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A very small rudder

“Or take ships as an example. Although they are so large and are driven by strong winds, they are steered by a very small rudder wherever the pilot wants to go.” 168 more words


The Schumacher Rudder

Rudder plans from the talented Carl Schumacher.

Thanks Mark H. on Epiphany! 10 more words

Rudder stops: 3.0 hours

Tapered rudder stops for correct travel 35 degrees left and right. Added flox and fiberglass to rudder horn to close excessive gap. Adjusted rod end bearings to achieve full smooth travel.


Tail light adapter & throttle quadrant: 5.1 hours

Match drilled tail light adapter to rudder fairing.

Primed adapter and quadrant cover. Trial fit quadtant, have the typical spacing issue I plan to fill with an aluminum spacer. 21 more words

Forward Section

Rudder replacement + more gold from Mark on Epiphany

Great article on replacing the rudder on Epiphany from Mark H.!

Enjoy – Greg S. – Wailana

I wanted to add to a couple of the current topics on your blog.  677 more words

Rudder fairing & pedals: 4.4 hours

Added two additional rudder fairing screws. Installed static lines to static ports.

Was able to finally get rudder pedal extensions bent with a large enough hammer! 7 more words


Rudder fairing: 7.0 hours

Adjusted rudder rod ends for proper spacing with the VS hinges. Installed tailwheel assembly. Trimmed rudder bottom fairing for proper fit, match drilled fairing to rudder. 13 more words