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What happened to WW2 POW camps?

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More than 500,000 Italian and German fighters were brought to Britain as prisoners of war during World War Two. They spent the remainder of the war in commandeered stately homes, old Army barracks or hastily thrown together huddles of huts, often built by the prisoners themselves. 1,234 more words

Hess Brought Hitler's Peace Offer to Britain in 1941


It was one of the most perplexing episodes of the Second World War which, more than 70 years on, remains shrouded in mystery.

But a new book claims to have solved the riddle of the flight to Britain in 1941 of Rudolf Hess, Adolf Hitler’s deputy. 687 more words

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The Launching of the Kreigsmarine Training Ship Horst Wessel - by Rudolf Hess

Horst Wessel was one of the “martyrs” of the NSDAP movement, he wrote what became the “Horst Wessel Lied,” the NSDAP anthem. Rudolf Hess gave this speech on 13 June 1936 at the launching of a training ship named after Wessel. 700 more words

To the Front Fighters of the World by Rudolf Hess

This July 1934 speech by Rudolf Hess claims that because the NSDAP leadership had experienced the horrors of trench warfare during World War I, they favoured peace. 2,567 more words

The Oath to Adolf Hitler - Speech by Rudolf Hess on 25 February 1934

On 25 February 1934, about a million NSDAP officials gathered at points around Germany to swear an oath to Adolf Hitler. This is an excerpt from the speech Rudolf Hess gave on the occasion, which was broadcast to the nation: 1,715 more words

Charting Churchill: Garden Front of House, Ditchley Park

Garden Front of House, Ditchley Park 2014

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Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s official country residence, Chequers, was considered too dangerous on moonlight nights during the Blitz. 418 more words