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Former Mayor Giuliani Pens Letter With Mayor De Blasio Seeking Continued Mayoral Control Over NYC's Schools

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Some may call it an unlikely alliance, but former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani is teaming up with Mayor Bill de Blasio.

The two have put aside their… 327 more words


Rudy Giuliani blames Obama for Ferguson shootings

NEW YORK – Former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani says President Barack Obama is to blame for the police shootings in Ferguson, Missouri, and other disturbing events because he sets the tone for the nation. 113 more words


Bill de Blasio 'Comfortable' With Ferret Ban Remaining in Place

When it comes to the proposal that was before the Board of Health today, Mayor Bill de Blasio wasn’t quite ferret or against it.

The board voted not to overturn a ban on keeping ferrets as pets in New York City, and Mr. 399 more words

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Rudolph Giuliani and Thomas Von Essen Remember Cardinal Edward Egan

For those who guided the city through painful days following 9-11, the late Cardinal Edward Egan will remain always the dignified and resolute face of the Catholic Church in the midst of tragedy. 592 more words

*Love for the Country:  Obama, Giuliani, and Narratives of Patriotism

 New York’s former mayor, Rudolph W. Giuliani, dubbed by the adoring American media as “America’s mayor” after the events of September 11 cast him in the spotlight and even turned him into a hero in the eyes of many, has long had a habit of attempting to insert himself into the public sphere after his “retirement” and failed attempt to gain America’s presidency.  1,469 more words

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WILLIAM GALSTON: Giuliani Aside, What Does Love of Country Mean?

Wall Street Journal: Criticizing the nation to help make it better and stronger is preferable to blind devotion.

‘I do not believe that the president loves America,” former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani said last week. 62 more words


Is Rudy Giuliani A Modern-Day Racist Who Doesn’t Know It?

Rudolph Giuliani’s comments about President Barack Obama has proven the politician to be a delusional racist. While speaking in front of a New York fundraising crowd, he tried to deliver poignant commentary on Obama’s apparent lack of patriotism, but instead said: 1,100 more words