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April 26th in history:

On April 26th, 1986, a reactor at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in the Soviet Union exploded during a test. Until an earthquake triggered an accident at a Japanese nuclear plant in 2011, the Chernobyl blast generally was considered the worst accident ever at a nuclear power plant. 57 more words

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April 26 in history

570 Muhammed, founder of Islam, was born according to the Shi’a sect. Other sources suggest April 20; (d. 632) .

1336 Francesco Petrarca ( 557 more words


Scumbag studies: Reichsleiter Rudolf Hess

This story is weird because its subject is weird.

Hess, a WWI veteran, was one of Adolf Hitler’s earliest kool-aid drinkers. You might say that he was even a kool-aid taster, helping develop Hitler’s kool-aid vintages and varietals. 2,285 more words

Scumbag Studies

Filosofia dell’anima – Se un professore fa gli auguri di compleanno a Hitler. Conosciamo il male che è stato il nazismo e chi lo ha fatto vivere: Dietrich Eckart, il mentore di Hitler e Rudolf Hess, l’uomo che per primo lo chiamò “Führer”.

A volte si leggono notizie che davvero ci fanno cadere le braccia. Proprio come quella che è apparsa qualche giorno fa, su diversi quotidiani italiani: un professore di una nostra scuola avrebbe fatto gli auguri di compleanno a Hitler! 723 more words

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Smuts Barracks; Berlin

Not only did Jan Smuts have a Kibbutz named after him in Israel, as well as pub named after him in London, the famous ‘Smuts Barracks’ in Berlin was also named after him.   614 more words

Union Of South Africa

Trump on How We Must Get Out of Afghanistan. Ho, Ho, Ho.

German generals made several surrender appeals possibly as early as 1941 with Rudolf Hess’ defection to England. The allies said no.

The Japanese wanted to surrender in early 1945 but the allies said no. 392 more words

Rudolf Hess, Rolf Harris and humanitarian sentencing

“There is to my mind no justification for keeping Hess in prison any longer. He is 88. He has been in prison for 40 years. He has been without the company of other prisoners for over 16 years. 748 more words