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A complaint about rude shoppers

As I stood in line with my grocery cart I was reminded of something that is very rude and an annoying. I had been in line for a very long time and was patiently waiting my turn when a group of people showed up behind me as I was placing my cart load of food on the conveyor belt. 349 more words

Gardez L'eau

Hope that pipe isn’t rusty…think about it.


Who Is In Charge?

Two days ago, I was enjoying my train commute home. My eyes were closed but my mind knew the stops.

Three stops prior to mine, the train hesitated for much longer than normal. 360 more words


I snapped.

I hate to say it out loud, but sometimes, some people just feels so entitled just coz they were born as a certain race.

So earlier at work, I happen to see Kuya Aaron so I walked up to him to chat a little while. 558 more words


Would You Like A Cup Of Tea?

(Brace yourself for a little bit of a weepie…make yourself a cuppa before you read this one.)

He told me that what I had done was courageous.  1,898 more words

No 185 Ghost Singer 4

Here’s the transgander 4th in the series “Ghost Singer”. Woo Hoo

Hope you like it.

– Mugs with the 2 winning cartoons from the 2016/17 Rotary Cartoon Awards @ $12.99 ea + postage… 13 more words

Believe It


Without pride, I write you; still Soulfoul writing me backSpace

Lace my day with someone else; something Else; please

just leave me, hearing Her… 59 more words

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