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1920's - Rudolph Valentino's Favorite Clothier J. Dege & Sons, LTD London

Rudolph Valentino was a stylish man about town who enjoyed his movie star success and living the American dream. It is well documented he enjoyed the finer things in life that his hard-earned salary could buy. 223 more words

3 Sep 1924 - At the Quimby

The only reason we did not arise last night at the Quimby Theater where “Monsieur Beaucaire” starring Rudolph Valentino, was having its initial showing, and sing “Hail the Conquering Hero Comes” was because from the very first fade-in we were spellbound by the sheer grandeur of the production. 104 more words

17 Mar 1923 - Valentino and Wife to Appear in Dallas Next Week

Rudolph Valentino and his wife will appear in Dallas on 24 March. They with the ten-piece Coleman’s Band from the Montmarte, New York City, are touring the country, traveling on the “Mayflower” the private car of Ex-President Wilson. 82 more words

22 Jul 1925 Valentino's Problem

Rudolph Valentino’s future has been a matter of furious debate. It has been a question as to whether he should continue to be a sheik and a lady-killer, or whether he should abruptly abandon the whole he-vamp idea and undertake an entirely different line of stories. 62 more words