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Little Lady and the Rude Dude

We live in an old glove factory below la Bastille in Grenoble.  It is as nice as it sounds and I thank my lucky stars every day that we ended up here.  950 more words

Anti-Grumpy Investigations

To the 'you' who tries to bring me down...

Some days I wish I just didn’t care. Some days I wish that whatever rocks people threw at me would just fly right past me and they wouldn’t even touch me. 705 more words

the problem with doing freelance

There are many, many benefits to being your own boss and even to the extent of doing freelance for others.  There are also negatives.  The largest negative is getting paid on time. 248 more words

The day I tongue-tied a lesbian.

The girl who sits behind me at work is gay.  Is that a relevant or appropriate start to this post?  You betcha.  Let’s call her Cholula. 88 more words


What I Didn't Want to Hear

“This isn’t very good.”

That was the opening line of an email from my boss.

I was in charge of some web copy for a client’s site that I had been given minimal instruction on. 324 more words


69 - 69

Poem number 69
69, 69,
I’ll eat yours if you’ll eat mine
Come on down it’s time to dine –
There’s room for all, just form a line… 27 more words


What if the homeless gave you money?

This shows the real side of some people, you have to watch it to see how he’s treated.