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Some unusual views of Omar – from beyond the grave and as Humpty Dumpty

Bob Forrest has been investigating a couple of writers who took distinctive and unusual views of Khayyam and the Rubaiyat. There are brief summaries below. Follow the links to Bob’s website for the full write-ups. 255 more words

The Somerton Man

I was intrigued by the story of the Somerton Man, found dead on the beach in Australia in 1948. He remains unknown, his life and death a mystery. 42 more words


Unknown Artist in 1902 Rubaiyat. Can you help with identification?

We have received the following request from Danton O’Day in Canada.  If you can help at all with information, please comment below on this post. 191 more words

I am Music

I am a catalyst of emotions—
A sentiment-amplifying potion.
Masterfully, I could course through heartstrings,
Making e’en dead cords zing… 43 more words


Patterns of Unpopular Forms - Day 2: The Rubaiyat

Many people have heard the name Robert Frost in regards to poetry. If I were to ask several people what their favorite Robert Frost poem, the response would yield two main poems, one of which is “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” (I’ll let you guess the other response). 264 more words

#Anne Was Not Her #Name

Shall I tell you a tale of one woman
Her name I can’t share, but let’s call her Anne
I met her when I was flat on my face… 247 more words


Morning ~ a rubaiyat

impatient for your arms again i rise
to sit and watch your secret sleeping eyes
what dream is this that keeps you lingering there
with smiling parted lips and tender sighs… 90 more words