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Rude/ Disrespectful even after Realizing our Mistake?

Why does it happen that even after we realize we are wrong, we get overcome by our mind and repeat our mistakes? For eg. sometimes we behave rude or disrespectful. 281 more words


What I Didn't Do...

I woke up early this morning, as per usual. I have a weird sleep pattern due to medication and pain so it was about 4 am. 479 more words

Kait King Author

Things we consider strange...

Today a blog about some things that people from outside China would consider strange. Here, these are perfectly normal things. I just took a few, because I can think of hunderds more! 448 more words

Daily Life

Rambling: Rudeness

This week I’ve witnessed two incidents related to rudeness and started to question what is rudeness.

Incident no 1:

My partner’s parents came round for dinner at the flat and when they got here, my boyfriend was still playing his Xbox game. 426 more words


Snapshot: Whatever

Canoe base, night.  Outdoor bar, live band.  Throaty, wobbly experimental electro music.  White dude with locked hair bopping in the glow of his laptop screen.  An unbuttoned office-worker type plays clarinet in time, and a third guy strums an upright bass.   118 more words


Letter to a Bus Driver

Dear Bus Driver,

Would it really kill you to respond or acknowledge my existence when I say Thank You while getting off your bus?

Is it really such a hardship to look in the general direction of your passengers and mumble a polite word? 255 more words


Ummm...That's Mine...

I was posting a new photo collection for sale, and started to think about the ridiculous issues that a lot of artists face.

I have been trying to sell my photos for a little while now. 477 more words