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26 Mar 1921 - From Hollywood

June Mathis who adapted “The Four Horsemen” for the screen, was formerly a well-known ingenue with many popular comedies and musical plays on Broadway. Before that time she was a popular actress in the stock companies of the East. 70 more words

7 Jul 1926 - Valentino Injured during “Son of Sheik Premiere”

During this evenings limited run of the “Son of Sheik Premiere” at the Million Dollar Theater, Los Angeles a large vase falls on the head of the star of the film.

Exemplary but near-forgotten

Vilma Banky was one of the many silent movie stars who ultimately chose not to transition to talking pictures.  She’s in my most recent novel for MG readers, LOOSE, and though I gave her something she didn’t have (an unappealing speaking voice — hers, which you can still hear in clips on youtube, from a talking picture she did figure in, was fine), she was valiant to the end.   14 more words

15 March 2015 - Rudolph Valentino Blogathon

Timeless Hollywood is going to be hosting a Rudolph Valentino Blogathon on 15 Mar 15. Please show your support and go over to her blog and look at all of the fascinating topics to be discussed on our favourite actor of all times. 9 more words