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#Let Us

Let us sit a while atop this hill.
Here’s where we feel fulfilled.
Let us daydream below the sky.
This is how we find our thrill. 105 more words


Rubaiyat cards help to raise money needed by Boulge Church

Boulge Church is in need of funds to help with repairs to the fabric, and for the levelling of the stone of Edward FitzGerald’s grave. The church was recently the setting for a performance of FitzGerald’s Rubaiyat by Charles Mugleston, see earlier post… 108 more words

जे एन दाहालका रुवाईयात Rubaiyat

निदाउन सकीन म , लास देखे सपनीमा

भोका अनुहारहरुको त्रास देखे सपनीमा

पुरै संसारमा ,एक्लै भए जस्तो लाग्दा

सायद जिन्दगी उदास देखे सपनीमा

डाडाले घामलाई डाकी सक्यो

बादलले आकास ढाकि सक्यॊ

सानोमा बालुवा खेल्दा भन्थे

आऊ श्रीमती भात पाकी सक्यो

भाषा अनि भाकाहरु ओझेलमा पर्या छैनन्

त्यसको सेर्य उच्च नै छ मुनि झर्या छैनन्

रेडियोमा एउटा आवाज जतिञ्जेल बझीरन्छ

मेरा लागी फत्ते मान त्यतीन्जेल मर्या छैनन्

Published Article

Gilbert James (1865-1941) – New research provides important insights into the life and work of a major illustrator

Most people who have browsed through illustrated copies of the Rubaiyat will have come across the work of Gilbert James. He was one of the earliest and most prolific of the artists to take up the challenge of providing illustrations for FitzGerald’s verses and his work was reprinted many times in different forms during the 20th century. 303 more words

Database Mystics, Poets, and Darn Fine Artists

I notice that Penelope Cline has published her first full tarot deck, the Liminal Tarot, which reminded me of the one deck of hers I own. 474 more words


FitzGerald and his Rubaiyat alive again in Boulge Church

On the afternoon of Sunday 3rd May, memories of Edward FitzGerald and his Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam were revived in the village of Boulge near Woodbridge, where the author spent so much of his life. 229 more words

Austin Torney has two additional productions relating to the Rubaiyat

Austin Torney has sent us links to his two latest productions that relate to the Rubaiyat.

The first of these is https://austintorney.wordpress.com/2015/04/04/the-theory-of-everything-rubaiyat-book-pages/ This is a production using mainly Austin’s own quatrains inspired by Khayyam and FitzGerald, with many illustrations, and it is available in a variety of formats. 118 more words