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Fill-Ins on Fryday

Haha…You look funny Shoko!  Whatcha mean Kali?                                                 You gotta admit you don’t look very happy?  It’s that darn Cappytan….he comes over growls at me and steals my nip. 219 more words

Early To Bed by Dennis Allen Lange

It’s rude but I cannot stop yawning,
My lip that is upper, an awning.
…My jaws won’t behave;
…Mouth open, a cave.
Sun’s setting, but sleep is now dawning. 19 more words


Amal Clooney admits to being clickbait for dyslexics

Despite being a distinguished human rights lawyer Mrs Clooney has expressed frustration at the online attention she has received, since her marriage, from those looking for ‘backdoor action’ involving her heartthrob husband. 158 more words


Be Kind

My mom and I went the the east Warren yesterday to see the movie Victoria and Abdul. It was a delightful story with Judi Dench in the lead role, but that’s not what inspired this post. 550 more words


Limerick #4

There was once a discourteous mouse
Who hopped down a woman’s blouse
He unclipped her bra
And laughed “Ha ha!”
Then ran away the discourteous mouse.


365 Challenge: Day 216 - Grocery

Grocery: (a) place you buy food items, or the food items you buy in a store, (b) a place to get compliments and NOT be rude… 754 more words

365 Day Challenge

Fatties in Space Part 3 - Definitely still not for kiddies

Part 1 is here and part 2 is here.  You really need to read those first for this to make much sense.  Not that it makes much sense. 374 more words