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Ruby: day 2

On to day 2. I can happily tell you that the book is very well written and gives just enough explaining of basic Ruby but still lets you figure out how different Ruby components work. 419 more words


String interpolation in Ruby

greek_to_roman_gods =
zeus: 'Jupiter',
hera: 'Juno',
poseidon: 'Neptune',
hades: 'Pluto',
aphrodite: 'Venus',
ares: 'Mars',
artemis: 'Diana',
athena: 'Minerva',
hermes: 'Mercury',
demeter: 'Ceres'

"A heavenly marriage: #{greek_to_roman_gods[:zeus]} and #{greek_to_roman_gods[:hera]}"

format('A heavenly marriage: %s and %s', greek_to_roman_gods[:zeus], greek_to_roman_gods[:hera])
format('A heavenly marriage: %{zeus} and %{hera}', greek_to_roman_gods)

'A heavenly marriage: %s and %s' % , greek_to_roman_gods[:hera]]
'A heavenly marriage: %{zeus} and %{hera}' % greek_to_roman_gods

# All of them return the same result
=> "A heavenly marriage: Jupiter and Juno"
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Ruby: day 1

So. Ruby. I was pleased to read that ruby is an object-oriented language and takes object-orienting even a step further than Java.
I haven’t worked with a language that is coded from the command prompt before so I am interested in how that is going to work out. 294 more words


General Update - April 2017

Happy Spring to everyone!  As usual, we’ve had a busy month and we thought we would provide just a General Update on what’s been going on in the Yen Clan. 1,221 more words


Hello blog

So… a blog. That’s a first for me. I am not the diary keeping or blog writing type so this will be quite the challenge. And it also happens to be my first time using WordPress. 102 more words


This Week in Dev #2 - First Open Source Contribution!

The preparation continues for Makers Academy and I’ve been working at it slowly but surely. I’ve been working on a couple of things this week so let’s get to it… 957 more words