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Chapter 5: Village of the Damned

In which the players discover the ability to make others’ lives better by helping them find meaning

In this week:

  • Players are confronted with a group of people that represent a nihilistic view of life…
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Grade 8 Dance Rubric

This is the rubric for our grade 8 dance project. Students have a lot of leeway in what they want to present for this project. Presentations should be about 2 to 5 minutes long. 70 more words


ELAA10 Review Essay (Our Man in Tehran)

After watching the documentary Our Man in Tehran you will be writing a review comparing the events of the documentary to what you learned about the Iranian hostage crisis in the graphic novel Persepolis. 186 more words


Grade Nine Inquiry Project Assignment and Rubric


  • MLA formatting
    • Ask Ms Lenihan, if you’re not sure
  • At least five body paragraphs
    • 500 to 1500 words, not including a bibliography
  • At least 5 sources for your bibliography…
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Writing and Enquiry: Providing higher-order feedback on written assignments

Recently I had the pleasure of attending a workshop facilitated by Professor Chris Anson (North Carolina State University) on the topic of “Writing and Enquiry: Providing higher-order feedback on written assignments… 671 more words

End of the Year Creative Writing Assessment Rubric --

Assessing Creative Writing is different than grading a math paper. Often there is no right or wrong answer. While grammar and punctuation can be graded, the evaluation of content and style is often subjective. 143 more words

Creative Writing