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Heroku auto-scaling, and warning, ask first about load testing

Heroku auto-scaling looks like a pretty sweet feature, well-implemented as expected from Heroku. (Haven’t tried it out myself yet, just from the docs).


“We strongly recommend that you simulate the production experience with load testing, and use Threshold Alerting in conjunction with autoscaling to monitor your app’s end-user experience.

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Loops, Arrays and Iterations...

Week 2 was certainly more difficult, there was a lot more material. Not unmanageable, but at times it felt a little overwhelming. I feel I came out with a good understanding of a number of different things – I’ll go into further detail below. 752 more words


Once More, With Feeling

Today, our house appraises. It’s the last major hurdle in selling our house and buying Dad’s place. We all went to work yesterday, sweeping and polishing and picking up. 389 more words

The Mutability of Things

  And so it begins…

Let me start by saying, I have started on the path of career change. Slowly inching my way through the lessons at Launch School, I find myself confronting ideas and mental models that seem to twist my brain around like a funnel cake in a fry pan. 1,614 more words


A Lovely But Cold Walk With Ruby

Lynne and I took Ruby out for a nice walk along the beach atCaldy and then back along part of The Wirral Way boy was it cold down there, hardly any wind but the air was so cold… 13 more words

Every Day Stuff

Garnet ❤️💙.

“Twice the gem that you are~ 💎”

(More drawings coming. I’m just taking a break for the holidays. It’s nice to relax and not worry about drawing for a while. 20 more words

Take a Break

Ruby calls a time out because sometimes you just need to go to the sidelines, read the playbook, take a deep breath and plan the next action.