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PHP Vs ROR. Which You Should Choose?

Both PHP and Ruby on Rails are widely accepted technologies of the industry but what makes them differ from each other is their age or experience in the industry. 1,081 more words


Why is it bad style to `rescue Exception => e` in Ruby?

Exception is the root of Ruby’s exception hierarchy, so when you rescue Exception you rescue from everything, including subclasses such as SyntaxError, LoadError… 237 more words

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What Have I Learned in One Year of Coding?

I started teaching myself how to code seriously just about a year ago to this day. I always dabbled in HTML editing for layouts and themes, but nothing really more than that. 861 more words


File Uploads with Directory in Rails with CarrierWave and Ancestry

This guide will help you to create structure of directories in your application. In my application is need to create this structure because I had to have files with same name. 610 more words


What I learned from Ruby on Rails

I began my web development journey in December 2014 with The Odin Project. I learned much from The Odin Project’s free Ruby on Rails curriculum as well from its amazing  262 more words

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Ruby on Rails Tutorial Series: Intermediate Rails Intro

Seriously, guys, two months ago when I started this blog, I didn’t know I would be able to write Intermediate Rails tutorial two months later. But yet here I am, writing the Ruby on Rails Tutorials Series on building Intermediate Rails apps. 338 more words


Breadcrumb on edit page in Active Admin

Rails ActiveAdmin: Incorrect breadcrumb

I have found an issue in the breadcrumb on the EDIT page
like this

Admin / Products / # /

I have resolved this issue as: 51 more words

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