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The name Rubens conjures mental images of soft, curvaceous women in various semi-historical settings; if clothed at all, at least one breast has broken free of its silken restraint, and the remains of the garment threaten to drop to the ground, the act of disrobing to be marked only the faintest of sounds. 310 more words


Changing Stories: Ovid's Metamorphoses on canvas, 47 - the birth of Hercules

Having just told us of the series of events leading to the death and apotheosis of Hercules, Ovid continues book 9 of his Metamorphoses by telling the story of the hero’s birth. 1,305 more words


Rubens painting rediscovered after centuries

From the BBC in Britain today:

Rubens’ Duke of Buckingham ‘found’ after 400 years

A ‘lost’ portrait by Flemish artist Peter Paul Rubens has been rediscovered after almost 400 years.

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Changing Stories: Ovid's Metamorphoses on canvas, 43 Philemon and Baucis, virtue rewarded

The river god Achelous is hosting a banquet, his guests being Theseus, Ixion’s son, Lelex, and others. Once Achelous has told the story of the nymphs… 1,303 more words


Art Study Rubens: St. George and the Dragon

We Use Time Life Library of Art Books for our Art Studies:

These books are perfect for picture study, I love using them! Each term we study a new artist and I bring out a new art book for our studies. 48 more words


Changing Stories: Ovid's Metamorphoses on canvas, 42 The Death of Meleager, and the Feast of Achelous

At the end of the Calydonian boar hunt, what should have been an occasion for rejoicing was marred when the two sons of Thestius objected to Meleager giving Atalanta the prize, and the enraged Meleager ran them both through with his sword. 1,394 more words


Art Appreciation Diploma - Module 3 17th Century

1. The social status of artists was changing during the 17th century. In 250 words, how is this reflected in many of the art works discussed in this module? 940 more words

Art History