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29 Jan 2016 – under

underwater home loans
underwire bras
underarm deodorants
underwhelming awe

underpriviledged youth
underpinning brawlings
underfunded truth
underinflated balls

undernurished zeitgeist
understudied love
underhanded avarice
underneath it all



Ruba'iyat (9)

Who loves, must ponder why
The features but – imply.
Her face seems happy, yet
Inscrutable – and wry.

(After watching Carol)

When in the night I lay awake
The moon became a silver lake
Across it swam a single swan
That turned into a white snowflake

It grew until the lake was gone
Beneath the crystals, clear as drawn
Then burst into a million stars
That fell until the break of dawn

Like rays of light through prison bars
Like gems adorning crowns of tsars
They fell as I succumbed to sleep
Like healing drops upon fresh scars

Live for the Love of it,
Sasha A. 16 more words


19 Jan 2016 – Rubaiyat

Some souls are stainless steel, it seems,
they stand there, bathed in oilfield streams,
they never weep – so never rust, 86 more words


GUCCI 2016

The year 2015, just like the previous years, has been a roller-coaster, crazy ride. But more than anything, I can only be the most grateful. Really. 116 more words

More about Rubaiyats Illuminated and Decorated by Ross Sterling Turner (1847-1915)

This is the second part of Joe Howard’s interesting piece on the work by Ross Turner on the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam.  See the previous post for comments on Turner’s edition of 1902;  the post also contains some information about Turner himself.  638 more words

Ruba'i (8)

The human soul, the world, the universe are laboring on to their magnificent consummation. We are not fashioned thus marvellously for nought. The straining conceptions of man, the monuments of his reason & the whole furniture of his faculties is adapted to mightier views of things than the mightiest he has yet beheld.

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