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Roman Legends: Crossing the Rubicon

“Alea iacta est.”
(“The die is cast”)
– Julius Caesar crossing the Rubicon

“So successful was Caesar’s crossing of the Rubicon that it has come to stand for every fateful step taken since.”

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Poor Copywriting

So today whilst I was routinely scrolling Facebook, I randomly came across this marketing campaign. Essentially, Rubicon Exotic (the tropical drink company established in the most exotic areas of all, Milton Keynes) has put out pictures comparing the sensation of tasting the drink to that of being on the beach. 311 more words


Rubicon The Last Years of the Roman Republic Methods

The three-piece modular tough top, known as the “Freedom Leading,” is accessible on all JK models. Jeeps that get the Freedom Best also get a rear window defroster and wiper, tinted windows, plus a storage bag. 210 more words

Rubicon Influences

Spaceship shooting:
This whole thing started as an attempt to come up with a better control scheme for flying a spaceship around than in Asteroids; I liked its core economy of choice between moving and shooting, but it felt unwieldy. 415 more words


Tesco to withdraw some sugary drinks

Tesco says it is withdrawing some bestselling children’s drinks in a bid to tackle obesity.

From September they will stop selling cartons of Ribena, Capri-Sun, and Rubicon. 109 more words


Outlawed Ribena

Okay so i haven’t updated my blog in ages so i thought i may as well write a new post.


So, i was greeted by the saddest news ever when i came home a few days ago.Tesco have done it now.They’ve taken Ribena off the shelves along with other drinks like rubicon etc.Why? 165 more words

Crossing the Rubicon with "Mr. Robot"

By: Daniel Reynolds

In the summer of 2010, the cable network AMC launched its third new series titled Rubicon. After Mad Men in 2007 and  1,252 more words