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Stay Tuned For More Book Reviews!

I have been attached to my kindle app for the last couple of weeks in reading bliss. I’ve been reading faster than I’ve had energy to write reviews so coming up soon are the below books and more.  867 more words

War Diary by Ruby.

Dear Diary

This morning dad gave me his diary. I told him I was scared, confused and nervous. Mum said sweetie, it’s only five more minutes and where leaving! 369 more words


Ruby Skeleton Project Script

Name this script whatever you want. The script takes one parameter which is the name of your project, which will also be used to name the directory and various other files, etc. 736 more words


Heir Poll Results

So, I cannot seem to figure out how to get the poll results to post. The poll is over and I am pleased to say that 19 people (including myself) voted! 269 more words


W...W...W...Wednesday... May 20th

Things I’ve discovered over the past week, 1) it is really hard to stick to a reading list, 2) when I live on my own, I’ll probably become a vegetarian because I don’t want to buy expensive meat, and  3) the month of May has flown by and seems never-ending. 517 more words


#372 Ghost Buster

It’s one of a kind. A training room with hard-light holograms and all the feel of a 70’s basement rec room, or at least that was the default setting is (Still trying to figure out how to change that).   922 more words

Story Time