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Character Wheel Project w/ Rubric (FREE)

Character Wheel Project w/ Rubric (FREE)

This character wheel project is one way to show the complexity of a character student has become familiar with during their reading. 29 more words


The 6 Reasons You Should Grade Student Work Electronically

I’m a big believer in pen and paper. Students should write on paper as often as possible. I resist the prediction that one day screens will replace paper. 933 more words


Using PSAs to Practice Persuasion

This year in my English III classes, we focused a lot on argument and persuasion, so I quickly found myself trying to find ways for students to demonstrate mastery of writing strong position statements and using rhetorical appeals effectively without asking them to write yet another dreaded essay.   518 more words

American Literature

English Level 10 Creative Response

Subject Area: Victorian Curriculum, Level 10 (Creating Texts)
Author:Tamara De Lutiis, Demi Farrugia, Kim Field, Lynette Kumar


The assessment is a creative response in which students have the chance to develop their creative expression in response to the themes depicted within Shakespeare’s… 497 more words


Drama Level 10: Non-naturalistic ensemble performance

Subject Area: F-10 Drama
Author: Rebecca To, Nicholas Amarant,Jane Bailey


Present a non-naturalistic ensemble performance to a prescribed structure. Students must demonstrate the ability to transform time, space and character. 568 more words

Example Rubrics

VCE Chemistry: Experiment

Subject Area: VCE Chemistry
Author: Michelle Tran, Conor Kenneally, Darcy Sullivan, Tim Howie


Students work individually to design and conduct an experiment testing a common property of a metal of their choice: lustre, malleability, ductility, heat or electrical conductivity (VCE Chemistry Study Design 2016-2021, 2015). 421 more words

Example Rubrics

Year 10 Economics: Case Study Marketing Plan

Subject Area: 10 Economics
Author: Simone Bouchier, Peter Harvey, David Elliot


The assessment task at hand offers students some background knowledge to a specific coffee company, and suggests the notion that the company is considering developing a new product (in the specific case study, the new product is an iced coffee milk drink, similar to other such products on the market.) 606 more words

Example Rubrics