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AJAX request successful but returning a Failed message?

I was working on upgrading my project by adding an AJAX post request to the form submission for the ActiveRecord database hosted on Heroku. I was following the jQuery documentation and came up with the following code: 206 more words


October 2017 Instructor of the Month

Instructor of the Month: Ruby Fidler Ruby has been teaching Zumba at the Auburn Fit1 for three years. She teaches on Saturdays at 9:30 AM. Ruby first discovered Zumba 9 years ago and fell in love with it because it combined dancing with Latin music, and it didn’t feel like exercising. 16 more words

Mendapatkan Nilai Inputan (Ruby)

Untuk mendapatkan nilai inputan pada ruby, kita bisa menggunakan perintah gets.chomp. Perhatikan file input.rb berikut 34 more words


Meet Ruby_

I found an apartment in Berlin, I bought almost all necessary furniture, and the dust is slowly settling down. I didn’t realize how much turbulence this whole operation “Berlin” would cause, but it is finally over. 482 more words

Rails, AngularJS (1.5.8), and Webpack — Part 2

Welcome back! We left off last time in a good place. We set up the back end by generating three models – User, Meal, and UserMeal (our joins table) – with associations. 483 more words

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