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Resolving error in installing any gem by Ruby

After installing Ruby installer you might need to install some gems. For example if you are developing with RedHat OpenShift you want to install ‘rhc’ gem to access remote files on OpenShift. 138 more words


Awesome phrases Ruby's using these days

“A couple whiles,” as in, “Will you lay with me for a couple whiles?”

“Lasterday,” as in, “Lasterday we went to the merry-go-round.”

“Definitely,” as in, “I want to paint with green. 83 more words


Modus : Batu PINK SAFIR dijual sebagai batu RUBY

Modus: batu PINK SAFIR dijual sebagai batu RUBY

Batu ruby adalah batu nomer 2 setelah batu zamrud dalam klasifikasi batu permata dan termasuk ke dalam bebatuan high class. 557 more words


I’ve been sick the last few days. Coming on the back of a lengthy work trip I’m not surprised and likely I contracted whatever it is on a flight – plane-flu. 159 more words


[Sass / Scss] Install Sass on Windows 7


開始安裝 Sass 前我們需要先安裝Ruby:


本文以 rubyinstaller-2.1.5-x64.exe 安裝
安裝環境為 Windows 7 Professional 64-bit

Ruby 預設安裝資料夾位於 C:\Ruby21-x64

  1. Ruby 安裝完成後,執行 “cmd”
    cd C:\Ruby21-x64\bin
  2. 安裝 Sass
    gem install sass
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