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End of the Year Creative Writing Assessment Rubric --

Assessing Creative Writing is different than grading a math paper. Often there is no right or wrong answer. While grammar and punctuation can be graded, the evaluation of content and style is often subjective. 143 more words

Creative Writing

Website Self Evaluation

I am making progress on my Fitness Website. There are 150 points available, and I am currently sitting at about 100 points. Here is the rubric:  128 more words


Due Tuesday

Read ch. 5-7

Write a reading response letter about another book.

For SS, you need to turn in your social studies poster the moment you walk through the door with the rubric I gave you.


Remediation Rubric

Rubric (100 points)

Remediation (35): Does your video project emerge from your Critical Essay (do you present a similar argument/subargument, or incorporate a new point?) If you’re working in groups, does your video reflect some part of each paper’s project? 81 more words


Class, Tuesday, 5/05

Rubric and Script Review 

Collaboratively Designing a Rubric: In groups, consider how you would like to be evaluated for this project. Think about the questions I’ve asked on past rubrics and how they might relate here. 129 more words