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Farewell Great Lover

The other day, I saw in the theater section of my favorite newspaper a headline “THE SHEIK RIDES AGAIN” over a story about the recent revival of interest in the late Rudolph Valentino. 4,319 more words

14 Sep 1926 – Eagle’s Newsbeat Reporter Explained to Radio Fans By Reporter

An account of how “The Brooklyn Eagle” scored a beat on all the other metropolitan papers was the subject of the weekly current events talk last night by Marjorie Dorman over Radio Station WOR. 126 more words

23 Aug 2015- 88th Annual Valentino Memorial Service Review

23 Aug 15, Hollywood Forever Cemetery, was the location for the annual memorial service that I attended for a second year. What a difference from last year to this year, I felt it was a meeting of old friends and with Mr. 160 more words

Gone But Not Forgotten: Remembering Rudolph Valentino 89 Years After His Death

Today marks 89 years since the death of Rudolph Valentino, one of Hollywood’s most iconic stars. His passing was a landmark moment in popular culture, as female fans were said to have killed themselves in despair, and 10,000 fans mobbed his funeral service, breaking windows and engaging in a full-scale riot that lasted for a day before it was shut down by mounted officers and the NYPD Police Reserve. 1,671 more words


Rudolph Valentino

His birth in Castellaneta, Italy in 1895 may have gone unremarked upon. But movie idol Rudolph Valentino’s death, 89 years ago today, on August 23, 1926 at age 31 devastated his millions of brokenhearted fans and many Hollywood friends, and left behind a string of lovers, ex-lovers, and debts. 741 more words


88th Valentino Memorial Service

The 88th Annual Valentino Memorial service will be August 23, 2015 at Hollywood Forever Cemetery at 12:10 PM Eastern time.

This year the 90th Anniversary of The Eagle (1925) will be spotlighted with wonderful displays pertaining to the film on hand for viewing. 37 more words


30 Aug 1926 - Valentino Commentary

It was with boiling indignation that I read the letter of “Disgusted”. It was full of disrespect to the late Rudolph Valentino, yet your correspondent stated, “Far be it from me to say anything disrespectful of one who has passed through the great divide.” We women know what was at the bottom of the letter – pure jealousy. 38 more words