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But Girls Don't Know How to Follow Directions

The other day, the new girl was putting something together (maybe like a cart or a wheelbarrow, I can’t remember), and one of the guys (who I might add hates me for some reason but has really taken a liking to the new girl and to the other girl who was hired with me) decided to “help” her out. 43 more words

Answers every Retail worker wants to give

Q: “Excuse me, do you work here?”

A: “No, I absolutely love this mass produced, sweat box uniform, so I just wear it for the crack.   430 more words


HK has made me hate the piano.

I have a very dear friend who absolutely hates the sound of the saxophone, and particularly recoils at that saxophone muzak so routinely found in elevators, on telephone hold music, and even played on some airlines when boarding and disembarking aircraft. 727 more words

Hong Kong

To Disserve Man

Ugh, is it Friday already?  I may not have actually lost half of my life sitting at that rain dance Wednesday evening, but I certainly lost enough of my weekend to have me completely behind schedule with all of my bloggy to-dos… one of which is the next post in my Prompt the Squirrel series.  1,283 more words


Not so soothing truth

If I have to tell you the truth,

It will be rude and crude,

As much as I would,

My feeling for you is nothing but sooth….


Get out of my way!

The other day while at Walmart I was struggling, for the knees and back did not want to work with the brain. I was standing in line at the return desk, waiting for my husband to get a replacement for the item that fell apart. 105 more words


Bunny and the Glazed Donut Monster

There is a certain insanity to a child.

More of a delusional logic that disappears over time.

The really bad part is when we get pulled into it to the point that we accept the delusion. 525 more words