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Choosing you default editor for git in unix system.

I used to love “nano” for a long time. But recently, I gave a try to vi and I am quite happy with it.

We can change our default editor in unix system with simple command. 24 more words


Ruby update

As you may have seen in the December issue of Hearts Talk, some exciting developments are happening for the 2017 Ruby, our contest for books published in 2016. 679 more words


Bubble Sort

Write a function ‘bubble_sort(arr)’ which will sort an array of integers using the “bubble sort” methodology.  (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bubble_sort)


First and foremost, understand the difference between insertion sort and bubble sort. 54 more words


Rectangle Intersection

Write a function, `rec_intersection(rect1, rect2)` and returns the intersection of the two.

Rectangles are represented as a pair of coordinate-pairs: the bottom-left and top-right coordinates (given in `` notation). 186 more words


Adventures in Ruby

I’m learning ruby. Finding time to work towards this goal is proving difficult but I’m forcing myself to use ruby wherever possible to aid in my learning. 531 more words