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The Different Roles of the The Holy Spirit before and after Jesus’ Death and Resurrection

Many people incorrectly believe that we first encounter The Holy Spirit in Matthew 1:18: “Now the birth of Jesus Christ was as follows: After His mother Mary was betrothed to Joseph, before they came together, she was found with child of the Holy Spirit.” 2,807 more words


A character Study of Joseph (Jacob's son)

Although we meet Joseph when he is a baby, we start to learn about him when he is 17. We know that Rachel, his mother, has died and that he is Israel’s (Jacob’s) favorite son. 1,393 more words


Avoid Fool Except for The Gospel

Avoid Fools Except for The Purpose of Ministry

Avoid fools at all costs unless you are led by Ruach HaKodesh to share the Gospel. Fools can be no use to you, and they cannot be any use to themselves. 851 more words

Holy Spirit

The Role of Israel In The Book Of Romans

Many casual readers of Romans believe that Paul’s writing of chapters 9, 10, and 11 is parenthetical, in the Book of Romans; just as Tamar’s story is parenthetical in Genesis 38. 1,875 more words


The Seeking Eyes Of The Almighty

The Seeking Eyes of the Almighty

Did you ever think of the amazing truth revealed in Scripture that grace (the Creatorʼs mercy, favour and approval) is only extended to those who seek for it and then find it? 2,136 more words