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Sixth (and final) hummingbird photo in series; and latest For the Birds column

This final photo in the hummingbird series comes with a bonus, the latest For the Birds column, which also happens to be about hummingbirds. I hope you enjoyed the series and thanks for checking out… 607 more words

Birding Columnist Chris Bosak

Hordes of hummingbirds

Post by Jen Berlinghof

For me, most days on the job consist of time in my “office” outdoors—a woodland, prairie or wetland in the Lake County Forest Preserves… 444 more words


Bad Squirrel

He’s a bad squirrel because I say so. He’s tipped over the seed tray, which means my puppies will eat the seeds and then Tanner will get me up all night to let him out because seeds are not digestible. 221 more words

Hummingbird photo number 2

Updated: Somehow I repeated my first hummingbird photo. Two days into the series and I messed it up already. The photo above is the replacement (the one that should have been there in the first place). 58 more words


Starting a little series of hummingbird photos

Here’s is the first of a few posts featuring photos of Ruby-throated Hummingbirds. A few birds I write about on a regular basis really seem to resonate with readers and the hummingbird is definitely one of them. 44 more words


Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

Ruby-throated Hummingbird enjoying some blue and black salvia just as a rain shower ended, lone drop of rain upon her crown. Life’s little moments are the best!


In case you wondered...

In case you wondered…


Just in case you wondered how a hummingbird drinks…well here is an image with it’s tongue sticking out. I am hoping it was not sticking it out at me for continually photographing it for a couple of days. 79 more words

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