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From the Archives: Giuliani on the Gravity of the Bridgegate for Christie's Career

With the Bridgegate trial underway in federal court, that low point for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s administration is back in the news. Former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani went to bat for Christie in a segment on ABC’s “This Week” back in 2014, where he dismissed the idea that Christie knew about the lane closures by pointing to the potential impact of the scandal on Christie’s career. 216 more words

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Rudy Giuliani says he's 'saved more black lives' than Beyoncé, disapproves of her MTV performance

At Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards, Beyoncé dominated the night with a 15-minute medley of tracks from her album Lemonade. Having walked the white carpet with the mothers of black men killed by police, and with part of her performance a symbolic representation of victims of police shootings, much of her presence served as a political statement. 288 more words


Ex-NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani: there were no successful terrorist attacks 'before Obama'

NEW YORK — Rudolph Giuliani, promoting Donald Trump’s national security plan, said Monday that in the “eight years before (President Barack) Obama came along, we didn’t have any successful radical Islamic terrorist attack in the United States.” That’s an apparent omission of the largest terror attack in United States history. 440 more words


Meet the absurdist comics who turned the Republican National Convention into a work of art

“What is it about ‘I want you to f—k my wife’ or ‘why does my pee pee come out yellow’ that makes me a liberal… 1,326 more words


Rudolph Giuliani Rips 'Disloyal' Ted Cruz and 'Predator President' Bill Clinton

CLEVELAND—Ex-Mayor Rudolph Giuliani continued his scorched-earth campaign of controversy at the New York State Republican Party breakfast this morning, this time firing on Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, former President Bill Clinton and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. 544 more words

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... Great Speech , Rudy [#Giuliani]...

.. I knew that America ‘ s Mayor , Rudolph Guiliani could give a speech , but WOW !! ..

.. great job , Rudy !! 16 more words

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Melania Trump Introduces a Kinder, Gentler Donald Trump

In Melania Trump’s first major political speech of her husband’s campaign, she sought to paint a picture of a kind-hearted father, devoted husband and dogged businessman whose values lined up with the ones she learned in her native Slovenia. 717 more words

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