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Of all the star-worshiping that went on during silent cinema, it is perhaps the obsession with Rudolph Valentino that is most mystifying today. When he died prematurely, at the age of 31, numerous fans were so distraught as to commit suicide. 1,781 more words

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20 May 1920 Case of R. Guglielmi How He Was Detained as a Witness Only and Soon Released

The New York Tribune sometime ago published an article given out by the District Attorney Office (DA Swann) telling of the arrest and detention of a Rudolfo Guglielmi self-styled Italian “Marquis” under an order of the Court of General Sessions, as a material witness against a policeman who had been indicted on charges of accepting bribes from keepers of questionable resorts in the Tenderloin. 118 more words

Sept 5, 1786: Watch it with that Thing, You'll Poke Someone's Eye Out

Jonas Hanway who died on September 5, 1786, was well-know in several British spheres — a vice president of the Foundling Hospital, founder of Magdalen Hospital, revolutionizing London birth registration and in charge of “victuallizing” the Navy. 480 more words

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29 Aug 1926 - Did you know?

Sometimes Edward Montaigne, head scenario writer at Universal Studios admits the astonishing ideas that are presented to him. One time there was a spiritualist lady who is in constant communication with Rudolph Valentino. 40 more words