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Trump on How We Must Get Out of Afghanistan. Ho, Ho, Ho.

German generals made several surrender appeals possibly as early as 1941 with Rudolf Hess’ defection to England. The allies said no.

The Japanese wanted to surrender in early 1945 but the allies said no. 392 more words

Rudolf Hess, Rolf Harris and humanitarian sentencing

“There is to my mind no justification for keeping Hess in prison any longer. He is 88. He has been in prison for 40 years. He has been without the company of other prisoners for over 16 years. 748 more words


Germany Police Separate Some 500 Neo-Nazis, Counter-Protesters -- 30th anniversary of the death of top Nazi Rudolf Hess


AUG. 19, 2017, 6:24 A.M. E.D.T.

BERLIN — Some 500 far-right extremists began a march in Berlin on Saturday in honor of the 30th anniversary of the death of top Nazi Rudolf Hess. 275 more words

Berlin police make sure 500 neo-Nazis and their opponents are well separated

BERLIN — Some 500 far-right extremists marched Saturday in Berlin in honour of the 30th anniversary of the death of top Nazi Rudolf Hess — and they were separated by hundreds of heavily armed police from an equal number of counter-demonstrators. 265 more words


How crazy were the Nazi's? -Nazi's and the occult part 2

Hitler and the Nazi leadership’s had an obsession with magic and the occult,supernatural beliefs and practices penetrated the highest circles of the Nazi machine.

Propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels was an avid reader of Nostradamus and was delighted to be able to tell Hitler, having read some of the Frenchman’s prophecies, that the British were on the verge of defeat. 499 more words


Hitler Used Werewolves, Vampires, and Astrology to Brainwash Germany

‘Hitler’s Monsters’ is a new book that examines the surprisingly deep connection between Nazis and the supernatural.

In Hitler’s Monsters, a forthcoming book about Nazis and the supernatural, scholar Eric Kurlander examines how Hitler’s rise exploited a public fixation with the occult and paganism. 1,582 more words


day 1 - to the one who's left us.


Ragamu telah rapuh,

Jiwamu lelah dibawa mengembara.

(Sembilan puluh tiga tahun bukan waktu yang singkat.)

Seperti apa kau menginginkan kepulanganmu?

Dengan tenang,

dalam sunyi, 56 more words