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Poem of the Day

Rubik Remembered

Once a clever man named Rubik

Made a puzzle that was cubic.

Lots of people went to buy it.

Some just couldn’t wait to try it. 156 more words

Poem Of The Day

"What's going on?"

I’ve had a rough few weeks. I am not writing this to pour out my woes to my small, somewhat unknown to me audience who doubtless don’t read my blog to be made miserable. 1,591 more words


Azi mi-am facut ceva timp si pentru mine. A fost o duminica tare relaxanta. Voi cum va petreceti timpul liber?

I made some time for myself today. 14 more words

In The Sad Town

Rubik cube

In time, in years, over different experiences, over the happiness and sadness that I’ve been through, I became a rubik cube. 3×3.

The “difficulty level” that I have now is giving to all 149 more words


Believe it or not, you can perceive the fourth dimension!

Science involves numerous crazy ideas, and by crazy I mean COMPLETELY OUT OF THIS WORLD!

Guess what, one of them is the fourth dimension. At this moment, you’re probably squeezing your brain and squinting your forehead to make sense of this idea but just hold on to that thought and hear me: As 3D creatures, we cannot fully imagine the fourth dimension. 92 more words

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