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How big is your stick?

From Kimball on ‘Hall Aboard’,

Well, its definitely still winter here in the northeast, but boat work is under way.

My boat got dropped off in the yard in RI in early December, which puts it in the front of the line for going in the water in April.  473 more words

10 February 2018 – Pages 7-06 and 7-07

After a bit of a work related building pause today was a solid 6.5 hour day working through the rudder assembly and match drilling the skin.  226 more words


Wing Stand 2.0, Drilled Out Some of Left Rudder Skin

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Well, here I go.

First thing, you are seeing some work from the last few weeks. When I got home from the long XC road trip with the RV, I had to immediately reassemble the wing cradle. 349 more words


29 January 2018 – Page 7-04

A mixed evening tonight; Good working done, but I forgot to get the timelapse camera going and would have had a really good sequence with peeling the film off the rudder skins.   88 more words


28 January 2018 – Page 7-03

A bit more of the same from yesterday with initial prep work continuing.  There was a small bit of assembly to final drill the hinge reinforcement doublers and the bottom rib / horn assembly, but in another one of the pleasant surprises that seems to happen every once in awhile I found that the holes were already final drilled to the correct size.  210 more words


27 January 2018 – Shop reorg, solo, and starting Section 7 (the rudder)

It’s been a busy week in the shop, as well as other places, but not really related to this airplane.  Last weekend a friend came over to use my shop tools to create replacement plywood floor panels for his airplane, and since I had the shop set up for woodworking to help him I went ahead and did a few odd jobs I had been holding off on since I had been in metalworking mode.  754 more words


13 January 2018 - Completing page 6-04 and a primer mess

After quite a bit of debate about whether to stop and prime the vert stab components and start assembling them or to move on to the rudder and hold off on priming until I had more parts to prime at one time, I opted to go ahead and prime at this point.  247 more words