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Some folks might think I’ve been goofing off because it’s been a few weeks since my last post. Actually I’ve been working so hard I haven’t had time to take pictures and post them. 977 more words

Needs of Rubber Product- Rubber Gaskets and Rubber Washer

Rubber Gaskets and Rubber Washers are small machinery which has a function in a number of industries. They usually fill the gap between two surfaces and depending on their planned use can be artificial in a variety of shapes and sizes. 598 more words


Knowledge about the Rubber Moulds products and Rubber Moulded Parts

Have you ever heard of the rubber moulds? As its name implies, it is made of rubber. According to different moulds structures and manufacturing techniques, this mould can be separated into the following four types, namely pressing die, die-casting mould, injection mold and extrusion moulds. 336 more words


Get a Rubber Gasket by rubber supplier

Rubber gasket, as one of the mechanical components, plays an important role at preventing the leakage. Such component does great favors at ensuring the reliable sealing, leading to the excellent performance of the relative equipment. 256 more words


Moulded Rubber Products

Do you want find the best Rubber Companies in India? Filcopms is the right resource. It is providing all types rubber part for you organization and home also. 29 more words