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Strobe Light Rewire

Time: 0.5hrs

Yesterday I finished up the rudder and VS, but the way the wire runs out of the VS and up into the top of the rudder top has bugged me for a while. 236 more words


Vertical Stabilizer and Rudder Finalized

Time: 3.5 hrs

Today I finished sanding the rivets on the rudder and VS. I also finished up the Wiring for the connectors that attach the strobe/nav light through to the tail cone. 129 more words


Finalizing Empennage

Time: 2 hrs

Things done today:

  • Test fit vertical stabilizer onto fuselage
  • Test fit rudder to vertical stabilizer
  • Removed top of rudder and seal with sikaseal…
  • 272 more words

" . . . the ship usually sailed backwards"

To follow Lewis Carroll’s Preface in The Hunting of the Snark (internal link) you must know what a bowsprit and a rudder are. The latter’s form and function is common knowledge, the bowsprit less so. 453 more words

Ready to go again!

It is funny how staying in marinas has never been our thing; they are expensive, they can be noisy and we’d much rather be anchored in the wild! 623 more words


The Tongue is a Rudder: A Sailing Story

I lived on a sailboat and cruised up and down the eastern seaboard for two years. Just as there is with any lifestyle, there are niches within that lifestyle. 1,422 more words

Modern Romance / Dataclysm

~Optimize your Tindr profile//Learn about technology’s impact on romantic & social interactions. ——————— So much winning.

My time with theses books is sadly coming to an end — a tough reality I have been trying to stomach as I’ve given them one last pass through before I hand them off for as friend’s birthday present. 690 more words

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