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Happy Birthday MJ!

Happy birthday to the king of pop Michael Jackson! Who would have turned 58 years old today.
I’m a 80’s early 90’s baby now I remember vividly dancing at 5 years old on my parents couch to Thriller. 150 more words


Defining What Cucumber-Watir-Ruby Checks To Run by Passing Parameters

Like any other type of document, automated checks can build up to so many files. There can be many features we would like to run tests on and it can be hard to keep track of all them every time. 933 more words

Software Tester

The beginning!

Welcome to Amor Ruby. This blog spot is created to talk about anything and everything. Topics ranging from personal deep experiences to food, art,local events, make-up, fashion,books,movies,music, and sex. 62 more words


Winds of Change

Last Saturday, it clouded over. The wind chilled and blew. Prematurely dead leaves rained down, pushed from their homes into a nomadic existence on the ground. 301 more words

Nil, empty and blank in Ruby

.nil? can be used on any object and is true if the object is nil.

.empty? can be used on strings, arrays and hashes and returns true if: 90 more words


Ruby, Rails and Sinatra books.

Ruby, Rails and Sinatra Books.

If you want to lean Ruby programming or Ruby on Rails for developt web app’s then you must download these great books in PDF. 76 more words


Finally upgraded to ROR 5 !

I’ve experimenting web developing on Ruby on Rails as a hobby. Last few days I’ve work with ruby 1.8.7 and ROR 4.2 and knew that I must move to ruby version 2.x.x and ┬áROR 5 ┬ábecause ROR community fastly moved to new ROR version and old version is being deprecated. 162 more words