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Shooting a GUN Wrapped With Rubber Bands In THE GHETTO

What happens if you wrap a Ghetto Glock with Rubber Bands? How many rubber bands will it take to cause the Hi Point CF380 to malfunction? 520 more words


How Home Depot is cashing in on the Burning Man festival

Home Depot is cashing in on the annual Burning Man festival, where 65,000 hipsters and tech glitterati flock to the Nevada desert for music, art, drugs, and a frenzy of togetherness. 312 more words

The $250 Rubber Band

Summer is a season of unexpected repair bills this year.   Our gas clothes dryer suddenly burned out a coil and a relay in June.  One of our cars started accumulating water in the driver’s foot well in July.  580 more words

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Thoughts While Organizing

I’m a firm believer in two things:

  1. Whatever job you are given, do it well. Own it to the fullest.
  2. There is humor in everything.
  3. 243 more words
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Lafayette Peach Festival - Lafayette, CO

My sister will be taking part in this festival tomorrow. She will be selling the jewelry she has made and the items I made. The festival is listed to go from 9:00a.m. 16 more words

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3D Printed Vice Holds Dev Boards Beside Breadboard

The Stickvise has been a staple of the Hackaday community for a while now. If you need something held for soldering there’s no better low-cost helping hand. 221 more words

Tool Hacks


I made the one without beads a while ago and decided I would try one with beads.

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