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Rudolf Hess was Murdered by British Agents in Prison to Stop him Revealing War Secrets

Claims that Rudolf Hess was murdered under orders from the British to stop him revealing wartime secrets have been revealed in a police report which has only just seen the light of day after 25 years. 454 more words

The Torture and False Confession of Rudolf Höss

It was established as a fact at the Nuremberg Trials that 4 Million people were killed at Auschwitz. To commemorate the number, Polish government installed plaques in front of the Auschwitz Memorial to remind the visitors that 4 Million people were killed there. 1,712 more words

Historical Revisionism

Deputy Führer Rudolf Hess – A Courageous Hero For Peace

Originally published by Mark R. Elsis on August 17, 2012

My coming to England in this way is, as I realize, so unusual that nobody will easily understand it.

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Historical Revisionism

Goodbye to Berlin

Today is the anniversary of the death by hanging of Rudolf Hess, Hitler’s deputy, at Spandau prison, 17th August 1986. Incarcerated after the Nuremberg trial with six others, he had been there since 1947. 630 more words


Facing the Darkness:  Triumph in Auschwitz 

Today (6/24/15) we headed out for Auschwitz I. On the way, Alex Kor shared more about his parents. Since we had heard from Eva, he wanted to share about his dad’s life. 2,911 more words


Prepositions and Preposterous Rules. Churchill and Carparks.

The sound of the bell was probably the first sound  I was aware of. Sorry, ‘of which I was aware.’ I was born in the square house immediately across the street from Saint Patrick’s Church in Skerries. 1,308 more words

What did you do in the War Dad?

Marking the 70th anniversary of the end of World War Two – well not really. We are « celebrating » the end of the War in Europe. 826 more words