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Uzņēmēji tiekas Jelgavā

Rīgas uzņēmēju biedrības (RUB) pārstāvji 22.maijā piedalījās Latvijas darba devēju organizāciju tikšanās pasākumā Jelgavā. Pasākumā piedalījās reģionālo uzņēmēju biedrību pārstāvji no Rīgas, Līvāniem, Jēkabpils, Bauskas, Talsiem, Cēsim un, protams, Jelgavas. 252 more words


I rub my eyes

I rub my eyes

until I see bright

green spots,

snake skin- like




it feels good,

like scratching

a bug bite

till it bleeds. 30 more words


Cayenne Chocolate Burger Rub and Intuition

Intuition. Gut feeling. Small voice. Your body’s way of saying, “I told you so…”

Are you tuned into yours? Are you listening to it?

We all remember a time where we didn’t listen to our “gut” and were lead down the wrong path. 390 more words

Miami Peppercorn Mortar and Pestle Marinade

My husband and I relocated to Miami Beach a little less than two weeks ago for a job he accepted, and from our previous visits, we knew where we were moving to — a strip of land enriched with an amount of culture that would force us to constantly remind ourselves we were still on U.S. 461 more words

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The Whole Kit and Caboodle

Beauty in the day: the clinic aide’s name is Kit. Kit and I work often in tandem with kids that come to the office to “see the nurse”. 259 more words


Jack's Magic Burger dust

This rub creates the perfect flavor for a good burger.

Mix it all up well in the right amounts and you can even create a nice premixed batch! 64 more words

Brown Sugar