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Before I even start I’d like to tell you that this post got inspired by another blogger’s post shyness vs rudeness so please do check out Ashleigh Taylor’s blog and find her on… 476 more words

Annie's Perception


I just recently saw a post on Facebook that made me go “huh?”

It was all about how this lady and her 4 yr old daughter went into a local store and started shopping. 190 more words


I still type at 38WPM but I tell people that it’s 45.

I am at work and I hate it. Is it because I am in an office and goofing off all day? 275 more words

My Life

It's my reproductive system

I cannot stand when people ask if my husband and I are going to have more children.

A. It’s rude – What if we couldn’t but had not wanted anyone to know??? 43 more words


Scottish Anger Management

Continuing on my rage theme today, here is a list of Scottish ways that you can say to someone who is annoying you  and you wish them to leave you alone – aka what I would love to say to the protagonist of today’s mood followed by a swift boot to the…. 301 more words


When you think you are clever but all you do is cause hurt..

Enjoying a lovely evening out with my husband when we get a text picture of this image that the daughter that has nothing to do with him had posted with public view option on her Facebook page. 969 more words

Me, Us, Them

Dealing With Difficult People In Customer Service

Hello Readers!

For the past few months, I have been working a customer service job as a front desk associate. Having worked in customer service most of my life, I feel that I have learned how to handle working with a variety of people from a variety of backgrounds and have had a variety of supervisors, both good, and bad as well as been a supervisor myself. 566 more words

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