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My Favorite Subject

Ruby, my half-cocker-spaniel-half-mini-Australian-shepard, full sass, dog is one of the things I enjoy photographing. Here are some various pictures I took of her first year. Enjoy!

Australian Shepard

Ruby F1

Now that I have found the sunflowers again I wanted to try a new color. The ones I have cultivate earlier have always been yellow. 137 more words


Recover your iPod playlist within seconds

I had to leave for Goa the other day and I was packing my bare essentials when I came across my age old forgotten iPod. Finding it out of blue was a bliss and I decided to take it along. 235 more words


Problems: Wonkey Coins

Catsylvanian money is a strange thing: they have a coin for every
denomination (including zero!). A wonky change machine in
Catsylvania takes any coin of value N and returns 3 new coins, 250 more words


A post. A spark. A FRIEND. A Fragmented self.

Today is a dark day in my life. My dog, Ruby, a Shih-Tzu died in my hands. She was run over by some jack-wagon going over 80 miles an hour in a neighborhood. 896 more words