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Too Late (audio)

Too late…

The first time I came over after the show
You showed me his coins
You couldn’t get rid of it just yet,
The collection within your bed… 329 more words


a quick dramatic update

Thank you to the Beyond Earth Film Festival for accepting “Drama No-Class.”


Sad Pinks, Happy Blues

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working on Sad Pinks, Happy Blues web series

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☀️ Summer Update! & My Other Blog! ☀️

Wassup my hoes, here’s an update of my life. Basically, I’m doing SO much better (from wanting to kill myself via sleeping pills but whatever) and I can say I’m pretty happy and healthy nowadays. 333 more words


preview :0

justin pisses me off ngl. i mean i let him know, that’s what a proper friend would do imo


masterpiece of john

This is my friend John who asked me to draw him after he saw the drawings in my short film “Drama No-Class.” He likes motorcycles so… 😂😂😂


"Drama No-Class" is in Session!

Voting for the First-Time Filmmaker Sessions is in place until June 4th! I’m just super stoked my project’s here with 89 other films! 😍 Go support them!
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