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07 Jan 1923 - Almost like but not

Orlando Cortez was a contestant in a dancing contest held at Los Angeles a week or so ago. Charles Chaplain and Jesse Laskey were acting as judges… 32 more words

17 Dec 1922 - Valentino May Make Records

Valentino rumors may come and go, but Rudy himself is the authority for the statement that a big company is now being organized to put a stock of toilet preparations on the market bearing his charmed name.  80 more words

18 Feb 1922 - Four Horsemen at the Capitol

With the coming of the “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” to the Capitol next week, Rex Ingram will have two pictures running simultaneously on Broadway. In creating this stupendous production, this young director has made one the great classics of the screen. 149 more words

Silent Sunday - The Conquering Power (1921)

Since Sunday tends to be a day of quiet and reflection for many people, it seems an appropriate day to celebrate silent movies. But in keeping with the “day of rest” theme, I’m just going to post this without any commentary and just sit back and let you enjoy.

Silent Movies

14 Feb 1925 Valentino Romantic

A romantic day for the world’s leading romantic man Rudolph Valentino admits he is a romantic in his own temperament as well as in the parts he takes place before the camera. 46 more words