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This guy is one of Darwin's exceptions

Why anybody would strap a soda bottle to his own face with rubber bands is beyond me.


Wrapping Chairs with Pads and Rubber Bands

Deborah Bates wrapping chairs with pads and rubber bands.  You have to admit–it looks like she is doing a good job.  And using rubber bands instead of tape means much easier cleanup.   7 more words

Residential Moves

Arrowhead Band

http://www.friendlybands.com/ has directions for more bracelets. This is the Arrowhead Band. This one was very tricky. You have to be very careful what order you move the bands. 31 more words


My Bleach Tie Dye Blouse

If you use chlorine bleach around your home, then more than likely you will have some of it spilling on your clothing. Today I bleached tie dye a blouse of mine that had more than a few bleach splatters on it. 161 more words

My Day

Andre Thomkins

When I was in Liechtenstein, I went to the Modern Art museum there. I was really impressed with the quality of the museum, especially in such a small country. 216 more words

Art And Design

Got a New Toy!

Mom gave me a Sunshine Loom for Christmas! These are the bracelets made with the directions that came with the kit. They are called the Single Band, the Double Band, the Triple Band, and the X Band. 17 more words


The Pencil Holder

There are a lot of cans out there. There are even more that have been thrown out. Make a pencil holder today and save a can from such a tragic fate. 90 more words