels. 196 more words

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Markets and economics: Accentuate the negative; another down day for the markets

MARKETS have a habit of turning on a dime and surprising the unwary commentator. But one tip your blogger can share after 30 years is to see how long the counter-trends last; if they peter out quickly, that is a sign the mood is set. 198 more words

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Money talks: Banks and bear markets: February 9th 2016

Our correspondents discuss sharp falls in the value of bank stocks and evaluate the parallels with the 2007-08 financial crisis

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Roof Valley Leak in Arlington VA

Hi, this is Steve from Roofer 911.

I'm on a roof in Arlington, VA and they have a leak there down at the bottom of the valley here. 461 more words

Outrage Over Egyptian President's Red Carpet Arrival

The massive red carpet at the opening of a social housing project has sparked a barrage of criticism in a country suffering from high levels of poverty. 7 more words

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Markets and economics: Falling bank shares: a bad omen?

ANOTHER worry has been added to the long list plaguing equity markets this year. Bank shares have been falling fast, particularly those in Europe, which in morning trading, were down 22% so far this year. 192 more words

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