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1 Nov 1925 Rudolph and Pola to Wed

Pola Negri and Rudolph Valentino. Yes, really darlings. Last time, it was Pola and Rod La Rocque, following the denied story of the alluring Pola’s engagement to William Haines. 49 more words

22 May 1928 - In Memory of Valentino

Three hundred women and girls. In deep mourning, attended a special mass at St. Jervais Church in Paris yesterday in memory of Rudolph Valentino. Scores of girls waited outside the church. 44 more words

That's A Wrap: Program for "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse," 1921

by Paul R. Spitzzeri

This year marks the centennial of America’s entry into what was then called the Great War, and then later World War I. 1,061 more words


20 May 1930 - Executor of Valentino Raises Veil on "Tricks"

How the popularity of Rudolph Valentino motion-picture actor, was capitalized for the benefit of his estate, was disclosed yesterday by George Ullman, Business Manager of the late actor and appointed executor of Valentino’s Will by provision of the testator. 410 more words

7 Jan 1927 - Color is the First Consideration by Henri Bendel

Designing clothes for different types of women is the spice in the life of a couturier, what the petite blonde can wear the exotic brunette of Junoesque should never consider. 533 more words