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Fears during pregnancy 

So this week has been a real eye opener for me in terms of all the things that could potentially go wrong during a pregnancy and I don’t think anyone can prepare you for the anxiety that comes with it . 599 more words


Wednesday 29th April 2015- BBC News: Rubella (German measles) eradicated from Americas

‘North and South America have become the first regions of the world to eradicate rubella, or German measles, after no home-grown cases in five years. 87 more words


Pandora Report 5.3.15

Over the past two weeks I’ve learned an important lesson which I would like to share with you: moving the same week you leave a job which is the week before the semester ends and you start a new job is too many things at the same time! 583 more words

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Rubella- Officially eradicated from The Americas

The Americas can now add rubella and congenital rubella syndrome to the list of vaccine-preventable diseases eradicated from both continents, along with small pox and polio.  310 more words


German measles officially eliminated in North, South America

NEW YORK – German measles is officially gone from North and South America, the first region to rid itself of the disease, health officials announced Wednesday. 283 more words