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Baby haters 

I get angry on a daily basis, sounds really sad but it’s not that bad, at rude people that can’t be normal!

I don’t expect people to hold the door for me and wait five minutes until I’m there, but I do expect to be treated like a normal person! 171 more words

Love Talk: You’re Not “Keepin’ It Real,” You’re Just Rude [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

In this edition the Love Talk, Erica Campbell discusses the difference between simple honesty and just plain rudeness. Some people like to say mean things to others under the guise of honesty, especially in this new age of social media. 150 more words

Get Up Erica

Adulting Tip #3.5 : Landlords also kind of suck sometimes

You know how I was all excited and motivational about getting what you want and picking your battles and all that?

Turns out our landlord is actually kind of rude and other than giving us a bucket of paint and some stuff to go with it, she’s out. 29 more words


My Two Cents

If a homeless person

Asks you for some cash

And you give them some pennies

You are literally human trash.

To give someone a penny… 29 more words


Why are people so rude?

Okay, it’s Monday morning, you walk into the office to start your work routine and get ready for the day and notice that every single person around you has a stick up their ass. 195 more words

Knowing When To Call It Quits

Over the weekend we attended a free family event in what we hoped would be a great day out of the house as a family, it was definitely not great. 538 more words