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Ways to piss off a farmer 

honestly doing my nut today!

A lady came to introduce herself at my door yesterday as the care taker for the mountaineering hut next to our farm yesterday. 377 more words

Study in Rudeness - Part 1

I find people are colossally rude to me on a daily basis. People are nice to me on a daily basis too, but niceness isn’t amusing. 524 more words


Nice People Don't Finish Last

**Expletives have been censored, but there is some offensive content in this post though it is not directed at the readers.**

‘Nice guys finish last’ is an over-rated, over-used, statement. 434 more words

New trending GIF tagged movies mean rude jennifer...

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Strangers Say the Strangest Things

I took my two little ones (ages 1 and 2) to the doctor yesterday. This is something I try never to do alone because, well, dealing with two toddlers in a public place that isn’t amusement centered is not my favorite thing to do. 748 more words

Avoid them ... 

Rude people suck.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you avoid them!!!

Life's Little Lessons

Time Delayed

I spy an opening for someone to run the marketing department for a large and established amusement park. I send off my resume and a few days later I get a phone asking me to interview with the CEO. 460 more words