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Valentino: The Unforgotten by Roger C Peterson and Tracy Terhune


In 1927 Roger C. Peterson obtained the position of custodian in the Cathedral Mausoleum, where silent star Rudolph Valentino lay buried. He soon realized he was witnessing something never seen before in Hollywood, and began to keep a diary of the endless parade of characters that found their way to the crypt of Valentino. 567 more words


One of the enduring mysteries of Long Island’s brief run as a capital of silent movie production is where exactly the 1921 blockbuster “The Sheik” was filmed. 593 more words

1923 - Mr and Mrs Rudolph Valentino appear at the Valentino Mineralava Beauty Contest in Kansas City

Any girl in Kansas City can go to the Convention Hall and enter the Valentino Mineralava Beauty Contest. A contest will be held of the prettiest girls in KC and Mr. 388 more words

The Making of a Great Lover

In 1918, little known author Edith Winstanley Hull penned her first novel called The Sheik – an equivalent to Fifty Shades of Grey for the era, it was a racy tale about female sexuality and dared to be bold in a time when women still wore ankle long tunics. 535 more words

Aug 1926 - Questions Rudolph Valentino has answered while in the Hospital

Q.-What feelings have been inspired by the hundreds of telegrams, letters, and phone calls that have reached you, not only from friends, but from girls and young women you have never met? 265 more words

Affairs Valentino by Evelyn C Zumaya

And the Companion Guide to Affairs Valentino.

Published by PVG Publishing


On August 23rd, 1926 silent film star Rudolph Valentino died unexpectedly at thirty one years of age. 597 more words