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Ruby May's Leftover Blues

Ruby May

Ruby May

ate catfish and grits today

Girl found out

to her sorrow

nothin’ but boiled taters tomorrow

Improving Autocomplete Cache Hit Rates by Looking up Parent Caches

When a user asks for all the words starting with “foobar” let’s check the cache for fooba,foob,foo,fo,f and see if any of these results already include a full set of words. 125 more words


The stupidest thing I ever saw a developer do

So this story comes up quite a lot – this is the stupidest thing I ever saw a developer do. I need to paraphrase a little because it’s been many years, but in a nutshell we’d had a new guy start as a junior developer and he was working through bug tickets, with instruction to run solutions past another developer prior to checking them in. 552 more words

General Web Development

Current Directory => You are here

A wise man once said “wherever you go, there you are”. I think we can be fairly certain this man was not a programer. Sometimes it takes a little extra effort to figure out exactly where we are. 137 more words


Authenticating with Google

I have a brilliant idea. I am going to build a site that makes*insert verb*ing easier for *insert noun*. There’s a problem though: I need people to be able to login, but I don’t want to deal with registering users, resetting their passwords, 68 more words


Graph Algorithms in Ruby

A lot (read: most) of Rubyists are focused on one aspect of software engineering: web development. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The web is growing at an incredible rate and is definitely a rewarding (monetarily and otherwise) field in which to have expertise. 92 more words


Stay Tuned For More Book Reviews!

I have been attached to my kindle app for the last couple of weeks in reading bliss. I’ve been reading faster than I’ve had energy to write reviews so coming up soon are the below books and more.  867 more words