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2 Nov 1925 - Pola Entertains

Pola Negri entertained in honor of Michael Arlen with a dinner dance at the Biltmore. As predicted this was the very beginning of emerald no to say very verdant social affairs in Cinema land, where charming people have gathered the past week and worn “green hats”. 348 more words

19 Apr 1923 - Valentino Statement

Rudolph Valentino former motion picture star, now touring the country dancing, was criticized for his alleged statement that motion pictures today have little consideration for morality. 33 more words

20 Feb 1964 Cugat Cites Valentino

Xavier Cugat says that Rudolph Valentino gave him the impetus to change from being a newspaper artist to a band leader.  Cugat started out as a concert violinist.  157 more words

#25. The Eagle (1925)

It’s Friday afternoon right now and I watched The Eagle last night with a colleague in the abruptly-quiet last hour of what, to date, was probably the busiest eight-hour shift I’ve ever had at the college. 585 more words

ON THIS DAY: February 20, 2017

February 20th is

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17 Feb 1922 Valentino's Make-up Deceptive

Rudolph Valentino reputed to be one of the screen’s handsomest actors can look hard-boiled enough when the occasion demands. Valentino was in San Francisco playing the leading male role in exterior scenes of George Melford’s Paramount Picture “Moran of the Lady Letty” featuring Dorothy Dalton, showing at the Imperial Theater today and tomorrow. 102 more words