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Snap to It

I’ve been working on a blog about what I’ve been calling Collegepalooza 2016. We’ve been driving all around New England and New York sniffing out colleges for my son. 488 more words


Told yah, I got you!

Now this is wassup! Before some of you start critiquing and throwing stones allow me to share this. So one day I slept (hahah as if I normally don’t) and I had this dream. 352 more words


Those Little Things...

At work.

Had recently bought a basket from the dollar store for our rubber bands.

Noticed an unopened package of colorful rubber bands. Mixed them into the bland-colored ones. 138 more words


Fun with fruit! Watermelon wrapped in rubber bands explodes

It’s the Fourth of July weekend and if you’re looking for something fun you and the family can do together, we have you covered! You might have seen video floating around the internet of a watermelon blowing up using just rubber bands! 65 more words

Studio A

Science and Stories: Gravity 5/18/16

By Awnali Mills

Today was our regular Science and Stories session.  The theme for storytime was Up and Down, and I chose the books Peepsqueak! 966 more words


Two-th Month Anniversary

Yesterday marked eight weeks (Two’th month anniversary) since I had my orthognathic surgery. Also, my asshat husband just told me that I have been spelling orthognathic wrong this entire time. 851 more words