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“Farewell happy fields, Where joy forever dwells: Hail, horrors, hail.”

Today’s painting is The Fall of the Damned by Peter Paul Rubens

Look at this! Wow, that’s metal as fuck! I like all the monsters and beasts in this painting. 50 more words

Two Marriages of Great Convenience: 2 The exchange of princesses

Marie de’ Medici, the Regent of France after her husband King Henry IV had been assassinated in 1610, planned to bring peace to Europe by marriage. 923 more words


Two Marriages of Great Convenience: 1 Marie de' Medici's grand plan

I love visiting the Louvre, but there are rooms in which I feel a little lost. One is the Galerie Médicis, in the Richelieu Wing, where Rubens’ paintings in the Marie de’ Medici Cycle hang. 1,041 more words


Louis Vuitton Goes Art Again

Being a pioneer in artistic collaborations since the beginning of the second millennium, Louis Vuitton Goes Art Again this year. On April 28th, a limited line… 317 more words


King Cyrus the Great: 2 Hell hath no fury

Cyrus the Great may have been King of Kings, but he has appeared in remarkably few Western paintings. Apart from some showing a rather gruesome legend about his infancy, and Rembrandt’s… 926 more words


Belgium: Antwerp - Fashion and Rubens

Today you can read the second travelpost about museums in Antwerp. Two weeks ago I told you about the MAS and the Red Star Line Museum (see… 520 more words