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Nested Form's link_to_add Bug: Syntax error, unrecognized expression

I’m using nested_form and want to render the form inside a table. Following this tutorial, I found this error while clicking the link_to_add button:
Uncaught Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression… 85 more words

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Ajax requests for partial renders for Ruby on Rails

  • Ruby on Rails installed
  • Basic project created
  • Basic knowledge on Ruby on Rails

Consider the basic scenario…

You have one div in the view you wish to be refreshed with different content when a button is clicked however you do not with the entire page to be redrawn. 350 more words


All in a days work

How much can you achieve in one day? Let’s ask the Josh team and Seva Sahayog Foundation. It all started when Hetal asked us if we can help them out. 387 more words

Ruby On Rails

Postmatica Mturk Manager

This is postmatica mturk manager and is a very good site for this post

Ruby On Rails

Startup Adventures: 5 ways to start learning Ruby on Rails

I’m a huge proponent of coding as a life skill. Coding is the new maths. It’s the next science. It’s the language of the future. And it’s pretty amazing how… 751 more words

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Inserting large amounts of data in ruby and rails using mysqlimport

When I was developing some Rails application, using MySQL as the database, I ran into the task of inserting very large amount of data to the DB, so I’m sharing the sql helper I created to make it faster. 357 more words



Getting Started

Sidekiq uses Redis to store all of its job and operational data. For more details visit


If you do not have brew installed to your system, you can get it here… 152 more words