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Is it Rude? 

I’m a confused introvert. I hate small talk. I love traveling. I love good meaningful conversations. I enjoy connecting with people. I do better one on one vs group settings. 326 more words


This is one thing that annoys me.


Old People Don’t Suck!

(Originally posted on August 20, 2012.)

When I was younger, I use to wonder why “old people” were so rude and selfish. I just bounced around with my happy-go-lucky attitude and snarled back at them with a smirk when they’d get rude over something that I deemed silly. 475 more words


Flashback Frightday

Yesterday, I shared some old pictures of when I went to Washington D.C. in the 8th grade with my students. Among the images of famous landmarks and monuments, were a couple pictures of me. 125 more words


Conversational Woes of Life

The first draught of this ended up as a rant so I’ve decided to refine it and make a less ‘rant-like’ post.

My opinion on this topic is that first of all people seem to feel that because they have freedom of speech that everyone around them has the responsibility to listen to them. 439 more words


MAGIC! Wants to Lay You Down Easy

Sometimes artists get discovered first by a country outside of their own. For example, the UK discovered Canada’s Kiesza first via “Hideaway”. Toronto’s MAGIC! broke through down under before the rest of the world with smash hit “Rude”. 156 more words

Sean Paul

Today was a challenge...

It’s actually been quite challenging for a while now.

Today in particular, my boundaries were not respected.

That can be a very delicate situation for me – triggering even. 360 more words