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Μια νίκη της εκπαίδευσης

Πίνακας ζωγραφισμένος με λάδι σε καμβά, φέρει τον τον τίτλο “The Problem We All Live With” και είναι έργο του Αμερικανού ζωγράφου Νorman Rockwell. Ο καλλιτέχνης αποτυπώνει ένα από τα σημαντικότερα κοινωνικά ζητήματα της δεκαετίας του 1960, την αντίδραση της συντηρητικής κοινωνίας του αμερικανικού νότου στην λειτουργία κοινών σχολείων για μαύρους και λευκούς. 13 more words


Happy Birthday, Ruby

Once upon a time there was a little girl. The world didn’t know it when she was born, but this little girl would change the world. 139 more words

Eyes on the Prize

Keep your Eyes on the Prize is a well known civil rights era documentary. Some in my generation grew up watching it in our newly created “African American History” classes in high school. 922 more words

Black Excellence

Trump is a Voice for the Frightened

When I was invited to preach at a white Episcopal church in Charles Town, West Virginia, the lead priest of that congregation called me to kind of coach me on how to approach the congregation. 974 more words

Ruby Bridges — journey100years

Ruby Bridges is the first African-American child to integrate New Orleans Public Schools.

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Black History

Ruby Bridges

Ruby Bridges is most widely known to  the first African American to attend an all white  elementary school. She was ironically born on September 8, 1954 – the same year the Supreme Court’s decision… 192 more words


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