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21 Sep 1924 - Rudolph Valentino Talks of His Poetry

After all one need hardly be surprised to learn that Rudolph Valentino ostensibly the foremost lover of the so-called Silver Sheet, has blossomed into a poet and a physical trainer. 286 more words

“You bet my life isn’t an easy one. I worked thirty-six hours at a stretch to complete my last picture finishing at seven-thirty in the morning”..Rudolph Valentino, 1924

American Horror Story (Hotel): Flicker Review

Originally posted on outloudculture.com on Nov. 21, 2015

If I was held at gunpoint, and forced to choose a show that has set itself apart from all other shows by having the most outrageous plots per capita, I would choose “American Horror Story” in a heartbeat. 428 more words

Zachary FR Anderson

#Movember (the 20th)

The safety razor was only part of the threat that spelt an end to the male world. Rudolph Valentino’s brilliantined hair in The Shiek (1921) widely imitated as part of a general trend towards an uncluttered aesthetic, proved a great social leveller: ‘We flatten our hair on purpose to make it sleek and silky and to show the shape of our skulls,’ said Cecil Beaton (quoted in Cox, 1999: 49). 254 more words


Yesterday night I came upon the tragic news that Rudolph Valentino was featured in some popular television show called American Horror Story. I already disliked it…. 206 more words