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Aux petits soins

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Solide entraînement trois jours chaque semaine
En travail musculaire et dans d’autres domaines :
Passer autant de temps aux mains des cardiologues, 9 more words

Ma Vie

the task

November 30th  1948. 11am.

A suitcase is lodged at Adelaide Central Station.

December 1.

An unidentified man is found dead on Somerton Beach. His body is transferred to the city morgue. 331 more words

The Somerton Man

murky waters

What if we dispensed with the body on the beach and looked over the newcomer, the fellow who has loomed up in Charlie Mikkelson’s place. 326 more words

The Somerton Man


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Si grande est la chaleur, que le monstre danseur
Préfère écrire un vers, comme un simple penseur,
Puis il n’écrit plus rien, buvant sa bière tiède, 10 more words

La Plume Et L'encrier

cleland confounds me

The professor had the field for himself, over 700 meticulous autopsies, bodies of all shapes and sizes and in all sorts of fatal disrepair. Some just parts. 164 more words

Interpreting the quatrains of the Rubaiyat

Warren Jones has sent us a couple of interesting queries about interpreting the meaning of various quatrains of the Rubaiyat, particularly as presented in FitzGerald’s version.  352 more words

Rubaiyat - Animalia Trio

The humble lizard – which from nowhere springs
Is found within the palaces of kings
Although it never delved, nor built, nor toiled
But takes advantage of all useful things. 60 more words

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