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Dismally pained Ruby suddenly found herself in a totally different place, observing and wondering who Max was through focusing eyes while simultaneously being overwhelmed by the pungent odor of cheese. 16 more words

*Second Life

(too) red (spot)

“Face it Ruby. Your aunt’s gone. I stopped DJ-ing about 5 hours ago and she’s still dancing up a storm. She’s lost. Lost to the beat of the island.” 233 more words

*Second Life

Activeadmin Gem Install and Usage

Activeadmin Gem Install and Usage

Steps to be followed:

  1. Install the Activeadmin gem. Put these in gemfile.
gem 'activeadmin'
gem 'cancan' # or cancancan
gem 'draper'
gem 'pundit' 378 more words

one way two

“The walls are closing in on us, Ruby. We have limited time.”

“Have you been inside?” asked the wirey teenager while glancing over her shoulder at the new, western half of the castle. 315 more words

*Second Life

one way

Strange that Irish Moss would grow in the sea, Mabel thought from the Yd Bay coastline, peering out at the red plant cluster in the shallow water ahead… 111 more words

*Second Life

Farm Yard Excitement

Wednesday was an exciting day here.
It didn’t start out that way, but shortly after The Kid got on the school bus, things went a little…interesting. 541 more words