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Byron Deveson claims Cowan Conspiracy

Four days ago, Byron Deveson posted a couple of comments on another site but nobody has taken much notice of them, possibly because BD does go into some detail when he goes hunting. 3,734 more words

Challenges Of Writing A Poem

I love writing poetry. Anyone who looks at my blog for five seconds can figure that out. Yet it’s only recently that I’ve started doing it on a frequent basis and even less that I’ve started working with specific types of poems. 298 more words


Luring me back to cancel half a line

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Personal Space.”

To what extent is your blog a place for your own self-expression and creativity vs. a site designed to attract readers?
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Daily Prompt

Looking Back On Love

When looking back to times gone by,

to days and nights and evenings nigh:

all those times we allowed to go,

fade and fading into the sky. 108 more words


what do we really know of jessica harkness?

In short, not much.

We know she met Alf Boxall a couple of times at the Clifton Gardens hotel. We know she gave him a hardcover, inscribed copy of the Rubaiyat at one of those meetings. 519 more words

Ruba'i (16)

Push back, push back in time, until
knowledge is scant enough to fill
the poet’s mind. Soft-bodied forms
burrow in slime: their trace, my thrill.


Ruba'i (15)

After Plutarch’s “Life of Theseus

Both mourning, and gloom,
skulk at the tomb
of Ariadne,
killed by her womb.