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Is this the new face of celebrity in this country?

“The rudest woman in Britain.” A “physical manifestation of online trolls.” “The human incarnation of marmite.”

I’m sure most of you know who these quotes are talking about. 356 more words

He Has Already Been to Jail for Five Hours

12/16/00: On Thursday, James called. Actually, Samantha called first to warn me that James was going to call, haha. Anyway, James and I talked for about 20 minutes. 535 more words



I recently broke up with a guy I had been seeing for approximately 3 weeks. He fell head over heels for me but I simply did not feel the same. 681 more words

Extra Chapter : Outlaw 2

Hiding below the bridge, hearing police sirens fading away, before i walk into the light blending with people on sidewalk, grabbing a book swiftly from a store shelf, pretending to read it while walking a bit faster, till i walked into a lady, almost knocking her down, but she grabbed into my shoulder and regained her balance, glaring at me angrily, what is wrong with her ?! 40 more words


Dear Ladies in Booth 4

My job isn’t super difficult, but it is still a job. I get paid well, but it isn’t like my bank is just bursting with money. 601 more words