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What Makes Ruby Perfect For Rails?

When clients come to the programmer, many a times, they ask and insist on using Rails, but the programmers hardly know it’s important and think that the clients are ignorant, but when a person is investing on something, they have had their homework done already, which the programmer doesn’t know much about. 241 more words

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Update on my life

It’s amazing how busy my life can get in an instant.

Thankfully I’m not that busy… yet.

I’m over half way through year 11, which is surprisingly easy actually. 346 more words


Num Repeats

Write a method that takes in a string and returns the number of letters that appear more than once in the string. You may assume the string contains only lowercase letters. 103 more words

Hunting Down Memory Issues In Ruby: A Definitive Guide

I’m sure there are some lucky Ruby developers out there who will never run into issues with memory, but for the rest of us, it’s incredibly challenging to hunt down where memory usage is getting out of hand and fix it. 2,838 more words

NBA Trade Generator - Who Says No


A while back on a reddit post in the NBA subreddit, someone mentioned how cool it would be to vote on theoretical NBA trades, and vote on which team would decline the trade. 371 more words


Specialist: A pattern for carving up fat ActiveRecord models

All roads to a well-factored Rails application lead from fat controllers through fat models. Where to head next is less well mapped. Many patterns move non-model code into separate layers. 1,629 more words