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13 Dec 1918 - Joe Maxwell Makes Film

Joe Maxwell known in theatrical circles as a prolific author of vaudeville sketches has turned photoplay producer and is launching his first picture under the brand Maxwell Productions.  99 more words

11 Dec 1926 - Properties go to Auction

Old Bill McGuire of the range, who was groom for Rudolph Valentino’s horses for years, today stood before the empty stalls in the stable adjoining Falcon Lair in Beverly Hills, home of the late silent film star and mourned for his departed pets. 215 more words

2017 - Lover for eternity

I discovered someone wrote a fiction article containing 23,500 words about Rudolph Valentino. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this very much and would love to tell the author “LadyLetty” thank you for writing this… 8 more words

15 Mar 1922 - My thoughts on Women By Rudolph Valentino, Photoplay Magazine

All women are divided into two classes in the mind of a man. Often they are so mixed up that you do not know which is which until you go down very deep. 1,240 more words