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Kicking the God's Asses & Killing Animals in Sacrifices

Dakṣa’s Demise

Rudra came before Bhṛgu and declared, “While you poured oblations into the fire, people warned you to dedicate some portion to Śiva. You merely smiled at this advice, and proudly stroked your beard…” Then he grabbed hold of Bhṛgu’s beard and tore it off. 485 more words

sAmaveda rUdraM

rUdraM is very celebrated hymn of all vedas.Each veda and its shAkhA have its own rUdraM .Following is text of sAmaveda rUdraM according to kauThuma shAkhA with a initial outline. 225 more words


That's no Dust-Storm... It's Disaster!

Rudra hurled himself towards Dakṣa’s sacrifice in the vanguard of an army of monsters, roaring with horrible eagerness for destruction and wielding a spear forged of death’s death. 415 more words


I wrote about you, the world’s perfect story.When there is only one you, the darkness from the blindfold filled my head with thoughts of your embrace.I no longer afraid to walk in a lightning storm because I carry your memories along with my journey.I let you go of your hand watching from afar, as you want to walk your journey alone. 47 more words