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JAMIE'S BLOG - YEAR 7 - KINDNESS  DAY 174 :: how to babysit the kind way

Secret Tricks.

In this year of kindness, I am learning much. It seems there are so many lessons in kindness, around each corner, down the street, over the hill, inside my own head. 71 more words


Organize Your World


It takes a great deal of time and effort to come up with a creative idea, put it down in words, visualize it, and then make it happen. 1,528 more words


Fidget Spinners

I got a fidget spinner last week. I’d heard a lot about them but I’d never encountered one in real life. When I saw a kiosk at the mall was selling them I decided I had to have one. 1,218 more words

17 Awesome Ways To Use Rubber Bands You Definitely Never Thought About

Most commonly, rubber bands are used for binding different items together…but you already knew that! What you probably didn’t know is just how many other things the stretchy circles can do. 21 more words


A Father's Day tribute to lessons of hilarious retribution

On this Father’s Day 2017, I’ve decided to honor my late father for a couple of valuable lessons that contributed to my general delinquency as an adult and ability to ward off jerks. 672 more words