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Various: 2.8 hours

Applied proseal to elevator and rudder tips. Sanded skim coat and added micro to the aft seat top low spots.

Center Section

Finishing HS/VS Priming, Starting HS Assembly

  Woke up early, was able to prep the rudder stiffeners for priming, and headed back over to the paint booth to get the parts finished up.  351 more words


HS and VS Priming, Rudder Skin Stiffeners

  Priming…quite fun for the first big batch.  I was able to get 75% of the work completed on Saturday.  I followed the process as I outlined in a previous post.  348 more words




10/16/17 – 1.5hrs

Started the rudder this evening by cutting, trimming, edge deburring the rudder stiffeners R-915.

I began this by cutting each in half and trimming the ends even though most of these will be trimmed further in the near future. 103 more words


(At karaoke)

Voice: HAAAaaaaAAAAaaaAAAAaa

Me: Who did that?

Rudder: Probably Peter.

Me: He doesn’t have the mic, though.

Rudder: Probably still Peter.

Providing some Direction - Befur gains a rudder

One of the major outstanding jobs on the hull was to build a suitable rudder. As Befur is meant to sail (as well as steam) we wanted to make sure we provided some thing effective. 976 more words

Hull Build