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Rucksacks, Saddle Bags and Panniers - Cycling

The GCN Show on Youtube recently compared the wind-tunnel efficiency of cycling with either a backpack/rucksack, large saddle-bag, or panniers.

I have used a variety of all three of these luggage-carrying techniques (and others) over the years, and while the team, admitting a lack of scientific rigorousness to their tests (while making use of a not-so-cheap wind-tunnel testing facility) failed to take into account a number of other points; including rider comfort, riding style and bicycle type, not to mention covering a variety of luggage weights and sizes. 905 more words


Backpacking: Things I wish I knew

Hi, today I thought I’d talk about my experience backpacking and a few things I wish I’d known before setting off. 312 more words


Weavers Way, the Reprise.

Rucksacks full, briar stoked & lit, walking poles, yes, its another day on the trail. A few months after Weavers Way first round, Al, Doug & myself returned to have a bash at finishing the walk. 1,878 more words


I Hear Ear Worms

Gradual hearing loss brings unexpected blessings: I shall name but two:

  1. An inability to overhear the conversations of strangers.
  2. An inability to hear programmed music in übermarkets.
  3. 437 more words

Day 0 - Packing and re-packing....

13/09/17 – So today, the nerves are tingling but not yet fully hit, as we pack and re-pack our giant rucksacks ready for departing tomorrow, I’m not one to get nervous until the tyres of the plane have left the runway and we are truly setting off but those initial tingly nerves have started to set-in early for me as we compile all the travel stuff we have collected over the 2 years that we have been preparing for this into our giant rucksacks, mine being 65 litres and Dan’s 85 litres. 63 more words

Top mountain gear offers Bags ,rucksacks in Nepal

Here are some description of available backpacks and it's prices we are going to let you know.
Rucksacks 60l
The 60L rucksacks is designed for 10-15 days trip/trekking in Himalayas.Most of the trekkers and hiker carry it for trekking in nepal.(everest base camp trek,annapurna trek,manaslu trek and more here in nepal) 218 more words

The best back to school rucksacks for people who actually left school 20 years ago

At this time of year, in spite of the fact that I don’t have kids and I left school in 1995, I get totally carried away with the whole back to school thing. 856 more words

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