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From 4-18-16

A female friend told me she was upset because her male friends were making fun of how people identify. They were being intolerant and terrible about it, and my friend was mocked and yelled at when she called them out.

At least she tried.

Sensitive ass bitches

Well let me jump straight to it. I’m sick of people these days so fu%$ing sensitive about everything. Everyone has a fu%#ing opinion. Everyone knows some shit! 1,209 more words


A match burning in a crocus

Thought: Perhaps part of what makes city-folk aggressive is the anonymity of urban life. I was thinking about this while watching people gripe and shove on the Tube (a few weeks ago, a large woman actually pushed me, as in, a hand flat across my back, into someone else so that I’d get out of her way). 158 more words


How to Not be an Asshole presents: On the Road!

An incident at the local mall inspired me to write this post, well so has every other time I have gotten in my car and have experienced fierce assholes. 1,093 more words


Kopterworx repair of my phantom 3 gone bad

Here is my experience with Kopterworx. Kopterworx sells DJI products and repairs them.

I had problems with my camera, so I sent them my drone for warranty repair. 332 more words


What 'tone policing' is not

This is so offensive I don’t actually know where to start.

Three major points. Keep it brief.

  1. gaslighting is a serious form of psychological abuse and not a card to wave around to win an argument (i.e.
  2. 689 more words