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4 Door Jeep Wrangler Rubicon in Anvil


Parading the banks of the Rubicon ...

The president wants a grand military parade. Why have we not historically had such displays?

At the height of its power, before it succumbed to tyranny, the Roman Republic was the undisputed ruler of the Mediterranean Basin. 690 more words

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In The Game Room - Episode 86 - New Stuff From Rubicon

New product releases from Rubicon Model. For the 4th quarter of 2017 Rubicon have released 9 new items. We take a quick look at each one. 29 more words

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Meerlust Estate Previews Probably the Greatest Expression of Their Rubicon Red Blend in 38 Years of Production – Tasting the Meerlust Rubicon 2015 with Hannes Myburgh...

“Alea iacta est. The die is cast,” Julius Caesar is supposed to have said as he led his troops towards Rome in 49BC. The crucial border of the ancient capital was the Rubicon River, and the decision to cross it marked an irrevocable point in history. 864 more words

Crossing the Tamar

Intro: As you may or may not know

I come from Cornwall


And four generations ago;

When, back in the 1860s my Great, Great Grandfather took his family East and in doing so found themselves… 122 more words


January 10, 49 BC: Wade in the Water

Back in 49BC, Julius Caesar was a mere governor commissioned by the Roman Senate to oversee a portion of the empire that stretched from Gaul to Illyricum (pretty much most of today’s Europe except Italy). 251 more words

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