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Three Things I Could Have Said to the B*tch at Target

Picture the scene, dear readers: after several months of my husband being overseas and four weeks of my oldest son visiting his father up north, we were finally preparing for a two week vacation, the first of those weeks to be spent at the beach with family. 1,258 more words


Poem "...for a big girl"

“You’re attractive,
for a big girl,”
he said.
He thought
he was trying to
butter me up.
He thought
he was flirting.
He thought
he was showing… 147 more words


Hoping for that Snooky sucker punch.

There is something about being born in Southern California that keeps you from using the word “Cali” in a sentence.

That has always been the big three of identifying a tourist or worse, someone trying to pretend they were born here. 505 more words

The Land of Shitty Moms

I am starting a petition to rename my local children’s museum The Land of Shitty Moms.

A snit between me and some lousy parent nearly came to fisticuffs today. 991 more words


Makes Vocabularical Sense!

I follow Paula vs. Patriarchy :) Here are some words I should keep in mind from her blog. Excerpts taken from the article Mindy Kaling: And 16 Other Feminist Buzzwords… 560 more words



175 Days Left

The family friends ignored her rudeness when she pulled out her phone at the table. They looked elsewhere as she communicated with others, and her parent’s boring eyes did not detour her from doing so. 42 more words