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1922 - Rodolph Valentino's Screen Smile, Which Really Masks a Sad, Sad Heart.

EVERYBODY who goes to the movies knows Rudolph Valentino knows him, of course,as he moves about on the screen, knows his eyes, his smile and his red-blooded heroic deeds. 5,048 more words

1926 - Did Rudy die because of a fall?

June Knight said dancing led to my future work and my first tragedy. I was only twelve when I started to work in a prologue at the Million Dollar Theater, Los Angeles. 141 more words

1927 - Natacha not popular with fans of Rudy

It appears that marriage appeared to hampered the career of the late silent film star Rudolph Valentino. I happen to know that photographs of Rudy with Natacha were most unpopular with film fans. 51 more words

7 Jun 1966 - Estate Left By Valentino Ex-Wife

Natacha Rambova, second wife of Rudolph Valentino, has left an estate estimated at $368,000, of which $78.000 has been assigned to bequests to friends, relatives and employees. 23 more words

1928 - Natacha Rambova, 310 Riverside Drive, Masters Apartments Building, NYC

The year was 1928, which seen Natacha Rambova take life in a different direction by relocating back to the East Coast and make a clean break from her former life in Los Angeles. 345 more words

Sep 1922 Rodolpho Enchained

If the story of Rodolph Valentino romantic rise were pictured on sensitized celluloid, the plot would be laughed at as ludicrous. Miss Swanson’s elevation from the humble level of an extra to stardom was common place in comparison to the comet like career of the young Italian. 591 more words