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Believe It


Without pride, I write you; still Soulfoul writing me backSpace

Lace my day with someone else; something Else; please

just leave me, hearing Her… 59 more words

Random Ramblings

Monday 13th November 2017

Today was just a boring day at work, focusing on Sub team (Careers) work for the whole day. In case I haven’t made it very clear, I’m in 3 teams; a sub team (Careers), English teaching team (we teach middle level English), and the MPR team.   406 more words


My journey to work today

It is the little things that nark me lately – if they are little.

There are certainly more important things to be focusing on.

Unity on all the ‘isms, famine, homelessness, terrorism the sad list snakes on. 495 more words


Manipulate the Doctor

There’s this idea, this fidgeting thing in the back of my mind…

I can be sarcastic. And when I say sarcastic I can be downright mean. 494 more words


Hats Off

I was out to dinner with the husband’s family tonight. It was lovely to spend time with these people. They have been nothing but warm and loving to me since I joined their family. 1,012 more words

Laina Ruff

Letter from my kitten Pt. 2

Found me

Not that you were ever searching for me

Forgot me?

forget me will you

forget you

Cuddled in your damaged


I can smell your scent… 133 more words

Random Ramblings

we all have our failings,

what constitutes a disability?

I’m badly afflicted with short sightedness and I’m severely impaired without glasses or contact lenses. I require adaptations to enable me. Does that make me disabled? 470 more words

Special Education