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#Seroprevalence of #Zika Virus and #Rubella Virus #IgG among #blood donors in #Rwanda and in #Sweden (J Med Virol., abstract)

J Med Virol. 2018 Apr 12. doi: 10.1002/jmv.25090.

Seroprevalence of Zika Virus and Rubella Virus IgG among blood donors in Rwanda and in Sweden… 383 more words


Excerpt 14

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The family begins a winter road trip to visit old friends, including Debbie’s best friend, Francie. 362 more words

A Newborn with Thrombocytopenia, Cataracts, and Hepatosplenomegaly

How common is the use of the rubella vaccine worldwide?

The acronym TORCH (toxoplasmosis, other , rubella, cytomegalovirus infection, and herpes simplex virus infection) is often used to identify possible congenital infections. 445 more words


Vaksin Rubela Saat Hamil Cegah Autisme

Cacat janin merupakan hal yang sangat tidak diinginkan oleh setiap orang tua. Namun pola hidup dan faktor lingkungan atau genetik terkadang membuat resiko cacat janin semakin besar. 171 more words


Vaccine Action against MMR

Here we are, I’m gonna follow through! We Got Learned about measles, mumps, and rubella last post, now put them all together and add some other bits and pieces, and you get the MMR vaccine! 578 more words

Are You Ready To For Parenthood?

The ultimate gift of love, a child of your’s. You all are waiting for a little daughter or a son.

Before starting, ask yourself are you ready to be a mother/father? 340 more words

Before Pregnancy

Measles outbreak in Kent, Ohio

On April 28, 2017, Kent State was going through a measles outbreak. This is due to the number of millennial’s not vaccinating their children. There is a belief that vaccinations cause long-term illness in children in addition to autism, this is false information. 528 more words