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Welcome back everyone. Today we’re reviewing Deadnaut, made by Screwfly Studios and released in November of 2014.

Deadnaut is a squad-based survival horror game set in the future, where mankind sets out for the stars and finds… an awful lot of derelict ships full of unspeakable horrors. 802 more words

Indie Spotlight

Memory Lane: Age of Empires II - The Age of Kings

Of all the games you’ll ever see me play, this is probably the only one I consider myself competent at. In part, that’s because it has fantastic gameplay and an engaging historical premise. 16 more words


Five Hysterical Historical Deaths From The Age of Kings

As a mobile sack of fluids and meat, you may have come across the concept of mortality at some point in your existence. Sure, everyone dies. 1,012 more words


Cheating at The Age of Kings

The Age of Kings is tied for my favorite strategy game of all time, and in no small part is that because some of my favorite cheats of all time are in this game. 26 more words


Everything I Know About Medieval History

Oh man, what do you think about when you think of medieval history? Castles, maybe? Sick awesome trebuchets and knights and stuff? Horrifying sanitation and the black death? 915 more words


The Age of Kings: Persistence

“Sure, me and my buddies may have nothing besides arrows and javalins, but over the course of enough time, even the prick of a thorn can fell the giants of the worl… AIEEE WHAT IS THE DEMON BEAST ON FOUR BLACK WHEELS??”
-Ancient German skirmisher, probably.