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Snorkel Fun off Waikiki

My friends had a sailor guest in town that wanted to go snorkeling. What a great combination! It was the perfect excuse to sail, anchor off Waikiki and snorkel. 262 more words


The Moment of Truth

With unnerving frequency throughout the course of the rudder build to date, I’ve said to myself “here’s the moment of truth.” As the pile of practice rudders and jigs can attest, the truth of the moment is usually that I neglected to consider one factor or another. 332 more words


Full Steam ahead

Build Time to Date – 34.5 hours

Last night I got a coat of varnish on both the rig box and the stand, however the good news is that… 143 more words

Building The XP

Drowning in Rudders

When I first started planning the rudder build, Ryan suggested we name the rudder. I believe I shall name it Lucifer, in honor of its lineage. 204 more words


Butting heads - Rudder Spar and Skin Stiffener

I ran into a small issue when clekoing the rudder skins on the rudder spar yesterday. About midway down the spar on the aft side, there is a reinforcement plate where the spar attaches to the vertical stabilizer. 44 more words


Hull Appendages

Time on the build so far – 21 Hours

So I have just ordered a fin, bulb, rudder and fin box from Dave Creed.  Lead-in time is about two weeks, so it looks like end of the month before I will get the fin box into the hull.  27 more words

Building The XP

Circles in the Ocean

O.M. had just bought the rust bucket (ship) “Antonio Lazaro” in Greece, hastily painted its new name “Logos II” before nearly losing the ship in a Mediterranean Sea storm, managed to get a tug to tow the crippled ship to Gibraltar where I joined the merry party. 348 more words

A Cup Overflowing