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How I build my first rails application...

After spending six years in developing .net applications I have decided to learn some other languages. Since I already know a strongly typed language(C#)


Devise Gem in rails and their use.

Add devise gem

1.Open up your Gemfile and add this line

gem ‘devise’
and run

bundle install
to install the gem. Also remember to restart the Rails server. 450 more words


Implement calender in a rails app by using gem (simple_calender)

Simple Calendar

Simple Calendar is designed to do one thing really really well: render a calendar. It lets you render a calendar of any size. Maybe you want a day view, a 4 day agenda, a week view, a month view, or a 6 week calendar. 337 more words


Install a Secure GUI on Ubuntu- phpMyAdmin (MySql Database)

phpMyAdmin is an free web software to work with MySQL on the web—it provides a convenient visual front end to the MySQL capabilities.
Setup… 650 more words


Stories from the Field

Every week we share some of the amazing stories that we get to hear about from our students as they struggle (and succeed) at becoming software developers. 439 more words


Ruby On Rails : Devise Mailer : Customize / Override the Mailer

Yes, if the existing features in Devise are not sufficient, you want to add some processing before or after the Devise sends the confirmation emails, you can override the whole… 124 more words

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Как уменьшить время загрузки страницы в Ruby on Rails

Одним из немаловажных факторов, влияющих на скорость загрузки страницы является количество исполняемых функций javascript. По умолчанию Rails загружает все имеющиеся javascript-файлы при помощи директивы:

... 231 more words