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Etherium Early Impressions

Going into 2015, the RTS playing field is pretty sparce. There’s StarCraft 2, of course, and Company of Heroes 2. Grey Goo, Offworld Trading Company, Homeworld Remastered, Wargame and Age of Empires 2 HD, and (at a stretch since this isn’t really an RTS) Total War Attila are the main players right now, off the top of my head. 2,249 more words


Wayward's Watchlist 2 - More RTSes I'm Keeping an Eye On

Earlier this year, I wrote an article I called “wayward’s watchlist” in which I outlined some 10 RTS and 4X games I was keeping tabs on during the upcoming year, along with my thoughts, concerns and who I thought might be interested in each game. 1,959 more words


DJ Sona Series: Games 1-10 of 100

(Note: My first League of Legends post ever! Yay!)

A few months ago rumors of the next Mythical skin started circulating and Riot could not have picked a better champion for it. 344 more words


Random thoughts on resource management in RTS

Strategy games, especially those in the Real Time Strategy genre, tend to follow a common formula. In each match, the players start with limited resources: typically, a single “command center” structure and a handful of scouting or economy-focused units, depending on the systems the game uses for resource gathering. 2,732 more words


An argument against the turtle

OK, this post is really not about the animal the turtle. I have nothing against those, and in fact think that turtles are kind of interesting. 740 more words


Z Review

Back in 1996, The Bitmap Brothers created a charming and comedic real-time strategy game called Z (“Zed”), about two warring robot armies desperate for control of 5 different planets. 744 more words