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You don't need to be rude

One of my friends lashed on me yesterday on a joke which I cracked on him with words which he should have not used. I was baffled why is he talking to me like this for no big reason. 351 more words

Thought And Reflection

Rude Peppa Pig

a couple are upset that their son’s first words were not ‘mama’ or ‘dada’ but . . . ”Fuck you’ – are blaming Peppa Pig !



The Joys of Working in a Bookshop - #18

Man comes in to pick up a language book he’s ordered. While I’m looking for the book, he says some things in a language I can’t understand. 87 more words


The Joys of Working in a Bookshop - #17

Man asks me about a management book concerning sales. I tell him we don’t have many books on the subject, give him the one book off the shelf I can find, and ask if perhaps he’d like me to check if I can order anything. 53 more words


Condescension is not a job descriptor

Perhaps I am sensitive. Okay, I know I am.  On an ordinary day, were someone to be patronizing with truly insulting remarks, I might be pushed to counter with, “who the hell are you?” However that same sort of condescension in the workplace forces one to elicit a completely different response. 369 more words


Acrylic rounded tips, thank you!

The other day I was getting my nails done at my favorite shop which is a little out of the way for me. There are other shops closer to my house but you know how it is when you find your favorite one. 400 more words

Cell Phone

Paris Hilton

And how astonishing it is that I saw Paris Hilton on the Real Russia, YouTube, channel. I understand the gilr is doing C., service in LA for some pecedilloes, but how on Earth does that woman make it to Ufa in Russia? 151 more words