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On the evening following Krista’s heart surgery, Dad comes home and draws a diagram of her heart, showing the kids how the hole is in the aorta. 619 more words

Sesederhana Itukah Vaksin MR di Posyandu?

Jam di ponsel menunjukkan pukul delapan pagi. Sesuai saran dokter dua bulan lalu, saya dan suami membawa Celil ke posyandu untuk suntik vaksin Campak (Measles) dan Rubella alias vaksin MR. 506 more words


Photo story series "Measles Rubella Campaign in Telangana": Every child matters

By Neha Dwivedi:-

Here’s presenting to you a photo story from Measles and Rubella vaccination campaign in Telangana. One shot against two diseases for every child of Telangana, with no discrimination, because every child matters! 7 more words

Photo story series "Measles Rubella Campaign in Telangana": Reaching the unreached

By Neha Dwivedi:-

We are determined to reach every child of the state to ensure ‘healthy children, healthy Telangana’. Salute the commitment of district teams in leaving no stone upturned in order to reach out to the most remote locations in every possible way. 38 more words

Measles Rubella campaign in Telangana series: Little MR Bahubali's

By Neha Dwivedi:-

Location: UPHC Chandulal Baradari, block Bahadurpura, Jangampet cluster of old city, Hyderabad

Ongoing Measles and Rubella Campaign (MR) in Telangana has given a closest glimpse of little Bahubali’s from every street and house of the state. 189 more words

Vaccine War in Indonesia

In August, Jokowi just announced the measles-rubella vaccination campaign. The aim of the campaign is to make Indonesia free from Measles and Rubella by 2020. This is a new movement from Jokowi’s government despite a lot of rumors about the use of vaccines are currently being questioned by many people. 319 more words

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Tuesday's Truth - Does MMR Vaccination Cause Autism? [#3]

Andrew Wakefield’s 1998 case that vaccination causes autism is probably the most serious fraud in medical history. While the case has been debunked, there are still many parents today who refuse to have their children vaccinated; despite the fact that Wakefield lost his medical license. 314 more words

Tuesday's Truth