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The Attack of the Space Invader

Be warned….they are out there…living amongst us, waiting, watching…..to claim some of your oxygen, all of your arm space and find the smallest imperfection on your boat race… 574 more words


Let’s get serious for a minute. So I would like to know everyone’s opinion. How do you feel about fat-shaming? Most people are against it. Is it worse when the person doing the fat shaming used to be fat? 209 more words

Fireball mentality... 

I used to feel like I needed to have the last word, like I needed to always prove a point, like I needed to be all big, bad, and obnoxious. 55 more words


I hate Toronto.

Whoever says this is the best city in the world is a liar.

This city is full of liars who will do anything to get ahead. 392 more words



Yesterday started like any other; we had a nice breakfast, then set out to explore historic St. Louis Cemetery here in the heart of New Orleans. 1,215 more words

Current Events

A WTF Moment

I feel really sorry for the kids of rude people. Hopefully these kids will learn good manners at school, because they’re not getting it from home. 466 more words


Awkwardness or arrogance.

It’s been a minute since I posted here. Wow. Life has certainly been hectic. I need to work on being more active. Sorry readers.

So anyone that has online dated before knows that it is an experience to behold. 691 more words

Dating...or Something Like It.