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Fields of Mars - Marius Mules X by S.J.A. Turney

The Rubicon River, a rather insignificant stream with a rather major significance.  Fronto is once again with Gaius Julius Caesar and follows him across that river and into open rebellion against fellow Romans.   245 more words

Book Review

A Walk through the Taste of Dallas

Have you ever explored the city of Dallas? Well, I haven’t done much exploring but the small amount I have seen has captivated my heart. Dallas is one of the most beautiful cities in Texas. 250 more words

Rubicon – A Kotters Q Comeback

  • When: 05/31/17
  • QIC: Nomad
  • The PAX: Bundy, Rosebud, Loveseat, Nomad

This was my first Q in quite some time (Kotters).  I decided the best way to blow it out would be to ruck the Sidney Lanier bridge with Bundy, then get after it. 161 more words

Oglethorpe Point

The Ice Cream Truck 2.0!

Years ago, I think it was for a very early “Cantina for the ‘Con”, Matt & Shannon made an epic entrance with the ice cream truck music blaring and the truck (and ice cream) to back it up. 198 more words


In The Game Room - Episode 63 - Warlord vs Rubicon

This video was originally going to be simply a review of a Rubicon Models kit, then I decided it would be better to do a comparison between the same model from Rubicon and Warlord Games … unfortunate, the StuG III from Warlords is on back-order … so a Panzer IV from Warlords took it’s place and I did a general comparison of the pros and cons of each manufacturers products. I hope you enjoy.

Video Podcast

The Armory production review

This year we have advanced in technology with the acquisition of a Lulzbot Mini 3D printer.  The printer is technically my sons (bday present from his gran), but I have been capitalizing on the use.   321 more words

Flames Of War