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HCPC12: Operation Smoke Screen

(NSFW) Brandon is back! The guys go over his trip to the great white north. The dutch rudder is mentioned for the 5th episode in a row. 155 more words


Rudder spar riveted

Once I got that shear clip in the rudder fixed I was finally able to move on to the next steps. This involved getting the rudder spar riveted to the rest of the rudder. 597 more words


Catching up on the blog

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve added any blog entries talking about what I’ve done on the build so I’m going to get caught up in one post. 911 more words




What comes to your mind when you hear the word leader? I am very sure that you have lots of things, name and people going through your mind. 877 more words


Attempt to fix rudder mistake

So I realized that the rudder stiffener being on the wrong side of the shear clip shifted its position just enough to make it very difficult, maybe even impossible, to get all of the rivets through the holes that connect the shear clip to the rudder spar.  385 more words


Joining the rudder halves...mistakes were made

Today started off simple enough. When I countersunk the trailing edge wedge in the rudder a while back it worked very well on one side, but since the hole was enlarged by the first countersink the countersink cutter ‘chattered’ a lot when I was countersinking the other side. 671 more words


Rudder halves ready to join

Over the last couple days I got the stiffeners riveted to the other rudder skin, the top rib halves riveted to each skin, and the bottom rib with the rudder horn riveted to one skin. 130 more words