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Tuesday, February 21

Class Starter:  RSS Feed – What is it?

Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication!
Lets watch and explanation from Magnet Media.

OK, that was a bit snarky.  139 more words

RSS Feeds

Pulling the plug on @tumblr, and why is @feedly so hard to use? by David Mead (davidjohnmead.com)(Duration: P)

I’ve now unfollowed everyone on Tumblr. It’s been turning into a dust bowl for me, people I followed haven’t been posting in years.

32 more words
Social Stream

3C1: Creating a Resource Page with RSS

Whew…..this took a while!  The problem came from not being able to access netvibes.com from school.  This is a problem for more than just this class but for anything I’d like do with it for my class at school.   60 more words

3B2: RSS to Enhance Learning?

RSS feeds are something I have heard about for years but have never tried to use.  Once again, that “time to play” factor rears its ugly head!   193 more words


Monday, November 7

Class Starter:  “Bolivia” – the most recent episode of the class podcast

I thought it only fair that your teacher should have to record and produce a podcast episode, too.   250 more words


Friday, October 28

Class Starter: Things that fascinate and inspire me

Sometimes the immediate world around us is monotonous and frustrating, but I have found things to expand my mind and keep me feeling motivated! 34 more words

RSS Feeds

Thursday, October 13

Class Starter:  RSS Feed – What is it?

Really Simple Syndication!  Lets watch and explanation from Magnet Media.

Class Assignment: Vocabulary-2

Instructions:   Download Vocab-2 and open it in Word.   56 more words

RSS Feeds