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How I Taught Without Teaching: Developing a Routine for Class Participation

My first-year teaching mentor always said, “Never work harder than the students.”  If you know me, you know that I can’t avoid work.  Work is what I like to do.  1,110 more words


French Year 7 and 8 Linguistic Elements and Sound System

Subject Area: 7-10 Languages (Year 7 entry sequence)
Author: Anna Mendonça, Rebecca Scott, Sarah Mattielli


Each student brings clothes for another student to wear and prepares a short description of what that student is wearing, to present to the class in the form of an oral presentation. 295 more words


Wii Sports Resort - Review Scoring Rubric

Gameplay: 8.8/10

Game-Mechanics: 8/10 | Game Modes: 9/10 | Characters: N/A | Overworld: 10/10 | Items/Power-Ups: N/A | Enemies/Bosses: N/A | Side-Quests: N/A | Challenges: 8/10… 81 more words


Music Level 10 Music Performance Skills

Subject Area: K-10 The Arts
Author: Elise Winterflood, Elizabeth Tunley, Erin Heycox, David Campbell


Performance Assessment:

This task assesses students’ ability to work and perform in an ensemble. 889 more words

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Foreign Teacher as Lesson Planner: Rubrics

Most teachers know exactly what classes they are going to teach and have time enough to prepare for them.  That was not how it unfolded for me as a foreign teacher in China. 460 more words

Making brilliant comments

One way to gain new readers and make new connections in the blogosphere is to make comments on other people’s blogs. I found a good article on the art of commenting titled “ 888 more words

What is a rubric?


An assessment rubric is a rule for scoring or coding the quality of an observed performance.

Rubric = indicator(indicative behaviour) + set of quality criteria… 195 more words

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