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Islamophobic Arsehole

a muslim taxi driver recorded this prat verbally abusing him


hhhmmm, for us much as he professes to hate muslims, it seems this arsehole doesn’t hate them so much that he won’t accept a lift in a muslim taxi driver’s cab !


I thought he was rude - Tiwa Savage opens up on her first encounter with Tee Billz

I thought he was rude-Tiwa Savage opens up on her first encounter with Tee Billz Tiwa Savage has opened up on how she met her husband and former manager, Tee Billz. 202 more words


champagne ambien morning

Me: well you look great.

Mom: shut up. Too early for your shit.

Me: it’s almost noon

Mom: Je m’en fou (I don’t give a fuck). 36 more words


Their Waitress Did An "Amazing" Job, They Didn't Tip Her. Why?

My daughter is a waitress and works very hard, there are days she will work 12 hours straight.  As we all know waiters and waitresses rely on tips to make enough money to pay their bills. 156 more words


Daily WTF: Talking on the Phone While on the Toilet

The Situation: I am on the toilet as I occasionally am during the day. Nothing too excessive, worry not, but as needed. A woman comes in, her feet tapping against the floor in a tattoo of urgency. 358 more words

Daily WTF

Practice It Right-Let's Be Polite (403)

To simply be fair-

Do you think that it is necessary for you to stare?



The Adventures of Misogynist Rose (The Women's Festival)

It’s on! I am gonna make the most slammin impression this weekend. The babes will be out, and its hotter than a whore in church so a lot more skin will be showing. 983 more words