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Rudder fairing & pedals: 4.4 hours

Added two additional rudder fairing screws. Installed static lines to static ports.

Was able to finally get rudder pedal extensions bent with a large enough hammer! 7 more words


Rudder fairing: 7.0 hours

Adjusted rudder rod ends for proper spacing with the VS hinges. Installed tailwheel assembly. Trimmed rudder bottom fairing for proper fit, match drilled fairing to rudder. 13 more words


Elevators & rudder cable fairings: 5.5 hours

Trimmed elevator aft control stop for proper travel. Forward stop was good as is. 28° UP 23° DN.

Trimmed, edge prepped, match drilled, and dimpled rudder cable fairings. 22 more words

Forward Section

Spiritual Shipwreck

I feel like a wreckage, irreparable
Just floating in the oceans
My parts continue to float away
Further and further apart
My soul settles into the depths… 182 more words


Rudder is DONE!

I can’t say this was an easy task. There were a lot of steps to completing the rudder and making sure that the quality was top notch. 233 more words


I'd Rudder Be Someplace Else

To quote Mark Twain, “the reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.”  However, at one point, I wasn’t quite sure I was going to make it. 466 more words


Rudder guard

The leading edge of the rudder/depth finder wears away faster than I like in these waters so I wanted to cover it with some copper pipe. 226 more words

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