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27 Dec 1921 - Matinee Girls at the Movies

Four beautiful matinee girls enthralled by “The Sheik.” Deep down in her heart each Matinee Girl is thinking: “Oh, how lovely it would be if a big handsome sheik would only steal me away!” “The matinee girl on the extreme left has about made up her mind to look into it. 20 more words

17 Jun 1925 And Wedded Bliss Thrives On

Who said anything about divorces in the film colony? It’s perfectly proper of course, to make some remarks about the subject occasionally. The facts are, of course, that while there have seemed recently to be indications of an outbreak of domestic unhappiness, there are always and every equally plentiful examples of the prevalence of the joys of home life. 43 more words

Rudolph Valentino Dances the Tango in The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (1921)

The video was provided by youtube user Albertdiner, who also, presumably, provided the music.  The clip derives from the Metro Pictures film The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse… 86 more words


12 Oct 1929 - A First Glance At New Books

Add to the horrors of house to house canvassing and the collection of bills and the threat of red-haired psychic woman, who calling upon her control, was seized with a superhuman strength and threw a fresh expressman down the stairs. 338 more words

17 Mar 1949 - Valentino Shrine Plans for Former Home Fade

Maybe the Sheik’s omnipresence is fading. At any rate, plans for converting Falcon’s Lair, Rudolph Valentino’s home until his death in 1926, into a shrine for the lovelorn have apparently gone awry. 127 more words

13 Jul 1922 - Commentary

I hate the Sheik, I think he’s a ‘he-vamp.’ and I hate the way he rolls his eyes, l know Sydney girls have got Rudolphitis and I know that my young wife sees the Sheik in everything – the grilling steak holds his image the wringer holds his spirit. 131 more words

2016 Rudolph Valentino Calendar

2016 marks the 90th anniversary of The Son of the Sheik.  Donna Hill’s Valentino calendar for 2016 will honor this classic movie.  To view the calendar and get yours please visit Lulu.com.