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Define rubella
Rubella is a distinctive rash generative contagious viral infection. Rubella is comparatively less infectious and low complicated health concern in regards of measles. 15 more words

Americas region is world's first to be free of measles

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MIAMI (AFP) – Measles has been eradicated from the Americas due to decades of vaccination efforts, making it the first region of the world to rid itself of the disease, global health authorities said on Tuesday (Sept 27). 299 more words

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Show us the evidence

Evidence-based medicine has been the buzz-word of the last 10 years. It makes people feel confident about seeing their doctor and taking the treatments on offer if they are thought to be ‘evidence-based’. 1,466 more words


#MedicalMondays: Viva La Measles

For this week’s #MedicalMonday I’m breaking out an old favourite – a song I wrote last year to help me learn about the more difficult-to-differentiate rashes. 425 more words


Boosting Immunization Coverage to Achieve Health for All

Immunization is known to be one of the most important factors that can significantly impact the overall health status of a particular country. However, due to the current healthcare landscape and certain unfounded dilemma that can possibly affect the health care system, several countries are still facing the challenge of achieving an improved vaccination rate, most especially among children. 954 more words


Life and Death in America: A Return to 19th Century Life Expectancy?

We have all read how life expectancy in the United States has drastically increased from the 1800’s, and even since the mid 20th Century. Few, however, are cognizant of exactly how that has happened. 1,220 more words

Pentingnya Pencegahan Penyakit untuk Masa Depan bersama In Harmony Clinic

 Apa yang terjadi di kemudian hari bergantung pada apa yang kita lakukan hari ini.           -Mahatma Gandhi-.

Ketika usianya menginjak 23 tahun, Grace Melia mendapat anugerah terindah yang diidamkan setiap wanita. 2,338 more words

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