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Why you should use CocoaPods?

This blog post has the intention to show to beginners the tool called CocoaPods, if you’re already familiar with it you may find it boring because I’ll probably show you something you already now. 363 more words


Why did I choose Ruby as my first programming language ?


Back in the time when I was starting learning how to program, I remember a bunch of guys talking about Java and many other cool stuff and I was really excited about it, but there was also a guy, a shy one, which said me he was learning a different programming language, the one you won’t get scared at first glance, the one with an easy syntax and also a a cool framework called Rails. 604 more words


"The Sacred Union"

Love Can be Interesting Soon!
“The Sacred Union”
By Ruby

The first part of October is going to be interesting, as the Universe is building up for what’s commonly called “The Sacred Union” influence to come to together. 503 more words


Solving easy problems with Ruby

I got this problem from here

Implement a group_by_owners function that:

  • Accepts a hash containing the file owner name for each file name.
  • Returns a hash containing an array of file names for each owner name, in any order.
  • 206 more words
Software Development


Post the following:
What is a variable?
A variable is a name that you name and assign a datatype to it
what is the difference between a loosely typed and a strongly typed language (strong and weak typing)? 155 more words

Data Types

Post the following:

What are data types?
Data types can either be Integers and floats, strings or a boolean type (true or false), Null, undefined, Symbol. 69 more words

Between the Sun and the Moon.

(Graff Ruby Ring; image courtesy of Sotheby’s.)

The ruby is associated with the sun; the brightest star in the sky. The giver of life.

Also known as Manikya in Hindi, the ruby represents the sun which means it exudes warmth and vigour and provides the same to the wearer. 309 more words