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Rails : Capybara::Webkit::ClickFailed, because of overlapping element

 Failed to click element /html/body/div[@id='wrapper']/div[@id='page-content-wrapper']/div/div/div/form[@id='signup']/div[@id='user_section']/div[7]/div[3]/div/button[@id='review_button'] because of overlapping element /html/body/div[8] at position 209, 718; 
 A screenshot of the page at the time of the failure has been written to /tmp/click_failed_S10458.png… 77 more words
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Rails : Capybara : When Checkboxes and Radio buttons are not found

There may come situation when you try to check(tick) the checkboxes via RSpec. using codes like


Problem was:

We have hidden the original checkbox and the fancy checkbox was being shown. 65 more words

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Rails : Capybara Webkit : Issue : Multiple JS events in single example

I recently moved from Selenium Web Driver to Thoughtbot’s Capybara Webkit as JS Driver for Capybara. The main reason is, webkit is super fast in running the test suite and its headless (no browser pops up ) . 131 more words

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Capybara : RSpec : filling and assertion tips

To use helper method you need to visit some web page like

visit '/signup'

For Text fields

fill 'user', with: 'john@example.com'
fill_in 'user', with: 'John Smith' 135 more words
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Stripe : What events can I see when a subscription is renewed?

Since subscriptions are handled asynchronously by our system, we keep your servers up-to-date with a variety of events.

If a subscription is on a trial, we’ll first let you know that the trial is ending with the… 276 more words

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Emitii.com : smart time tracking software for freelancers

Emitii is an online time tracking and analysis tool

  • Set your projects, tasks & start tracking your time
  • Start analysing your teams working hours from today…
105 more words

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