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275 = rubber bands

Day 275…

hahahaha I had to pick this word for today because earlier this morning I cut the circulation off my hand and wrist with two of these! 14 more words


What It's Like To Try Out The Apple Watch In-Store

Apple began offering previews of the Apple Watch at its stores this morning, and we had a chance to show up early and get a run-through of the demo process before doors opened to customers looking to make an appointment. 954 more words


Rubber bands and guns!?!?!?!?!

Can Rubber Bands function as a glock recoil mechanism? Replace the recoil spring? I take my broken recoil spring off the guide rod then wrap the Glock with rubber bands. 155 more words


Suburban Haiku

I am planning to participate as best I can in National Poetry Writing Month. My homework and my project (which some of you know about and which I am preparing a blog post for later this month so you all will know) will take priority consideration, but I do hope to post a poem at least half of the days this month. 244 more words


Cra-Z Loom Addiction

I must admit I’m becoming more and more addicted to this toy my daughter

got for her birthday a few years ago.  This Cra-Z-Loom! It took me some time to get my head wrapped around it, but now I really enjoy the different creations! 19 more words

Oh, The Craftiness Of Me

Rainbow Loom Birthday Party

Morgan Paige is 7 years old!


Someone please STOP this crazy train!

Six was so fun, so I can’t wait to see what seven has in store. 1,108 more words

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