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August 2015

The month of August blog posts will be dedicated to the passing of Rudolph Valentino, the various annual memorial services that were held, and in memoriaum’s dedicated to Valentino people would post in the newspapers from 1926 and on. 131 more words

The Year at the Top, 1945

“Guild Player Deemed Fit Valentino Double” was the wry September 1944 L.A. Times headline announcing that David Bruce would play the romantic lead in Salome, Where she Danced, a movie developed by famed semi-independent producer Walter Wanger. 1,518 more words


9 Nov 1925 - Valentino Said....

” I am just beginning to feel that I was as well off single as I am married.” A more tempered expression could not have come from any married clergyman in America.

2015 - Annual Valentino Memorial Service, Hollywood Forever Cemetery

This year, marks the 90th Anniversary of Rudolph Valentinos silent movie “The Eagle”. There will be a special tribute during this year’s memorial service.

Tracy Terhune is the host for this annual memorial service and as he does every year will have a wonderful service that pays true homage to Valentino’s life. 44 more words

Gloria Swanson, Close Up

Silent film star (and sometime French “noble”) Gloria Swanson was back in the States after a summer sojourn at her Paris residence.

“The Talk of the Town” reported that she had arrived on the steamer… 913 more words

The New Yorker Magazine

13 Aug 1924 - The Story of Alice Terry

The story of Alice Terry has the same fairy tale quality as Valentino’s own. Like him, who had worked hard as an extra for many years and the hard work had resulted in little recognition. 581 more words