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Nothing Stays The Same

So it seems Poseidon IS here for His half of the year. It just so happens He decided to rip off the Poseidon face and use the Rudra/Shiva one instead. 17 more words

UPG And Inspiration

The Jungle Book as I saw it.

As a child, I was not a big fan of Mowgli or  Jungle Book . The carton series used to come in Doordarsan on Sundays and I am not sure if it was the language (Hindi) or the pack of wolves who were always discussing something whenever I tuned it on that turned me off. 829 more words

Worshipping Shiva

This week was the week of Mahashivaratri – A night long celebration, prayer, dance, chants in the name of lord Shiva. But who is this Shiva? 317 more words

Ode to Shiva - Raji P. Shrivastava

“The scholarly hold this narrow view of you—that you are the sun, the moon, fire, air, water, space, earth, the Self. But who knows the things that you are not?” — Pushpadanta… 451 more words


The Star of Destruction and Tears - Ardra. Rudra's Vedic Nakshatra

Ardra is the star of destruction and tears, but symbolizes all the things we must destroy before we can truly blossom. In this video, Vic DiCara explains all about the deity of Ardra, Rudhra – god of storms and destruction, and explains how his traits generate all the most important traits of Ardra.

Key Elements Of Astrology

Discovering Love - Swami Dayananda Saraswati

Discovering Love
Trust and the Loving Person
Swami Dayananda Saraswati

We need to discover that we are loving and compassionate.

Intrinsically every individual is a loving person whether one knows one’s self or not. 5,251 more words

Swami Dayananda Saraswati

Sri Rudram Post 2 - Namakam Anuvak 1 to 6

Sri Rudram

Namakam (Chapter 16 of Yajur-Veda)

श्री रुद्र प्रश्नः
कृष्ण यजुर्वेदीय तैत्तिरीय संहिता
चतुर्थं वैश्वदेवं कांडम् पंचमः प्रपाठकः

  • Anuvaak – 1

ॐ नमो भगवते॑ रुद्राय ॥

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