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Are the Pot and the Kettle...

Recently I met a person who tried,as hard as one can try, to come across as being sophisticated, intellectual, classy and humorous….
They failed. 42 more words


This Year I Will Help You Ruin Thanksgiving…Your Welcome!

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, and for those of you who don’t enjoy this festive time of family, friends and food, then this is your chance to ruin it for everyone. 853 more words


Dunkin Tales: You Forgot The Whipped Cream!

Do you have an answer for me yet? Why are people such douche canoes? I believe the answer is, because they can be.

I don’t believe that everyone is 100% douche, there is someone out there that probably sees the nice side out of these people which is great. 311 more words


Disappointment, disillusion, and indecision.

I’m really disappointed in a few particular people at the moment.

All my life, I’ve been taught to be honest, to be kind, to mind my manners, to not cause offence, to be the first to apologise, to be a gracious and forgiving friend, and to overcome hatred with love. 366 more words


A Cephalophobic's Views On Octonauts

Having exhausted pretty much all of Charlie and Lola on the BBC iPlayer, and with Furchester Hotel over, I am left with no choice but to subject my child to Octonauts. 315 more words

Are we less reliable these days?

When we say we’ll do something do we always do it?

I’m wondering after my recent experiences when buying a house with all that entails. 333 more words