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Somedays... OK, Most days, I feel just like this.

Some days you just gotta tell it like it is. Woe to the people who don’t recognize that mood when it comes upon me.


shhh, I am hunting wabbit...

I am going to go to canine jail. I hate to admit it, but I am plotting the death of 6 dogs. By my calculation and simple paranoia, that makes me a serial dog killer. 970 more words


The Game Of Rudeness

Are you the rude one among your family, friends, at school or workplace? It is not necessary that if you are called rude in any of these places or all of them, it will put a stamp that yes, you are rude. 951 more words


Your child MIGHT be the Anti-Christ

I weep for the future.


I feel like I am beating a dead horse here.

Like I am harping on the same damn thing, again and again. 776 more words

Stupid and Aggressive

I’m not sure if I’m going to make it through the next year, here in Florida. It’s the people…I’m not sure if they’ve always been like this and I just haven’t seen it, or if they’re actually getting worse. 1,450 more words


Something Is Not So Fresh At The Supermarket

I first notice her between the bananas and the piles of crisp Fuji apples. I catch a glimpse of her long, straight auburn hair and wonder if it’s her, but I need three English cucumbers, and I’m distracted by the bright green mint and beautiful flat-leaf parsley. 719 more words

Discovering Me

NYSC face off: Female soldiers VS female corpers

It’s was around 4:10pm yesterday at Niger Camp, Paiko were 4 females corpers were punished yesterday by female soldiers for being rude..

Sources have it that these girls were in the hostel whiles others were on their way to the camp parade ground. 591 more words