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1952 - Valentino Fan Note

Note from a 20 year old Rudolph Valentino fan:  You’ve got a bawling-out coming for your item about “The Eagle” being so bad.  It being old is true but that doesn’t make it bad. 27 more words

17 Aug 1979 - Alberto Valentino Asks?

Question, I recently talked with Alberto Valentino, brother to Rudolph Valentino lives in Los Angeles and sounds hale and hearty at 82 years of age. In view of the 50th Anniversary of Rudolph Valentino’s death in 1976 we talked of Rudolph Valentino Fan Clubs, Alberto asked if any fan clubs are active in the U.S. 147 more words

1924 - All the Girls in Sweden Love Him

I am a Swedish Valentino Fan. I will tell you that in Europe Rudolph Valentino is the most popular of all the American movie stars.  John Gilbert and Navarro are not so popular as Valentino. 43 more words

10 Aug 1924 Date line Hollywood

Vamp Valentino Dagmar Godowsky will vamp Rudolph Valentino in his final Paramount movie taking the place of Jetta Goudal, who has been transferred to Paul Bern’s “Open All Night

10 NOV 1925 - Petrova Must Pay $7,500 As Pirate Despite Valentino Testifying

William H. Roberts, Naval Officer today, was awarded $7,500 damages against Olga Petrova, Russian actress, for plagiarism from his play “The Red Wig” in production of “The White Peacock”. 554 more words