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OpenShift logging and metrics

Server logs aren’t usually a very exciting topic. But if you’re a sysadmin of an OpenShift Enterprise deployment with hundreds of app servers coming and going unpredictably, managing logs can get… interesting. 1,934 more words


Principal/Senior JavaScript Engineer -Authoring-very competative base salary

Job Category: Software Development

My client is seeking a Principal JavaScript Engineer who combines a passion for technology with the skills and intelligence to make our solutions a reality. 379 more words

vim as IDE

I happened to learn vi as my first major text editor back in the 90s. There are many great editors, and I have no interest in proving that vim is best. 647 more words


The OpenShift cartridge refactor: a brief introduction

If you’re watching the commit logs over at OpenShift Origin you’ll see a lot of activity around “v2” cartridges (especially a lot of “WIP” commits). For a variety of reasons we’re refactoring cartridges to make it easier to write and maintain them. 1,353 more words


Installing Ruby/Rails

I decided to install Ruby/Rails for the first time (in Windows).

Interesting experience (and not quite as simple as the docs would imply).  But after installing the DevKit and manually installing some packages that failed their SSL check, I managed to make my first app (that did nothing). 14 more words



Current version:
# gem search -r rails | grep -E "^rails "
rails (3.0.8)

Previous version:
# gem search -r rails --pre | grep -E "^rails "
rails (3.1.0.rc4, 3.1.0.rc3, 3.1.0.rc2, 3.1.0.rc1, 3.1.0.beta1, 3.0.9.rc3, 3.0.9.rc1, 3.0.8.rc4, 3.0.8.rc2, 3.0.8.rc1, 3.0.7.rc2, 3.0.7.rc1, 3.0.6.rc2, 3.0.6.rc1, 3.0.5.rc1, 3.0.4.rc1, 3.0.0.rc2, 3.0.0.rc, 3.0.0.beta4, 3.0.0.beta3, 3.0.0.beta2, 3.0.0.beta, 2.3.9.pre, 2.3.8.pre1)

sending data to graphite : example 1

Here’s a really simple example of something we use Graphite for: tracking the depth of our resque queues. All we’re doing is talking to redis to get the queue information, then passing the data to graphite. 99 more words