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Just keep posting, just keep posting

Today. Thursday. Tuesday. Done.

Be sure to check the Rubric and Organizer if you’re not sure what to write about. Remember, we’re emulating the pros, so your blog must be purposeful, have a point and share a personal story. 38 more words


Step 5: Post your first entry

Today is the day! You must post it during class today to get full credit, as one of the major requirements for a pro blog is consistent and predictable posting. 32 more words


The Anime Parlay Review-bric

Ahoy! You’ve reached Anime Parlay and it’s the start of my second week blogging. Who knew there would be so much creative planning when comes to writing (insert sarcasm). 966 more words


Encouraging Passion

Have you ever come across a student who has a true passion? Something they not only just enjoy, but something they will put the time and effort into exploring and experiencing? 508 more words

Middle School

The Case for Christ - display time!

  1. memory verse #3 quiz on Friday (as we missed this before the break :)
    1. Memory Verse #3: But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord.
  2. 96 more words

The Rubric and Biblical Integration

In Every Bush is Burning, I make the case that if biblical integration is in the syllabus and the assessments, it will be much easier to ensure that you really teach in an integrated fashion. 319 more words

Biblical Integration

#IMMOOC Season #4 Session #4

How do we adjust our view of assessment in ways that will make room for students to assess their own learning?” Provide an example of this new thinking. 393 more words