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Day 10.1 Taking a break from Zed Shaw's LRTHW.

I have to take a break from this book, I’m scratching my head too much, losing my mind. Could not figure out how to get this to work correctly. 60 more words

April 2017

Day 10.0 Exercise 47 Automated Testing

I’m having a bit trouble understanding what this exercise does. I did the exercise just fine, my output is correct, but it’s very confusing. There’s quite a bit of googling in this section. 250 more words

April 2017

Chapter 1: Introduction to Ruby

Hello, Folks. Welcome to my tutorial series on Ruby programming language.

Please read my previous posts Ruby Installation and RVM Commands. 186 more words


RVM Commands

Hello, Folks. Welcome to my blog on RVM Commands.

Please read my blog https://sufinhacks.wordpress.com/2017/04/19/ruby-installation-using-rvm/ for Ruby Installation instructions. 155 more words


Curb FFI - FFI port of Curb

I believe I mentioned that I’m back at work on the Curb project. In case you missed that, Curb is a ruby extension that provides bindings to the libcurl library. 307 more words


Day 9.1 Exercise 46 A Project Skeleton

There’s no coding exercise in this section. It’s shows how to use “rake test” to test your project, and making a bunch of empty folders. It’s great to have a basic structure, but I’m lost, I don’t know any of these files or folders are for. 342 more words

April 2017