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staying clean is more important than getting clean

I think everyone who believes in God can agree that the greatest gift God has given us is salvation through the Messiah. Whether or not you believe Yeshua (Jesus) is that Messiah or not, salvation through Messiah brings us the eternal peace we all crave. 1,112 more words


forgiveness is only for the past

Huh? Whaddaya mean, “Forgiveness is only for the past?” Can’t I be forgiven for what I might do tomorrow? Am I s’posed to be perfect from this moment on? 594 more words


watch carefully, but don't get too involved

Watch what? Why, the world, of course. We need to keep our eyes open for the signs of the return of Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) and also to be observant of the actions of the enemy as he (or maybe, she?) begins to take charge of the world. 759 more words


The Seeking Eyes Of The Almighty

The Seeking Eyes of the Almighty

Did you ever think of the amazing truth revealed in Scripture that grace (the Creatorʼs mercy, favour and approval) is only extended to those who seek for it and then find it? 2,136 more words


Here we go, again

It’s 2017, and most of the world is starting a new year. Resolutions to make (then break), hope for a better future (while reviewing the past) and a sense of foreboding as we begin a new journey into an unknown future. 667 more words


Critical Thinking And The Word of YHWH

​My newest ebook book Critical Thinking And The Word of YHWH will be released January 8, 2017. This will be the most luciferous (enlightening) book you have read in a long time. 107 more words