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AIRASIA (Worst Experience)

Mactan, Cebu to Manila, Terminal 4

Flight Z2 766

Date: July 28, 2016

My boyfriend and I arrived at Mactan International Airport around 3pm. Out flight schedule was 4:50pm. 613 more words

I Don't Mean to Be Rude, but . . .

This past weekend I went to an amazing poetry reading. It was a wonderful evening, but the stimulation of socializing people and noise grew too much for me. 32 more words


The poop hit the fan Part I

Yep, it really did. With my stepdaughter, K.  I knew I shouldn’t have let her move back in.  She is nothing more but a hoodrat.  Yes, I said it. 1,217 more words


Asshole moves to pull on a unfavorable date

My great friend Leijha and I were discussing how sometimes we date complete losers or sometimes complete gentlemen. Sometimes, we date for the absolute hell… 292 more words

Zero to hipster for under £250

Hipster is not new, the name ‘hipster’ is. Basically, the antithesis of a chav. Fashion is cyclical and if you look down this list most of you that are over 22 will remember some of these in one guise or another. 394 more words


Where have I been?

update: I really wanted to write a blog all the time but I did it, forgot about it and left it. So here’s what I’ve been doing, possibly needing some guidance about the situation. 532 more words

127 - Two Men In A Shopping Centre

Poem number 127
Two Men In A Shopping Centre
Would you like to see my nipple?
Yes I would, good sir
But wait ’til no one’s looking… 60 more words