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People problems seem to be a current theme these days. I believe the presidential election and the incredulous behavior displayed by ALL sides is a large contributing factor. 166 more words

Millennials told JPMorgan they want to retire by 60, but they're in for a rude awakening

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

Millennials are way too bullish on their financial future.

On Tuesday, JPMorgan Chase released a survey about the savings trends of millennials as opposed to Baby Boomers. 716 more words

Money Matters

Thoughts: love...again?

Yo, fuck me I swear hate life so much.

Stressin out about some guy I don’t even know why like honestly, why do I gotta be like this. 349 more words

Life Related

Tobey MaGuire - Actors Who Seem Nice But Are Really Not

I saw Tobey MaGuire in the Spiderman movies, and in a few other movies. Based upon his depiction of Peter Parker in the Spiderman series, he seemed like he would be a nice enough guy in real life, but apparently not. 1,001 more words


day two hundred and ninety-three

blue balls, in their sack,
dangling from banana hook –
vaguely sinister

Entertainers Who Won't Keep Their Obnoxious Political or Religious Views Private - or Who Are Jerks About It

Entertainers Who Won’t Keep Their Obnoxious Political or Religious Views Private or Who Are Jerks About It

I may append this post in the future if I find more links about this subject. 1,107 more words


A little bit of kindness

Originally written on 26/01/14

Good friends of mine are working hard to raise money to get their little girl Grace (see previous posts) a specially made tomcat trike, these trikes are individually built to suit the users needs meaning that they are very expensive and I am talking into 4 figures expensive. 192 more words