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Learning Continuums

In PYP schools there are six units of inquiry over 6 ‘grade’ levels from PREP to Grade 5. That equals 36 units of inquiry. That’s 36 opportunities to analyse and synthesize the learning at the ‘conclusion’ of a unit of inquiry. 650 more words


Town of North

Week 3

What did I do?

Read and Analysed North Coast Town

Robert Gray’s North Coast Town is a reaction to the new Australia that we live in today, a discovery conveyed through strong sensory imagery which unfolds in a manner similar to waking up after a deep sleep. 333 more words

Adv. Eng.

Is there a rubric?

Who asked this question do you think?  I most often hear about rubrics at seminars on pedagogy.  Or from colleagues. Truthfully, I hear the word “rubric” most often when these colleagues are reminding me that I was to give them one several days in the past. 774 more words

Reflection: "All About Rubrics"

It has been a pleasure watching and reviewing everyone’s videos this week. We have such a creative and talented group of educators.

In terms of my own work, I chose rubrics as it is a tool that I have a personal interest in, enjoy using, and will be teaching to my faculty at UAB next month. 322 more words


Evaluation Rubric for Educational Technology Apps/Tools

A tool I created to use when evaluating new apps/tools for use in the classroom:

Model Lesson Plan (for your Portfolio)

As promised, here is your guide (TE 408 Model Lesson Plan) to writing up a lesson plan for your portfolio and all future lesson planning in TE 408. Get familiar with this doc!


From the RUBRIC to the Exam

Week 1

What did I do?

Related the RUBRIC to A.O.F. exam

Looked at the RUBRIC (again) and how it will be used to create questions in exams and therefore, how it can be used to answer questions. 548 more words

Adv. Eng.