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Renovating the rudder

We new from the beginning that our Great Dane had previously had issues with small blisters on the rudder. But it sucked a bit that the few small blisters that were there when she was lifted on land in the fall just seemed to increase as the winter went by. 694 more words

Sailing Chip-Chip

Changing Varnish

For many years now the rudders for the Sage Marine boats have been varnished with Interlux’sJet Speed‘ and ‘Compass Clear‘.  Details on the varnishng process are outlined in two posts from December 2014 – 280 more words

General Boat Shop News

Tail Kit Complete!

Worked on the vertical tail yesterday. I was getting tired so I left the last couple hours of work for today. Made quick work of it. 45 more words


Rudder is done

Time: 4.75 hrs

Yay!!!! Rudder is finished. I also fitted and riveted the composite end piece. I had noticed that other builders had an issue getting the rivet gun along the bottom near the control horn plate. 94 more words


Tame the Tongue

The tongue is a small thing, but what damage it can do. James 3:5

Seeds Of Wisdom

Grommets for VOR antenna wire

Finally received the grommets for the VOR antenna wire. I purchased these from Waytek (www.waytekwire.com) along with some other supplies. It was a quantity 50 minimum order so I hope I need to use this in a lot more places. 36 more words


Rudder is Done!

The last 2 nights I spent rolling and riveting the leading edges, installing the counterbalance weight, and finishing the last few rivets on the front of the skins. 43 more words