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Displaying Delayed::Job's jobs in Active Admin

I’ve been using both Active Admin and Delayed::Job for years now and both have served me very well. It’s very common for me to want to display job records in the admin tool and have some extra tools around them such as: 742 more words


How to use preload in Ruby on Rails

To avoid problem N + 1 in RoR, we can use preload, preload will load all association records using another sql query.

Example: we have model User, Post and Comment with relation: 94 more words

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Get facebook picture using Koala gem

This article is about loading facebook images using Koala GEM

Install Koala GEM

gem install koala

or add to Gemfile

gem 'koala'

To load pictures of facebook user, you have to get user access token, you can access  236 more words

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Setting Up Puma For Rails

Puma is a web server that can be used in Rails Production and Development environments. It is the default server for Rails 5, but if you’re using an earlier version, it needs to be installed.   144 more words

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Ruby, Rails and Sinatra books.

Ruby, Rails and Sinatra Books.

If you want to lean Ruby programming or Ruby on Rails for developt web app’s then you must download these great books in PDF. 76 more words


Finally upgraded to ROR 5 !

I’ve experimenting web developing on Ruby on Rails as a hobby. Last few days I’ve work with ruby 1.8.7 and ROR 4.2 and knew that I must move to ruby version 2.x.x and  ROR 5  because ROR community fastly moved to new ROR version and old version is being deprecated. 162 more words

Copying items in Rails applications

When working with large amounts of data and with complex or detailed forms, there is often a need to bulk add new and similar items and trying to remember all the values to be included can be taxing to say the least. 275 more words

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